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Patriots Gab social networks

Wanna follow Patriots Gab on all of the social networks but need links? Well here you go, our updated social networking sites! Follow us on all of them for constant videos, pictures, debates, and news! LIKE us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Sign up for Gridiron Chatter to talk football […]

Brandon Spikes attacks the Patriots on Twitter

Former Patriots linebacker, now with the Bills, pulled no punches today when he went on a rant about his former team in Boston. Brandon Spikes tweeted out how much he’s looking forward to beating the Patriots twice this season and how it’ll be icing on the cake to beat New England with the hashtag “just […]

Vince Wilfork agrees to a contract extension with New England

After all the drama and reports, the Patriots big man on the defensive line will remain a Patriot after signing a 3 year $22.5 million extension with the Patriots. ESPN’s Adam Schefer broke the news today, but did not give any details about how much this extension will save New England against the cap this year. […]

Former Pats receiver Stallworth thinks the Dolphins players should focus on winning

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth took to twitter to say he believes the Dolphins players should focus on winning and stop talking to the media about the investigation everyday.   Stallworth also went on to say that maybe that was the Bill Belichick in him because Belichick would never let players talk […]

Vince Wilfork tweets a thank you message out to the fans

Vince Wilfork torn his achilles against the Atlanta Falcons and is out for the season. Wilfork underwent successful surgery today. Vince Wilfork’s wife tweeted today she was thankful for successful surgery and the fans poured out their thoughts and prayers to the family and Wilfork responded back. In his message he notes that his wife […]

Bills fans wear Hernandez Orange Jumpsuit to the Patriots game

New England will be seeing a lot of this when visiting teams this season, and the Bills wasted NO time in taking jabs at New England. Buffalo fans showed up sporting former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez orange jumpsuit to the game. Hernandez is in jail for allegedly murdering his fiance’s sister’s boyfriend, Odin Lloyd. […]

Patriots rank top 3 in Social Media Equity

The guys at Emory Sports Marketing Analytics researched the top teams in Social Media. From their website: “What we would ideally like to have is a fan metric that is not constrained by stadium sizes.  The world of social media can provide this type of metric.  In today’s installment we assess NFL fan base quality using […]

Aaron Hernandez reportdely invovled in another incident

Adam Schefter reported via twitter that the  police say Aaron Hernandez was involved in an incident outside of a Karma Nightclub on June 6th. The police have released little information about it. This, we believe will make 3 separate incident this year involving Hernandez. He was alleged to have shot his friend in the arm […]