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Robert Kraft releases a harsh statement on the NFL’s ruling: “I want to apologize to the fans of the New England Patriots and [to] Tom Brady. I was wrong to put my faith in the league.”

Patriots owner Robert Kraft releases a very harsh statement on the NFL’s ruling to not overturn Tom Brady’s four-game suspension and stand by his four time Super Bowl winning QB. Kraft basically says, it’s on NFL. “In light of yesterday’s league ruling, I felt it was important to make a statement today, prior to the […]

Robert Kraft won’t appeal the NFL’s ruling

Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke at the NFL’s spring meeting in San Francisco on Tuesday and addressed “deflate gate” for the last time. He made the statement that he will not appeal the punishment handed down by the league against his team. The NFL fined the Patriots one million dollars and took away their first-round […]

Robert Kraft ready to battle the NFL over the recent punishments for “Deflate Gate”

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft isn’t ready to accept the league’s punishment against his team and his QB Tom Brady.  Last week, the Pats owner expressed his disappointment with The Wells Report and did not agree with the findings but said the team would accept the punishment by the league, but that has changed. He released […]

Robert Kraft releases statement on The Wells Report

Patriots owner Robert Kraft released a statement responding to the Wells Report, which you can see below. He was not happy at all and I really can’t blame him after the Wells Report was basically an assumption. “When I addressed the media at the Super Bowl on January 26 – over 14 weeks ago – […]

Patriots plan on working out a new deal with Darrelle Revis

The Patriots are preparing and planning on working out a new deal with CB Darrelle Revis, a big key to their defense this season. Revis was everything they were hoping for and more, constantly shutting down the other team’s number one guy and his reputation caused more than a few not even bother throwing his […]

The Patriots’ send-off rally will be held on Monday

The New England Patriots will hold a send-off rally on Monday at 11am City Hall Plaza in Boston. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh will be hosting the event before the Pats fly to Arizona for the Super Bowl. Tom Brady, Dan Connolly, Matthew Slater, Devin McCourty, Vince Wilfork, Robert Kraft, and Bill Belichick will address the fans. […]

Patriots say they wanted Wes Welker back for 2013 season

The Patriots and Wes Welker couldn’t work out a deal last season and Welker ended up in Denver with Peyton Manning for the 2013 season. The Patriots claim they offered Welker a better deal than Denver did. New England says they offered Welker a big contract during the 2011 off-season, but Welker’s agent wanted even […]

Lets talk about New England’s Injury Prone Players

Robert Kraft, Patriots owner, recently said Talib didn’t play much during his time with New England, but still wants to resign him. Just not for big money. That didn’t stop Kraft from paying Danny Amendola. I’m just saying. Maybe Kraft is finally tired of spending big money on injury prone players or he’s trying to […]