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Bill Belichick’s Postgame Press Conference

Bill Belichick spoke to the media following the Patriots first-round win over the Chiefs. He didn’t have to say “On To” the next team this time around. But, the Pats are on to the AFC Title Game, which he says is always a good thing. He gave a lot of credit to the Chiefs while […]

Bill Belichick talks to the media about the Chiefs

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was back doing his regular Monday phone conference with the media, fielding questions about the Chiefs, the game plan, and certain Chiefs players. Listen to his full interview HERE to get an idea of what the Patriots are up against and their game plan.    

Bill Belichick talks being inconsistent in loss to Miami

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick gave his usual Monday morning interview with the media over the phone to talk about the loss to Miami and the team heading into the postseason. You can take a listen HERE. 

Tom Brady talks injured ankle, Dolphins, and the postseason

Tom Brady joined the guys on WEEI radio this morning, as usual, to talk about the game on Sunday, his ankle, and the postseason which begins for the Patriots in two weeks. Brady talked about the loss and how it looked like the Pats wasn’t trying to win, which he dismissed. He also said his […]

Video: Bill Belichick and Tom Brady’s postgame press conference

Below is the link to check out Bill Belichick’s silent postgame press conference. It was about as “Belichick” it could be as a frustrated Belichick gave a lot of short answers. You can watch it, HERE.  Tom Brady also spoke with the media, of course, following the Patriots 20-10 loss to the Dolphins. Brady was disappointed […]

Bill Belichick talks to the media about the overtime call

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick spoke to the media during his weekly phone conference and spoke about the Jets and the loss and mostly the overtime decision to kick the ball rather than let Tom Brady and the offense handle the ball first. He defends his decision and says he did what he thought was best […]

Tom Brady speaks to WEEI about the Jets, the Overtime decision, and Peyton Manning

Tom Brady spoke to the guys on Boston Radio, WEEI, and talked about the tough loss to the New York Jets on Sunday. Brady was asked about Belichick’s decision to kick in overtime rather than letting Brady try for the win, and the QB in typical fashion, said he didn’t blame the coach considering how […]

Watch: Bill Belichick and Tom Brady talk losing to the hated Jets

This was a game the Patriots wanted to win and they really did try hard even being short handed, but here’s the game explained by coach Bill Belichick who was visibly frustrated and disappointed with the outcome. Watch his postgame press conference HERE.  Tom Brady spoke to the media about the loss to the Jets, and wasn’t […]

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