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Robert Kraft issues a statement on Tom Brady’s court room win

Patriots owner Robert Kraft issued a statement today after Judge Berman overturned the suspension of his QB, Tom Brady. “As I have said during this process and throughout his Patriots career, Tom Brady is a classy person of the highest integrity. He represents everything that is great about this game and this league. Yet, with absolutely […]

The Empire strikes back against the NFL: Patriots release emails that make the NFL look beyond shady

The fight is back on between Robert Kraft and the NFL! Kraft -Patriots owner- dropped the fight back in May and accepted the league’s punishment of docking New England two draft picks and fining the team one million dollars, believing it was the right thing to do. Now, he no longer believes that and regrets […]

Robert Kraft releases a harsh statement on the NFL’s ruling: “I want to apologize to the fans of the New England Patriots and [to] Tom Brady. I was wrong to put my faith in the league.”

Patriots owner Robert Kraft releases a very harsh statement on the NFL’s ruling to not overturn Tom Brady’s four-game suspension and stand by his four time Super Bowl winning QB. Kraft basically says, it’s on NFL. “In light of yesterday’s league ruling, I felt it was important to make a statement today, prior to the […]

Robert Kraft won’t appeal the NFL’s ruling

Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke at the NFL’s spring meeting in San Francisco on Tuesday and addressed “deflate gate” for the last time. He made the statement that he will not appeal the punishment handed down by the league against his team. The NFL fined the Patriots one million dollars and took away their first-round […]

The Patriots Full Rebuttal

Before we get into the Patriots full rebuttal, yesterday Ted Wells fired back at Tom Brady’s agent Don Yee, after Yee called his findings a sting operation by the Colts and the NFL. You can read what Wells said in his defense of his report HERE.  Today, The Patriots have released their own website which fires […]

Robert Kraft ready to battle the NFL over the recent punishments for “Deflate Gate”

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft isn’t ready to accept the league’s punishment against his team and his QB Tom Brady.  Last week, the Pats owner expressed his disappointment with The Wells Report and did not agree with the findings but said the team would accept the punishment by the league, but that has changed. He released […]

Robert Kraft releases statement on The Wells Report

Patriots owner Robert Kraft released a statement responding to the Wells Report, which you can see below. He was not happy at all and I really can’t blame him after the Wells Report was basically an assumption. “When I addressed the media at the Super Bowl on January 26 – over 14 weeks ago – […]

Video: Bill Belichick does the “Ice Bucket Challenge”

Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft were challenged to do the “Ice Bucket Challenge” by New York Giants president John Mara on the Giants website and today they accepted and did the challenge. You have to dump a bucket of Ice on your head when you accept the challenge, then you challenge 3 other people to do […]