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Lions Vs Patriots: 3 Players To Watch

The Lions play the Patriots at noon on Sunday, and it’s a big game. It’s not nearly as big as the Colts game, but still a big game as the Pats can distance themselves even further with a win in the AFC race. This matchup is very interesting because the number one defense of the Lions […]

Broncos Vs Patriots: 3 Matchups To Watch

The Patriots host the Broncos tomorrow in a big game between two great Quarterbacks. It’s Peyton Vs Patriots defense and Brady Vs Broncos defense, and it should be good. I will break down the 3 matchups the Patriots have to win tomorrow in order to win the game. 1. LB Von Miller Vs OL Ryan […]

Patriots resign Ryan Wendell

The New England Patriots resigned their starting center Ryan Wendell yesterday. According to league sources, Wendell received an $850,000 signing bonus, $1 million base salaries the next two years, $2 million in roster bonuses in both seasons (including $12,500 for each game on the active roster), and $1.3 million in incentives in 2015. Brady was sacked […]