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Belichick Slams Walsh in CBS News Interview

It may have taken awhile, but the usually calm and cool Bill Belichick has finally had enough of Matt Walsh, and he’s speaking out about it.  In an interview on CBS’ Evening News, Belichick had some not so nice words about Walsh: “There’s not a lot of credibility,” Belichick said “You know, he’s tried to […]

Goodell Addresses Media After Walsh Meeting

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says there is no evidence the New England Patriots tried to tape the St. Louis Rams walkthrough prior to Super Bowl 36.  Goodell met with former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh for three hours yesterday to discuss the recording situation dubbed Spygate.  After the meeting, Goodell said Walsh knew of no […]

Sources Say Walsh Gave League Eight Tapes

Former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh has reportedly turned over to the NFL eight videotapes that were recorded between the 2000 and 2002 seasons.  The “New York Times” says the footage shows the play-calling signals of five opponents in six games, but the tapes do not include video of the St. Louis Rams’ practice the day […]

NFL Could Be Close To Talking With Walsh

Former Patriots employee Matt Walsh is reportedly close to reaching a deal with the National Football League that will allow him to speak openly about any knowledge or physical evidence he may have of New England’s alleged spying tactics.  The “Boston Globe” reports that the league and Walsh’s lawyer are making progress in negotiations to […]