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Patriots Return Home Following Super Bowl Loss

There won’t be any rally or parade for the Patriots today.  Their loss to the Giants in Super Bowl 42 ended those plans.  But many of the faithful were on hand to greet the 18-and-1 Pats when they arrived back at Gillette Stadium last night.  They were cheered and applauded for the nearly perfect season they […]

Pats Perfect Season Dashed in Super Loss 17-14 to Giants

All season long the Pats were able to do as they pleased on offense, running over teams with a QB made of magic and wide outs and a good enough running game.  Sunday night at Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, that offense ran out of gas, or maybe never got their foot enough on the […]

Patriots Practice In Desert Getting Set for the Giants

The Pats held their first practice in the desert Monday as they continue preparations for Super Bowl 42 Sunday against the New York Giants.  QB Tom Brady participated in all phases of practice, but did so with a slight limp as he continues to recover from the mild high ankle sprain he suffered in the […]

The Pats Arrive in Phoenix; Let the Hype Start

The Pats have arrived in Phoenix. Yes, the 18-0 Pats are now in the state where they will play for the Super Bowl one week from today. The team arrived about 7:35 eastern time, and in the rain walked from the plane to their buses, where they were taken to their hotel. The big news […]