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Patriots say they wanted Wes Welker back for 2013 season

The Patriots and Wes Welker couldn’t work out a deal last season and Welker ended up in Denver with Peyton Manning for the 2013 season. The Patriots claim they offered Welker a better deal than Denver did. New England says they offered Welker a big contract during the 2011 off-season, but Welker’s agent wanted even […]

Wes Welker throws his new team under the bus

When Wes Welker was with the Patriots he managed to draw the ire of head coach Bill Belichick and now with a new team he threw his coach under the bus. After the game Welker commented that Denver wasn’t prepared for the crowd noise. “That’s the way the start of any Super Bowl is: It’s going to […]

Wes Welker on his hit that injured Talib: Ran same play” with Patriots

Wes Welker met with the media today, this time as a member of the Denver Broncos and his play against Aqib Talib almost 2 weeks ago won’t go away. He was asked today if he intentionally did it to knock out Talib. ”It’s a rub play that everybody runs,” Welker said, via “It’s one […]

Shane Vereen: Fans should welcome back Welker with open arms

Patriots runningback Shane Vereen joined Toucher and Rich on the air this morning to talk Denver and Welker’s return to Foxborough Sunday night. Since New England fans haven’t always welcomed back former players favorably, the guys were curious to how Vereen thinks Welker should be received when he comes to play in Foxborough. “I think they […]