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The Patriots have released many good players before and this is why you shouldn’t worry

The New England Patriots have released many “pro bowl” fan favorites before, just like they let free agent WR Wes Welker walk away to the Denver Broncos. The Patriots are no stranger to this, and the Patriots use their free money to put together a new puzzle, and make it work. Wes Welker wanted more […]

Tom Brady Wears An OSU Jersey

Tom Brady played for Michigan in college and his former Patriot teammate linebacker Mike Vrabel played for Ohio State University. The two made a bet on which team would win last Saturday’s game and Tom Brady lost that bet as his Alma Mater lost to OSU 21-26. Vrabel is the defensive line coach currently at Ohio State […]

Cole: Pats LB’s Ranked 22nd Overall in the NFL

Jason Cole at Yahoo Sports! has another ranking out, and this time it is the NFL’s LB’s, and at the 22nd spot they have the Pats: 22. New England: If you want to know why the Patriots have slipped on defense the past two years, look no further than who lines up at linebacker these […]

Crable One of Many That Could Take the Spot of Vrabel

So who is taking the spot of Mike Vrabel, who was traded to the Chiefs this offseason, in 2009? Looks like the first shot will go to Shawn Crable, a third-round draft pick out of Michigan in 2008. Today Patriot Ledger has a piece on the change, and possible other players that could play that […]

How to Replace a Mike Vrabel (in a Couple of Years)

With Mike Vrabel exiting the Patriots organization via trade to Kansas City, an obvious hole needs to be filled in the defense. It looks like the Patriots saw this coming drafting and signing 5 young LB’s in last years draft, including 4 that can play outside (Crable, Guyton, Redd, and Ruud.) Although Guyton looked decent […]

In Bill We Trust

I read the funniest thing today – Bill Belichick is being accused of cheating. No, no. Not that whole “spy-gate” thing. How is he cheating? By trading Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel to the Kansas City Chiefs. They say he is improving the Chiefs’ team in order to help them win! His relationship with Chief’s […]

Pats Move LB Mike Vrabel to Kansas City

The Pats were busy today, signing two players, but they also dealt one, as they moved lineabcker Mike Vrabel to the Chiefs. He came to New England from the Steelers as a free agent in 2001, and was a part of three Super Bowl championship teams. He achieved Pro Bowl status in 2007. Vrabel will […]

LB Vrabel Speaks Out in Defense of Belichick

With the backlash continuing from Sunday’s Super Bowl, Pats Linebacker Mike Vrabel is stepping up to his coaches defense.  Bill Belichick continues to take a beating from the media for leaving the field early and not shaking the hand of winning coach Tom Coughlin.  Belichick tried to give a defense for why he left early, […]