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Tom Brady joins WEEI to talk Giants, Redskins, and Greg Hardy

Tom Brady made his weekly appearance on the Dennis, Callahan & Minihane show today, to chat with the guys on WEEI about the Redskins, Greg Hardy, and the Giants. When asked about Greg Hardy, and if he would have a problem with him on his team, Brady stayed away from a comment. “I don’t know him at […]

Tom Brady talks Trade Deadline and a Perfect Season

Tom Brady joined the guys Dennis, Callahan & Minihane on their WEEI Boston radio show as usual this Monday morning to talk perfect season and the NFL trade deadline. Brady was asked about being 7-0 and the possibility of going undefeated, but Brady isn’t ready to talk about anything of the sort. “That would be the […]

Tom Brady joins WEEI to talk about the Jets, Dolphins, and playing 10 more years

Tom Brady joined WEEI’s Dennis&Callahan in person today for his annual chat with the guys. He talked about everything from the drops by his receivers, x’s and o’s of beating the Jets, and playing the Dolphins. He was asked about playing 10 more years, and he had a why not kind of answer. “I hope so. […]

Tom Brady talks Colts, Gronk, Edelman, and not speaking to the media

Tom Brady joined Dennis, Callahan & Minihane for his annual appearance on the Dennis and Callahan radio show on WEEI, earlier this morning. They mention that people have noticed Tom Brady doesn’t talk to the media after games too long anymore, he usually cuts it off around 2 minutes, and he doesn’t do the prime time interviews for […]

Tom Brady isn’t taking Dallas lightly

Patriots QB Tom Brady isn’t taking the Dallas Cowboys lightly despite the fact they will be without stars QB Tony Romo, and WR Dez Bryant. Brady joined’s radio network on Monday, as usual, to talk about the Dallas Cowboys, who is coming off a loss to the Saints on Sunday Night Football. “I’ve never […]

Tom Brady speaks to WEEI about his milestone, the win, and Donald Trump

Tom Brady made his weekly call-in to the WEEI’s  Dennis & Callahan radio show today. He talked about the win, bye week, politics, and reaching his 400 milestone. When asked about his 400th touchdown milestone, Brady downplayed it, and gave a lot of credit to his teammates. “It’s a great accomplishment, don’t get me wrong,” […]

Tom Brady’s done with deflate gate, focused on the Super Bowl

Tom Brady joined WEEI’s Dennis&Callahan radio show for his annual weekly visit. Brady was asked again about deflate gate and once again said he didn’t tell the ball boys to do anything to the footballs used in the game. “Absolutely not,” he said. “Look, I don’t want to keep getting into this. No, I didn’t […]

Tom Brady talks deflated footballs, Colts, and Seahawks

Tom Brady joined WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan to talk about beating the Colts, deflated footballs, and the Seahawks. The QB started off by talking about what a great win it was. “It was just a great win by our team,” Brady said. “It was an exciting one to be a part of. We put a lot […]