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Patriots Gab Final Regular Season Power Rankings

Last one of the regular season, so enjoy! 1. Cardinals: I think the Cardinals are the best team in the NFL right now and that lost to Seattle changes nothing. I don’t think Arizona gave it their best college try just because they already had a bye week and I don’t think they cared too […]

Patriots Gab NFL Week 17 Power Rankings

Week 17 power rankings by me for Patriots Gab, thanks for stopping by! Let’s get straight to it. 1. Cardinals: I’ve been wanting to put them right here for a long time now because they are and have been the best team in football for the past few weeks. 2. Panthers: They lost, finally, but […]

Patriots Gab NFL Power Rankings Week 16

1. Panthers: They are undefeated so here they will remain until that first loss. 2. Cardinals: What a team, what a scary good team. 3. Seahawks: Nobody is quiet as hot as they are. 4. Patriots: Struggling offensively, they need to get hot soon, hopefully January hot. Their defense, one of the best though. 5. […]

Patriots Gab Power Rankings Week 15

Here it is! Finally, tonight I’ll post my power rankings for week 15. 1. Panthers: Still undefeated and they put the whooping on the Atlanta Falcons. 2. Cardinals:  This team is scary good. 3. Steelers: They look good and they look like the only scary challenge in the AFC. By the way, THANK YOU STEELERS! […]

Patriots Gab Week 14 Power Rankings

1. Panthers: I do not believe they are truly the best team in the NFL right now, but they are undefeated so they get the top spot. 2. Cardinals: This is the team I believe to be the best in the NFL and NFC right now. 3. Broncos: The run game and defense will carry […]

Patriots Gab Week 13 Power Rankings

The Patriots Gab Power Rankings are now out and running, so look below for our take on the best teams in the NFL. 1. Panthers I’m giving them the benefit of a doubt that every undefeated team deserves. They look really good. 2. Cardinals I feel like they are the best team in the NFL and […]

Patriots Gab Week 12 Power Rankings

Here’s our week 12 power rankings where I rank every team starting with the best and ending with who I think is the worst team in the NFL this season. Enjoy! 1. Patriots They still haven’t lost and in my mind have the best QB in the NFL. When healthy, best team in the NFL. […]

Patriots Gab NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

It’s time for our very own version of the NFL’s power rankings! I will rank the best to least best right here on this page. Remember, it is all for fun. 1. Patriots They are the best team in the NFL. They won a game without being at full strength and playing their worst ball of […]