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Ranking all 32 starting Quarterbacks

  ESPN did their rankings of the NFL starting Quarterbacks and I got inspired to do my own rankings, while I agree with most of the rankings by ESPN, I would change around a few rankings. ESPN did theirs in categories, but I’ll just rank them 1-32, one being the best in the NFL, and […]

ESPN full rankings of Quarterbacks

Here’s the full rankings of Quarterbacks by ESPN. They rank all 32 projected starting Quarterbacks and put them into categories: QB Tier One means the best of the best, Tier two means Good – Great QBs, Tier three means the Good Quarterbacks, Tier 4 means  the bad Quarterbacks. ESPN Rankings (in order)Tier One:1. Tom Brady2. […]

Reviewing the Quarterbacks through 2 preseason games

By Aaron Laskowitz Earlier this week during a joint practice with the Buccaneers, Tom Brady went down with an injury to the knee. Many fans, teammates, and coaches were worried about Brady’s setback and how his knee was feeling. After the first drive of the game last night, everyone’s questions were answered. Tom Brady’s knee […]