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Tom Brady talks Chiefs, Broncos, and the AFC Title Game

Happy Martin Luthor King JR day! Patriots QB Tom Brady spoke with the guys WEEI this morning as usual, to talk about beating the Chiefs, playing in the AFC Title Game, and playing the Denver Broncos. Brady talked about how fast/slow the season went and what it means to play again in the AFC Championship […]

Tom Brady talks injured ankle, Dolphins, and the postseason

Tom Brady joined the guys on WEEI radio this morning, as usual, to talk about the game on Sunday, his ankle, and the postseason which begins for the Patriots in two weeks. Brady talked about the loss and how it looked like the Pats wasn’t trying to win, which he dismissed. He also said his […]

Tom Brady speaks to WEEI about the Jets, the Overtime decision, and Peyton Manning

Tom Brady spoke to the guys on Boston Radio, WEEI, and talked about the tough loss to the New York Jets on Sunday. Brady was asked about Belichick’s decision to kick in overtime rather than letting Brady try for the win, and the QB in typical fashion, said he didn’t blame the coach considering how […]

Listen to Tom Brady talk to the guys on WEEI about beating the Titans and the year of 2015

You can listen below to hear QB Tom Brady talk about the year of 2015, and the game yesterday where he and the Pats defeated the Titans. He touches on how he felt after being sick, Gronk, and injuries.   Listen HERE. 

Listen: Tom Brady talks Eagles loss with the guys on WEEI

Tom Brady joined the guys on WEEI Boston Radio today to talk a little about the loss the Patriots suffered to the Eagles yesterday evening. The Patriots had a two touchdown lead early in the 2nd and then the Eagles scored 35 points before the Pats put up a fight late in the game to […]

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick talk to WEEI about a very “tough loss”

Tom Brady joined the guys on WEEI today following the team’s loss to the Broncos. Brady spoke on the Dennis & Callahan show to talk about the loss, the refs, and injuries. He was asked about the loss and blowing a two touchdown lead in the fourth. “Oh, man. Tough game. Tough game,” Brady said. “This one […]

Tom Brady talks to WEEI about beating the Buffalo Bills

Tom Brady appeared on the Dennis & Callahan show to talk about the game last night as he does the day after every game. Brady was asked about yelling at his OL during the 2nd quarter and Brady admitted to being mad throughout the game. “I was pretty agitated all night,” Brady said. “For three hours […]

Tom Brady talks Gostkowski, Edelman, Giants and more on WEEI

Tom Brady, Patriots QB, spoke to the guys on WEEI this morning, as usual after the Patriots games. Tom Brady was asked about his goal line interception on a throw intended for Brandon LaFell, if it was his fault. Brady, of course, took the blame. “It wasn’t a good throw. That’s what my responsibility is,” […]