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Patriots Gab’s NFL Power Rankings Week 7

Here we go! Time for another week of power rankings, this time for us here at Patriots Gab! 1. Patriots They haven’t lost and they sure look like a team with the best QB and offense in the NFL. Also, their defense isn’t terrible, if you really watch the entire game and ignore the stats. […]

Patriots remain the best team in the NFL in the Power Rankings

The New England Patriots remain number one this week on ESPN’s Power Rankings heading into week 7. They defeated the Colts 34-27 Sunday night, and those Colts they defeated, moved up two spots to number 13 overall. The Pats play the Jets next, who come in this week at number 8 overall, 3 spots better […]

The Patriots are the best team in the NFL heading into week 3

The New England Patriots are the king of the NFL heading into week three, according to’s power rankings. The team the Pats defeated somehow moved up one spot. The Bills are now number 8, according to ESPN, and the Pats next opponent Jacksonville, comes in at number 31. Despite a win over Miami. The […]

Patriots Gab NFL Power Rankings Week 2

Okay, so another new thing I will be trying to do this season is the Patriots Gab very own power rankings each week. I didn’t do one last week, so week two on, expect to see my take on the best teams in the NFL in order. 1. New England Patriots:  The Super Bowl Champions […]

The Patriots remain the same in the Power Rankings

The Patriots hold strong at number two behind the Packers, after both teams won their games. The Patriots played a tight one against the Chargers on Sunday Night, but came out winners on the road. The Chargers dropped two spots to number 11 after the game on The Dolphins, who the Pats play next, […]