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Patriots have the most followers on Twitter

The New England Patriots have the most followers on Twitter meanwhile The Jacksonville Jaguars have the least amount of followers. Team Twitter Followers New England Patriots 556,859 New York Jets 556,329 Dallas Cowboys 524,950 Pittsburgh Steelers 503,951 New York Giants 434,387 Green Bay Packers 425,484 San Francisco 49ers 356,278 Baltimore Ravens 309,264 New Orleans Saints […]

Recap: Sleeping Patriots Wake Up Long Enough for the 23-16 Win

The New England Patriots start the game off like a bunch of sleepy giants. They only woke up with one eye open long enough to get the win. 1st Quarter: Chad Henne and the Jacksonville Jaguars offense drove down the field on their opening drive and scored a 3 yard TD from Chad Henne to Justin Blackmon. […]

Patriots crush Jaguars 47-12; start to answer some questions

   Cunningham got to the quarterback once last night, but he’s got work to do. This had to be the most watched Patriots’ preseason game ever right? If 18,000 people went to training camp the other day, and the stands were at least half full, how many people were watching on TV? I’ll be honest, […]