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NFL Wild Card Predictions

Time for my best guesses at who will win this weekend’s wild card games! Chiefs Vs Texans: Chiefs 24-14. I think the Chiefs are way too hot and way too well-rounded to lose in the wild card. The Texans not having a Franchise QB will hurt them. Steelers Vs Bengals: Steelers 35-21. The Steelers defense […]

NFL Week 8 Predictions

Dolphins Vs Patriots: Patriots 35-21 I think the Patriots will win this one, especially since it will be at home. I expect a nice showing from the Pats. Lions Vs Chiefs: Chiefs 21-17 I think the Chiefs are actually better than the Lions right now even though neither team has an impressive record. Cardinals Vs […]

NFL Week 7 Predictions

Seahawks Vs 49ers: Seahawks won 20-3. I would have picked the Seahawks to win by a score of 24 – 7. Jets Vs Patriots: Patriots 20 – 17 I almost want to say blow out just because everyone else is saying close game, but I’ll stick with this, a close and low scoring game. I like […]

NFL Week 3 Predictions

Chargers vs Bills: Chargers 35-28 Titans Vs Bengals: Bengals 28-13 Packers Vs Lions: Packers 31-28 Colts Vs Jaguars: Colts 41-17 Raiders Vs Patriots: Patriots 28-14 Ravens Vs Browns: Browns 24-16 Cowboys Vs Rams: Cowboys 28-17 Texans Vs Giants: Texans 21-10 Vikings Vs Saints: Saints 49-42 Redskins Vs Eagles: Eagles 42-28 49ers Vs Cardinals: Cardinals 21-20 […]

NFL Week 2 Predictions

Dolphins Vs Bills: Dolphins 35-21 Lions Vs Panthers: Lions 28-17 Cowboys Vs Titans: Cowboys 21-14 Patriots Vs Vikings: Patriots 20-17 Saints Vs Browns: 42-35 Falcons Vs Bengals: Bengals 28 – 27 Jaguars Vs Redskins: Jaguars 28 – 21 Cardinals Vs Giants: Giants 21-10 Seahawks Vs Chargers: Chargers 17 – 10 Rams Vs Buccaneers: Buccaneers 21-13 […]

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