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The Patriots continue their march to dominance by remaining number one in week 12’s power rankings has kept the Patriots number one overall in the NFL after their sloppy win over the Buffalo Bills, 20-13 last night. The Bills fell to 14 overall, two spots down from last week. The Pats next game will be against Denver, they rank number 3 overall, 4 spot jump after new QB Brock Osweiler […]

Patriots Gab NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

It’s time for our very own version of the NFL’s power rankings! I will rank the best to least best right here on this page. Remember, it is all for fun. 1. Patriots They are the best team in the NFL. They won a game without being at full strength and playing their worst ball of […]

NFL Week 10’s Patriots Gab Power Rankings

It’s time for our weekly power rankings, ranking the 32 NFL teams from best to worst, and remember it’s all in good fun. You can see where these teams ranked last week HERE.  1. Patriots: Still 8-0, still looking like the best team. 2. Panthers: I’m starting to become a believer in the Panthers and their […]

Patriots remain number one in this week’s power rankings remains loyal to the 8-0 Patriots team, at least when it comes to the power rankings. The Pats remain atop their list this week, after a 27-10 beating of the Washington Redskins a few days ago. The Redskins fell two spots to 26th overall. The Pats play the Giants next week, and they are […]

Patriots ahead of the pack going into week 9

The New England Patriots are still the class of the NFL if you love power rankings! released their week 9 power rankings with the Pats still sitting pretty atop those rankings. The Patriots defeated the Dolphins on Thursday Night Football in convincing fashion, so the Dolphins fell off a bit, falling to 17th overall, […]

Patriots remain the best team in the NFL in the Power Rankings

The New England Patriots remain number one this week on ESPN’s Power Rankings heading into week 7. They defeated the Colts 34-27 Sunday night, and those Colts they defeated, moved up two spots to number 13 overall. The Pats play the Jets next, who come in this week at number 8 overall, 3 spots better […]

Patriots number one heading into week 2

It just took one game for the Patriots to snag the number one spot on ESPN’s Power Rankings heading into week 2. The defending Super Bowl Champions looked good in their win on Thursday night, so ESPN rewarded them with a bump up one spot to number one. The Seahawks lost on Sunday, so they […]

Patriots finish the year ranked in the top 3

ESPN released their final power rankings of the season and New England fell one spot behind the Seattle Seahawks. On the Patriots stayed at number 2, so they and Sehawks dominated the regular season. To see the full rankings on NFL then go here.  To see the full ESPN Power Rankings go below! RANK […]