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Mark Saltveit Best Selling Author “The Tao of Chip Kelly” discusses his book, Chip Kelly, and the Patriots

Mark Saltveit the author of the best selling football / management book, “The Tao of Chip Kelly:  Lessons from America’s Most Successful Coach” took time to do an interview with Patriots Gab about his book, Chip Kelly, and the Patriots. Patriots Gab: Can you tell us a little something about yourself we should know? Mark Saltveit: I […]

Catfish: NFL Players Style

As in a previous post called “Catfish: NFL Style”, this is the same thing, just with players this time. Basically the idea is from the MTV show called “Catfish: The TV Show” which is about people on the Internet not being who they say they are. Which NFL players are not who we all thought […]

Pats Have No Interest in Adding Michael Vick

If your living the dream of watching Michael Vick run options and all kinds of crazy plays wearing a Patriots uniform – forget it. The now released from prison ex-Falcons QB is not going to be coming to New England anytime soon, and that’s a fact. Today’s Providence Journal writes an interesting piece on Vick, […]

Forget Any Interest the Pats Have in Michael Vick

Plenty of talk continues about the future of former Falcons QB Michael Vick. Peter King of SI reported on NFL Radio that the three teams in the mix for Vick are the Raiders, Saints and Pats. Today the National Football Post reports that the Pats are a team that evidently has no interest in Vick, […]