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NFL Week Eight Preview – Miami vs New England

The 8th week of the NFL slate kicks off with an AFC East matchup as the New England Patriots play host to the rival Miami Dolphins in a game that a few weeks back looked like a mismatch, but now has taken on a much different look with how well the Fins have played the […]

NFL Week 7 Predictions

Seahawks Vs 49ers: Seahawks won 20-3. I would have picked the Seahawks to win by a score of 24 – 7. Jets Vs Patriots: Patriots 20 – 17 I almost want to say blow out just because everyone else is saying close game, but I’ll stick with this, a close and low scoring game. I like […]

NFL Week Seven Preview – New York Jets vs New England

The Patriots and Jets don’t like each other, but as the 2015 gets close to being at the halfway point, there’s a lot to play for Sunday when the two foes meet for the first time in Gillette Stadium. New England is undefeated at 5-0, and is rolling through their opponents with no end in […]

NFL Week 6 Predictions

Falcons Vs Saints: Saints won 31-21. I would have picked the Falcons by that score.  Patriots Vs Colts: Patriots 31 – 17 The Pats should beat the Colts. Bengals Vs Bills: Bengals 20-16 I like the Bengals to be a little sleepy in this game, but not enough to lose. Bears Vs Lions: Bears 28-10 […]

NFL Week 5 Predictions

Colts defeated the Texans Thursday, 27-20. I would have picked the Texans 20-17.  Patriots Vs Cowboys: Patriots 38-10 The Pats are madder even more so than usual heading into this game. They probably think Jerry Jones was one of the owners pushing for Brady’s suspension to be upheld and with all the chatter from Jerry […]

NFL Predictions Week 4

Ravens defeated the Steelers 23-20. I would have picked the Ravens, 20-16. Patriots Vs Bye Week: Patriots 50-0 Jets Vs Dolphins: Jets 21-10 Jets have a solid defense while the Dolphins aren’t solid anywhere on the team. Also, we are sorry the NFL sent those two teams of all the teams to you guys in […]

Predicting NFL Week 3 Winners

I would have picked the Redskins and I would have been wrong. Jaguars Vs Patriots: Patriots 38 – 20 The Pats should win this game, but it doesn’t mean it will be easy. I’m hoping it will be but we will see! Bengals Vs Ravens: Ravens 21-17 The Ravens will finally get a win tomorrow and […]

NFL Week 2 Predictions

Alright! Here we go, predictions for week 2 of the NFL season! Patriots Vs Bills: Patriots 21 – 16 I don’t know about this game, but since this is a Patriots fan site and I’m a Pats fan being totally biased, I’ll go Patriots! This will most likely be a tough and grueling game. The Pats […]