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Monday Morning Doughnuts

It’s time for Monday doughnuts for the Patriots even after a loss because there was some good moments and players in Sunday’s game. And, yes, I know this isn’t Monday Morning but it just sounds better calling this that name. 1. QB Tom Brady: He somehow managed to lead his team to 20 points behind […]

Monday Morning Humble Pie

The Patriots lost to the Jets which makes handing out some humble pie a lot easier today! The Pats gave a good effort against a solid offense and defense with half of their team missing, let me first say that, but now humble pie. 1. The OL: I have to start here and sadly, these […]

Bill Belichick talks to the media about the overtime call

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick spoke to the media during his weekly phone conference and spoke about the Jets and the loss and mostly the overtime decision to kick the ball rather than let Tom Brady and the offense handle the ball first. He defends his decision and says he did what he thought was best […]

Tom Brady speaks to WEEI about the Jets, the Overtime decision, and Peyton Manning

Tom Brady spoke to the guys on Boston Radio, WEEI, and talked about the tough loss to the New York Jets on Sunday. Brady was asked about Belichick’s decision to kick in overtime rather than letting Brady try for the win, and the QB in typical fashion, said he didn’t blame the coach considering how […]

Watch: Bill Belichick and Tom Brady talk losing to the hated Jets

This was a game the Patriots wanted to win and they really did try hard even being short handed, but here’s the game explained by coach Bill Belichick who was visibly frustrated and disappointed with the outcome. Watch his postgame press conference HERE.  Tom Brady spoke to the media about the loss to the Jets, and wasn’t […]

Check out Photos from the Patriots loss to the Jets

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The Patriots flip a loss to the Jets, 26-20 in Overtime

The Patriots lose to the Jets in an overtime thriller, 26-20 giving the Jet’s life for a playoff spot. The Patriots were without Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola, leaving Gronk and White to carry the load, making it an easy day for the Jets defense in the secondary. Gronk, still had a nice game even […]

NFL Week 16 Predictions

Patriots Vs Jets: Jets 21-17 As much as that pains me to say, the Patriots are without a lot of weapons. I mean, if anybody can win with little on the field, it is Tom Brady, but this will be tough. I have the Jets. Colts Vs Dolphins: Colts 21-14 The Dolphins are a mess. […]

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