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Monday Morning Humble Pie

Hello everyone and good morning! It’s still morning time where I’am but not in Boston, but that’s okay! The Patriots won their first-round playoff game against the Chiefs, 27-20, so everything is okay in the football world for the Patriots fan base, but I still have some humble pie to deal out to players who need to […]

Monday Morning Doughnuts

We’ve already done the Humble Pie on Tuesday edition, now it’s time for the Doughnuts on Tuesday Edition. Here are the players who soared above the rest with their Sunday Night play over the Texans. 1. The Secondary:  Logan Ryan have yourself a day, night, and game! He covered Hopkins with safety help and was better […]

Monday Morning Humble Pie

Monday Morning Humble Pie time after a 30-24 loss last night for the Patriots to the Denver Broncos. Here we go, here are the players or positions that need improvement after last night. 1. The Run Defense There isn’t a doubt in my mind the run defense would have been better if Hightower and Collins were […]

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