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Patriots remain the best in the AFC on NFL Week 16’s Power Rankings

ESPN power rankings are back for week 16 and the Patriots remained at number 3 after their 33-16 defeat of the Tennessee Titans. The Titans fell to 31, a one spot drop from last weekend. The Jets, the next team on the Patriots schedule, remained at number 10 after their win over Dallas, 19-16. The Panthers, […]

A wild NFL week one kicks off the 2015 sprint to Super Bowl 50

The NFL began their first week of the 2015 season on Thursday Night, when the Patriots defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers. Today, everybody else played, except the four that will play on Monday Night. It was a wild, wild Sunday for the Rams, Seahawks, Broncos, Ravens, Cowboys and Giants. Close games, close calls, and insane endings […]

Defending Super Bowl Champions are not ranked number one heading into the 2015 season

The Patriots won Super Bowl 49 back in February, beating the Seattle Seahawks in a thriller that ended with a Malcolm Butler interception on the goal line. Still, ESPN has the Seattle Seahawks ranked number one, with the Patriots in 2nd place to start the 2015 NFL season. The Steelers, the Patriots week one opponent, […]

Predicting the NFL Playoffs

We are officially down to the last preseason week of football, which brings us one final step closer to the regular season beginning! Sunday, I took time to predict the division winners in 2015, now I will predict every team that will make the playoffs and what seed I believe they will be. Let’s start with […]

Doug Baldwin’s classless celebration was aimed at Darrelle Revis

Seattle’s wide out Doug Baldwin scored a touchdown against the Patriots in the Super Bowl thanks to running Darrelle Revis into a ref to break free for the easy score. Baldwin proceeded to celebrate by acting like he was using the bathroom, going number two with the football on the ground below him. He was […]

Video: Fans’ reaction to the Super Bowl 49’s Ending

Here are some awesome videos from YouTube people posted of Seahawks and Patriots fans’ reactions to the ending where Butler intercepted Wilson and sealed the deal for New England becoming Super Bowl Champions. Please be advised that there is strong language in these videos.

The Patriots are Super Bowl Champions

  The New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions of the NFL!!!!!! Celebrate Pats Nation! The game started off fast yet slow in the scoring department as the scoring began in the 2nd quarter. The Pats got it started with a touchdown pass from Brady to LaFell.  The Pats offensive game plan was clear, kill […]

NFL Super Bowl Prediction

Patriots Vs Seahawks: Patriots 28 – 20