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The Patriots continue their march to dominance by remaining number one in week 12’s power rankings has kept the Patriots number one overall in the NFL after their sloppy win over the Buffalo Bills, 20-13 last night. The Bills fell to 14 overall, two spots down from last week. The Pats next game will be against Denver, they rank number 3 overall, 4 spot jump after new QB Brock Osweiler […]

Tom Brady talks to WEEI about beating the Buffalo Bills

Tom Brady appeared on the Dennis & Callahan show to talk about the game last night as he does the day after every game. Brady was asked about yelling at his OL during the 2nd quarter and Brady admitted to being mad throughout the game. “I was pretty agitated all night,” Brady said. “For three hours […]

Bill Belichick speaks to the media during a conference call

The Patriots head coach Bill Belichick spoke to the media today during a conference call to talk about beating the Buffalo Bills. Right off the bat, Belichick is asked about McCourty and Chung’s big pass breakups and Belichick went into details on how the plays broke down. He also heaped praise on Tavon Wilson, the […]

Tom Brady’s postgame press conference

Tom Brady talked to the media following his team’s win over Buffalo. He spoke well of Danny tonight when asked about the WR and also was clearly disappointed in the way the team played. You can watch what he had to say HERE. 

Belichick talks to the media following the team’s win over Buffalo

Bill Belichick spoke to the media following the Patriots win over Buffalo. He was happy they got the win, but admitted it wasn’t the team’s best performance. He was asked about James White and he had nothing but good things to say about the young RB. Belichick’s postgame conference was typical and very short answers. Check […]

Check out photos from the Patriots Monday Night Football Win

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The Patriots survive the blitzing Bills, move to 10-0

The Patriots bruised, pounded, and grind out a win over the Buffalo Bills Monday night in an ugly win to move to 10-0 on the season. Every season, no matter who is on the team, wins like these, and strectches like these happen, it’s all about surviving them and so far, the Pats are. To sum up […]

Bills Vs Patriots Prediction

The Patriots host the Bills tonight, so here’s another week of a prediction! It’s mostly guessing and picking who I truly believe will win. Bills Vs Patriots: Patriots 28-17 I think the Pats rush defense will show up and make it hard for the Bills to score and the offense for the Patriots will be […]