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The Patriots Boom Factor

The Patriots have an X-Factor going into the game against the Broncos this time and Peyton Manning, but I like to think of it as a Boom Factor named Dont’a Hightower. The first meeting of the 2015 season between the Patriots and Broncos was a Sunday Night matchup without Peyton Manning, who was dealing with a […]

Tony Dungy says Peyton Manning worried the Patriots bugged visitors’ locker room

Tony Dungy, former Colts head coach appeared on “The Dan Patrick Show”, and said Peyton Manning would worry about the Patriots visitor locker room being bugged.“We had a few ex-Patriots that said you better be careful what you do in the locker room and what you say and that kind of thing,” Dungy said. Dungy said he had […]

Tom Brady apologizes to Peyton Manning for email jabs

Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning, an on-field rival of Patriots QB Tom Brady, spoke today after practice about the once private emails between Brady and a friend taking a few jabs at the 39 year old veteran. The emails were released in documents that were filed in a lawsuit against the NFL on behalf of Tom Brady. […]

Peyton Manning didn’t want to be paid more than Tom Brady

According to Peyton Manning’s agent Tom Condon, Peyton Manning did not want to be paid more than Tom Brady when he hit the free agency market in 2012. Andrew Brandt shared Mr. Condon’s story on The agent wanted a 12 team bidding war, but the hall of fame QB only wanted to visit four teams and […]

Peyton and Belichick go golfing together

You read that right! Peyton Manning and Bill Belichick were paired up together in the first – round practice for the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. Tom Brady is also in the event, but doesn’t seem to be paired up with Manning and Belichick. There may be a friendly rivalry on the field, but Manning has never […]

Lays have the Patriots in Super Bowl not Seattle

At a store, Lays the chips are lying on their promotional stand for the Super Bowl, but there is one problem: They have Tom Brady and Peyton Manning featured and not Russel Wilson and the Seahawks. This was captured on Instagram by epiztagram. I’m with Lays Chips, I’d rather New England be in it too!

NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch draws inspiration from Tom Brady

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch is hoping to win the Sprint Cup title this year and is in good position so far to do so, 3rd place among drivers right now. Busch is ready for a title win, and he draws inspiration from two superstars in the NFL, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning. “Watching the professionalism that […]

RayLo Early Season Awards

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