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Monday Morning Humble Pie

Hello everyone and good morning! It’s still morning time where I’am but not in Boston, but that’s okay! The Patriots won their first-round playoff game against the Chiefs, 27-20, so everything is okay in the football world for the Patriots fan base, but I still have some humble pie to deal out to players who need to […]

Monday Morning Humble Pie

The Patriots finished the regular season 12-4 with a shaky month of December football. The Patriots lost their final two games to the Jets and Dolphins, failing to clinch the number one overall seed. They needed to beat the Jets or Dolphins, but did not, so here they are, number two overall with a bye week. […]

Monday Morning Humble Pie

The Patriots will have plenty of humble pie to give out after Sunday evening’s performance by the entire team, more specifically the offense and special teams. I would even say the coaches will be eating their fair share of humble pie this week after a few head scratching calls. On paper the Patriots were better than […]

Humble Pie Monday

This segment is back after a week off! I had a very sick dog that needed to be tended to almost 24/7 for a week, but she’s much better now, so lets get this started! It’s time once again to serve the Patriots up with some Humble Pie this Monday Morning! It will be tough to […]

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