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Shane Vereen’s price goes down a little, but Pats still have no interest

Shane Vereen was rumored to want $5 million a year a week or so ago, but now he’s looking at $3.5 million a year. Reports before said he would move down from his starting price because he’s just trying to gauge his market and value. Right now he still wants about $3 million a year […]

Potential Free Agent Players or Current Patriots that could replace Stevan Ridley

The Patriots will most likely lose Ridley to another team once free agency begins, so lets talk potential replacements for him. He might stay with the team, but hey lets just guess at who else could play RB for New England. LeGarrette Blount is the starter and he will be going forward, but he can’t handle the […]

Breaking down The Patriots Free Agents in 2015

We, as Patriots Fans can celebrate the Super Bowl win all off-season long because we are SB Champions until next Febraury and I fully plan on celebrating the win until the start of the 2015 season. But, lets go “On To Free Agency” to look at who will be a free agent in March for […]

Colts Vs Patriots: Keys to The Game

In 24 hours the Colts and Andrew Luck will take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Boston. The weather for tomorrow night’s game is lows in the 40s with wind at 21 mph and rain. So the Colts and Patriots are looking at a bad weather game which favors New England. A […]

How New England can fix their redzone woes

The absence of Rob Gronkowski was most felt in the redzone Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. Gronk’s 6’6, 265 pound frame was sorely missed inside the redzone against Miami as New England struggled to score once they got there. At the end of the game, Brady tried to throw the ball up where only his […]

Patriots Vs Panthers: 3 players to watch

The New England Patriots will travel to Charlotte to take on the red hot Carolina Panthers in a Monday Night showdown. The Patriots will face their first physical team since their loss to the New York Jets on October 20th. The Patriots achilles heel has been against physical teams and the Panthers front 7 is […]