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The Patriots have 5 Players named to the Pro Bowl Roster

The 2015 Prow Bowl Roster was announced last night and like last year, it didn’t matter the conference the players were in, the top vote getters were in no matter how much it was NFC or AFC. The voters consisted of fans, coaches, and players. The game will be held in Glendale, Arizona on January […]

Tom Brady and Aqib Talib drops out of the Pro Bowl

Tom Brady drops out of the Pro Bowl again this year. He does every year that he’s voted in so we all saw this coming! Alex Smith will take his place in the Pro Bowl. Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski will go to the Pro Bowl in place of Denver’s kicker Matt Prater. Aqib Talib will […]

Pro Bowl Ballot open: Which Patriots players should go

The NFL Pro Bowl is open for fans to vote players into the Pro Bowl and it will stay open for a while. It is only midway through the season and as the season progresses more players will step up as Pro Bowl caliber players. Here is a list of Patriots players I believe should […]

Special Team star Matthew Slater breaks hand

One of the best special team player in the NFL, and the best on the Patriots, Matthew Slater, has a broken bone his hand. The injury bug just keeps on hitting New England early on. Slater is a team captain, the special team’s leader, and his value on ST unit is irreplaceable, yet it just […]

Pro Bowl 2013

The AFC vs NFC in the Pro Bowl featuring players from the NFL voted in by the fans and their peers. The commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell gave the players a warning about their effort for this year’s NFL Pro Bowl, after last year’s embarrassing effort by the Pro Bowl players. Peyton Manning also […]

Pro Bowl 2013 Moment: Jeff Saturday takes final snap with Peyton Manning

Their was a special moment during the Pro Bowl that was as Chris Collinsworth described it “Awesome” when Center Jeff Saturday who played with Peyton Manning for 12 seasons (1999-2010) took one final snap with Peyton Manning. They were both on the 2011 Colts team but Peyton Manning was injured the whole time. Manning signed with […]

Full List of NFL’s Pro Bowl Roster

Full Rosters For the 2013 Pro Bowl is set. AFC Pro Bowl: QBS: Peyton Manning(Broncos), Tom Brady(Patriots), Matt Schaub(Texans). RBS: Arian Foster(Texans), Ray Rice(Ravens), Jamaal Charles(Chiefs). WRS: Andre Johnson(Texans), Reggie Wayne(Colts), A.J. Green(Bengals), Wes Welker(Patriots). FullBacks: Vonta Leach(Ravens). Tight Ends: Rob Gronkowski(Patriots), Heath Miller(Steelers). OTS: Joe Thomas(Browns), Duane Brown(Texans), Ryan Clady(Broncos). OG: Logan Mankins(Patriots), Marshal […]

Seven Patriots voted into the Pro Bowl

New England Patriots have seven of their players voted into the Pro Bowl and deservedly so. The seven voted in were: 1. QB. Tom Brady. 2. NT. Vince Wilfork. 3. WR. Wes Welker. 4. TE. Rob Gronkowski. 5. LB. Jerod Mayo. 6. OL. Logan Mankins. 7. Special Teams. Matthew Slater. Congratulations to the Patriots players […]