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Aqib Talib signs with the Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos poached another free agent Patriots player again this year. This time it was a huge gain for Denver and a HUGE loss to New England, as of now anyway. The Broncos signed CB Aqib Talib to a 6 year deal worth 57 million dollars with 26 million in guaranteed money. The Patriots […]

Should New England pay Talib the big money?

Patriots CB Aqib Talib wants the big money to the surprise of no one, and Robert Kraft has said he doesn’t want to shell out the big dough for a player that battles a hip injury throughout the season. So, Talib wants big money coming off his first Pro Bowl selection and Kraft doesn’t want to […]

Join Patriots Players at Aqib Talib and Aaron Dobson’s Football Academy This Summer

You can join Aqib Talib and Aaron Dobson this summer at Sports International Football Camps with other members of the New England Patriots! From SI Football Camps website: “Founded in 1983, we are the best teaching football academy in the nation having graduated over 96,000 athletes, many currently playing at the college level. From 2011-2013, Sports International […]

Patriots did not use the Franchise Tag on Edelman or Talib

Today at 4 pm the deadline for franchising players and came and went with no tagging of Edelman or Talib by New England. New England could have tagged the WR or CB and kept them from hitting the free agency  market on March 11th, but they chose not to. But the one year tag was too […]

Report: Patriots – Edelman haven’t discussed a new deal

According to numerous reports the Patriots and Edelman have not discussed a new deal yet. The Patriots have been negotiating with Aqib Talib, making him their number one priority this off – season. The Patriots are in no rush just yet to begin talks with Edelman because Talib will command a big market and big money so they want […]

Aqib Talib and New England negotiating in Indy

If you were following us on Facebook or Twitter yesterday you would have seen Talib’s rumor to be talking contract with New England. Today we can say his people are in talks with New England. Will it go anywhere is anybody’s guess! The Patriots are clearly making CB Aqib Talib the number priority right  now by starting […]

Lets talk about New England’s Injury Prone Players

Robert Kraft, Patriots owner, recently said Talib didn’t play much during his time with New England, but still wants to resign him. Just not for big money. That didn’t stop Kraft from paying Danny Amendola. I’m just saying. Maybe Kraft is finally tired of spending big money on injury prone players or he’s trying to […]

Robert Kraft wary on giving Talib big money

Patriots owner Robert Kraft realizes he will have to spend more money on Talib to get him back than he did last year (one-year, $5 million), but didn’t sound like he wanted to give too much to the talented, but injury prone corner. “Well, we want to retain all the good players we can retain,” Kraft […]

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