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Tom Brady: The GOAT Video

Someone named Joseph Vincent on YOUTUBE made the video below 7 months ago, after the Patriots won their fourth Super Bowl. It’s an awesome video and one I thought why not share again as we get ready for the AFC Championship Game! Enjoy!

Video: Fans’ reaction to the Super Bowl 49’s Ending

Here are some awesome videos from YouTube people posted of Seahawks and Patriots fans’ reactions to the ending where Butler intercepted Wilson and sealed the deal for New England becoming Super Bowl Champions. Please be advised that there is strong language in these videos.

Tom Brady proves the doubters wrong again

A YouTube user named Y.K. I. H. made a video about Brady, and you should watch it because it will get you hyped for SNF.

Ode to Edelman – The Julian Edelman Song Video

Julian Edelman had a breakout season and gain tons of fans this year. The ladies love him and the guys are mega fans of him! So, is it really a surprise that some fans of J-man made a YouTube song for him? Julian Edelman posted the song on his official Facebook Page and seem to enjoy it! […]

Video: Smoothie Tyme with Julian Edelman

It has been said that Channing Tatum looks like Julian Edelman, and now the talented wide receiver takes his talents and good looks to the kitchen. Edelman teaches us how to create the Cake Batter Supreme Smoothie. Enjoy this funny video below! So what can’t Edelman do?

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