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Patriots remain atop the Power Rankings

The Patriots remain atop the ESPN’s power rankings this week after beating the Colts soundly on the road. The Colts dropped from number 7 to number 9 overall on and dropped from 6 to number 9 on’s power rankings. The Pats next matchup comes against the Lions and they rank number 7 overall, […]

Patriots remain atop the Power Rankings

ESPN released their Power Rankings for Week 10 and the Pats remain number one. They had a bye week, but they were kept as the best team in the NFL. Their next opponent the Colts dropped 2 spots from 5 to 7 on ESPN. On’s Power Rankings the Patriots remain at number one and […]

The Pats go soaring up the week 9 power rankings

The Patriots have jumped 5 spots in ESPN’s power rankings for week 9! The Pats have come in at number 3 on ESPN while their next opponent remains at number one, the Denver Broncos. The Bears dropped from 19 to 23 after they loss 51-23 to the Pats.’s power rankings moved the Pats all the […]

Patriots climb into the top ten in ESPN’s Power Rankings

The Patriots climbed their way into the top ten in ESPN’s Power Rankings for week 8 while their next opponent the Bears dropped 3 spots to number 19 after their loss to the Dolphins. The Pats rank number 8 this week, that’s 2 spots higher than last week. Over on the Patriots come in at number […]

ESPN Power Rankings Week 7: Pats crack the top 10

The Patriots have two dominating wins in a row, but moved up one spot in ESPN Power Rankings at number 10. The Bills fell back to number 21 after being ranked 18 and the Pats next opponent, the Jets are ranked number 29 on, moving up one spot. On the power rankings the […]

The Patriots fall 2 spots after their unimpressive win

The Patriots unimpressively beat the 0-3 Raiders last Sunday, 16-9, with shaky offensive play, so the Pats dropped 2 spots even with a win, according to ESPN’s Power Rankings. RANK TEAM / RECORD TRENDING COMMENTS 1 Seahawks 2-1 1 Last Week: 2 Russell Wilson’s career record against Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom […]

Patriots move into the top 5 of ESPN Power Rankings

ESPN power rankings were released for week 3 and the Patriots moved up 2 spots from 7 to 5. Here is the full list of the new power rankings! RANK TEAM / RECORD TRENDING COMMENTS 1 Broncos 2-0 1 Last Week: 2 Thanks, Peyton! Julius Thomas is the first player in Broncos history with four […]

Patriots fall in ESPN Power Rankings

ESPN releases their power rankings every year and the Pats were ranked number 3 week one, but now, after their disappointing loss to Miami, have taken a tumble. Here are the full rankings: RANK TEAM / RECORD TRENDING COMMENTS 1 Seahawks 1-0 — Last Week: 1 The dreaded Super Bowl hangover skipped Seattle. That defense […]