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Tom Brady on past struggles against the Ravens: “It’s going to be the Patriots’ 2014 version vs. The Ravens’ 2014 version

Tom Brady made his weekly appearance on the Dennis&Callahan show yesterday to talk about the Ravens. Brady was asked about the Patriots past struggles in the postseason against Balitmore, but the QB dismissed it. “Everything’s different at this point,” Brady said. “We can never change anything that’s happened in the past, nor can they. You can’t […]

Tom Brady talks Jim Harbaugh, Bills, and the slow starting offense

The Patriots QB Tom Brady joined WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan show this morning to talk everything Patriots. He talked about starters getting rest and backups playing. “It was nice to see the other guys get an opportunity to play. They’ve been working hard all season,” Brady told guest hosts Greg Dickerson, Steve DeOssie and Andy Hart. […]

Tom Brady talks Edelman, Bills, Jets, and Rex Ryan

Tom Brady joined WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan show this morning to talk Edelman, Patriots, and the Jets. Brady talked about the Jets playing some of their best football against him and the Pats and the Pats struggling. “I think the last four games we’ve played against them we haven’t played very well, and they’ve all […]

Tom Brady talks about his diet, Bledsoe, and beating Miami

Tom Brady joined the WEEI Radio show with Dennis & Callahan this morning to talk about winning the AFC East Title for the 11th time in 12 years. Brady started off by talking about his big run in the 3rd. “I found a little space there,” Brady said of his run. “They’ve been doing it to […]

Brady talks Chargers, Pats fans, and the curse words

Tom Brady made his weekly appearance on the WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan show on Monday morning. To listen to his post game conference go here: Brady talked about how the game wasn’t his best. “[The defense] played phenomenal,” Brady said. “It wasn’t easy by any stretch. I thought we played a defense that really, that made […]

Tom Brady talks Gronk and Justin Bieber, the leash device, and Chargers

Tom Brady made his weekly appearance on Dennis & Callahan WEEI radio show. He talked about the Packers, the loss, and the Chargers. Brady said it was a hard loss to take, especially when they were right there to win. “I think you have some defining moments in your season and you have some defining moments […]

Tom Brady talks Lions, Packers, and Odell Beckham’s catch

Tom Brady joined WEEI’s  Dennis & Callahan radio show for his weekly Monday call. Brady said even though the team is 9-2 there are a lot of improvements ahead. “I think it’s a week-to-week thing,” he said. “At different times over the course of the year we’ve done a lot of things really well, and […]

Tom Brady talks Gronk, Colts, Lions, and Dumb and Dumber

Tom Brady made his weekly appearance on the WEEI radio Dennis & Callahan show this morning. He gushed about how good of a player Gronk is. “He surprises me all the time, just what his ability is,” Brady said. “He’s just got incredible ability to make catches, runs, the way he blocks, just as a teammate — there’s […]