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Why The Patriots are the perfect team for Tebow


Qb Tim Tebow signed with the New England Patriots and reported to their mini-camp Tuesday morning to begin his journey with his new team. 

Tebow was drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos when Josh McDaniels was their headcoach, but before that season ended, McDaniels was fired. The biggest problem in Denver was that Kyle Orton was the QB and he was struggling as the starter which caused the fans to chant for Tebow almost every game. Tebow needed time to develop his passing skills, everybody knew he wasn’t ready to play, not even close, he was a project, but when your the backup QB with a name behind a struggling QB your time is coming sooner then it needs too. McDaniels knew Tebow wasn’t ready, that is why he never started Tebow even when the team struggled, he didn’t even play Tebow much throughout the season. The only problem is you have to have a legit starting QB to have time to develop the backup. When Fox and Elway arrived they didn’t want a project, or a guy with mechanical problems, they wanted a ready now, win now QB, so no matter what Tebow did for Denver that season, he wasn’t going to stay with the team. Of course, they end up singing Peyton Manning. Tebow was traded to the Jets, again not an ideal situation for the QB considering their starting QB was struggling and losing favor with the fans, media, and parts of the organization. Sanchez struggled in 2011, and then continued to struggle in 2012 leaving everybody from the fans, to the media wanting Tebow in the game. The Jets never took the time to help Tebow develop they just stuck him on the special teams and said to heck with it. They even gave up on Tebow coming in and running the ball which he is very good at doing. They let him run a few times during the season, but the Jets made it a huge mess just like their season. Tebow should have played more giving their starting QB was very bad and they needed a boost in the running game but doesn’t mean Tebow was ready to be a full time passing QB because he wasn’t then, and still isn’t now. The Jets released Tebow, and when all hope seemed lost for him, he signs with the New England Patriots.

I think Tebow finally realized that as bad as he wants to play now, he needs to wait, learn, and develop at the QB spot if that is still what he desires to be, so he signs with the Patriots to learn how to be an NFL QB.  New England, unlike the other two teams, do not have a QB problem, Tom Brady is the QB, and he is the best at it, so no QB controversy with the Patriots. No fans to chant Tebow during any games, good or bad ones.  Tom Brady can be Tim Tebow’s mentor, and really who is better fit to teach Tebow the ropes on playing QB than Tom Brady? He can teach him how to read defenses, see the whole field, how to work the pocket, and of course, help with the mechanical issues Tebow has. Brady is one of the most mechanically sound QB in the game. Brady is the starter for as long as he is playing and there is no threat to that, so Brady will not have any problem with helping a fellow a teammate and grooming the potential future. The Patriots can develop Tebow thanks to the fact they have their starting QB who is a super star in his own right. The media circus won’t be a problem either at New England for Tebow. He can finally settle in somewhere and concrete on football and not worry about talking to the media or being hounded by the critics questioning his every throw after every game. All the focus will be on Tom Brady, and the players who are playing. Bill Belichick is the best coach to handle players with attitude or  who come with a circus like atmosphere by the media. Belichick handle the Tebow questions yesterday with ease, and moved on. It is what Belichick does, he knows how to handle the media to the point it usually doesn’t effect anyone on the team, and it won’t effect Tebow. Belichick is another reason why this is a good move for the young player. Belichick is a great coach, a genius like coach even. Belichick loves underdogs, cast offs from other teams, and players who other teams don’t want and making them into a success story. Belichick took Danny Woodhead in after the Jets cast him off, and made him into a success story with the Patriots. When the Jets couldn’t find a spot for him, Belichick did, moving him around as a “do everything” kind of player. Belichick knows Tebow, and he has always held Tebow in high regards, so of course he is willing to take a chance on the QB, because it is a low risk, high reward kind of situation. Belichick knows that Tebow is an excellent runner, a leader, clutch, and a winner, so imagine if you can take all that and put it into a good passing QB, you would have one unstoppable player. That is Tebow’s upside, and since he was cheap to get there isn’t a down side. When the upside is that good, you take it everytime. Belichick loves football and he will love how much Tebow does too, and how much Tebow is willing to learn, and he will talk football with Tebow a lot, and I mean a lot. That is a great thing for Tebow too, to absorb as much knowledge about the game from one of the best coaches. Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels is another reason why this is nothing but a good thing for Tebow. The former headcoach with Denver who drafted Tebow, he really loved Tebow’s potential as a QB. McDaniels has always believed he can cure Tebow’s passing blues and with New England McDaniels has the luxury of time. In Denver, McDaniels clearly knew Tebow wasn’t ready to be a QB and that is why he didn’t start Tebow and why he didn’t even play him much, unfortunately in Denver time was a luxury McDaniels did not have. The reason he did not have that luxury is because he didn’t have a good Qb, so everyone wanted Tebow in, but McDaniels knew he wasn’t ready and kept Tebow sideline, and then he eventually was fired. Tebow won in Denver off of sheer will which is so impressive. Not to discount his good passing games like against the Vikings and Steelers. Somehow late in games his passes were finding their targets, and Tebow was running around and through everyone to the endzone or to a game winning field goal. But even with all that success, it was easy to tell he still had work to do in the passing game. McDaniels knows that, always has, but with New England, McDaniels is afforded the time he needs to develop Tebow because of Tom Brady. There isn’t any demand to put Tebow on the field right now, no fans or media pressure on McDaniels. Belichick wanted Tebow on his team, he has known Tebow and watched Tebow play since his college days, but there isn’t any doubt in my mind, Tebow is McDaniels boy. McDaniels and Belichick are great fits to help Tebow too, they took a guy who had not started a game since high school and made him into a 11 game winner (Matt Cassel). For 3 years Cassel sat behind Brady, developing, and when his time came he did a good job. Cassel away from the two coaches hasn’t  had much success except for one season. McDaniels and Belichick, if anyone can, can definitely help Tebow out at passing the football better.

If it is up to McDaniels, I don’t think Tebow plays this season. When McDaniels was the headcoach at Denver, he didn’t want to play Tebow before he was ready, didn’t even want to bring him in for running plays that much either, and that was with a bad Qb. Now that he has Tom Brady as his QB, McDaniels may not even want to put Tebow in on packages, opting to make Tebow a 3rd string QB only to allow him to focus just on being a QB.  McDaniels may want  Tebow to practice only as a QB, going through QB drills and passing the ball only, instead of him practicing at other spots, to try to develop him for a whole year. It is what McDaniels wanted to do in Denver, now he can in New England. I know Belichick runs the team, and loves versatility in players, and moving them around, so there is a real possibility Belichick puts Tebow in a few packages throughout the season. But with what I think McDaniels plan is I doubt we will see Tebow packages. I think he is here as the 3rd string QB they are trying to develop and nothing more.  If that is the route they go that benefits Tebow because he can just focus on passing the ball, focus on his footwork, his arm motion, and just becoming a better QB because we already know he can run. Tebow taking a whole season where he truly can be just a backup QB or in this case a third string QB is probably best for him. Tebow just needs to practice a little patience and be thankful for such a wonderful chance at playing QB in the future. He has to be fixed and I think he knows that, and he is willing to sit, learn, watch, and develop for a few years to become a QB.

New England is the best spot for Tebow because he has the chance and time to develop into a QB, finally.

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