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Brady Perfect; Pats Pound Lions 45-24 after trailing 14-3

Just when the Patriots looked at the scoreboard to find themselves down 11 – they found their stride and turned on the offense. After trailing 14-3 in the second quarter to the Lions in the first of three Thanksgiving Day games, the Pats offense could not be stopped, as they ran up 447 yards in […]

Patriots-Lions Fourth Quarter Thoughts

* Pats offense starting to wear down the Lions, as Brady is making better decisions and there’s another – a TD to Branch that gives the Pats the 31-24 lead. * Good series on defense for the Pats, as a couple penalties on the Lions offense stops their drive, as a pass interference and facemask […]

Patriots-Lions Third Quarter Thoughts

* Pats can’t convert on their first drive, Their D needs to step up here and make a play, and it doesn’t start well with a 17-yard run by Morris. * Big play by McCourty to get the ball back to the Pats, who get a huge score by Welker. * Now we’ll see that […]

Patriots-Lions Second Quarter Thoughts

* Is someone going to block Suh? Gets in there to stop the Pats fora three-yard loss. Pats with just 7 rush yards to this point. * Woodhead goes for 14 yards, but flag down, illegal cut block on Logan Mankins kills the play, making it a 2nd and 20. * Hill doing a good […]