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Recap: Patriots Training Camp Day 8

The Patriots completed their 8th day of camp practice on Tom Brady’s birthday. Julian Edelman, and Shane Vereen were back out on the practice field this morning after getting nicked up yesterday. Devin McCourty did not wear his no contact red jersey. Important since next week they will be holding a joint practice. Recap: The Quarterbacks: Tom […]

Has Coach Belichick Met His Match in “Big Balls Chip Kelly”

Author Mark Saltveit wrote the best selling book “The Tao of Chip Kelly.” The book explores explores Kelly’s famous Chipisms: slogans/mantras that helped mold the Ducks teenaged players into a potent team with a 46-7 record. The book is broken into 33 chapters, each exploring a facet of Kelly’s approach to team building that can easily apply to business managers and […]