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Bill Belichick’s postgame press conference

Bill Belichick spoke to the media last night after the Patriots defeated the Miami Dolphins, 36-7. Belichick was really happy with the team, especially the staff on such a short week. He also believes the team has a lot to still work on but credited the team overall. You can listen to his press conference […]

Bill Belichick’s postgame transcript

Bill Belichick addressed the media after the Patriots defeated the Jets, 30-23. He was not too impressed with the win, but happy to get the W. He talks about the defense, Amendola, LaFell, and not running the ball. When asked if not running the ball was by design, he answered yes. “Yeah, they have a […]

Bill Belichick’s conference call transcript

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick spoke to the media on Monday during his annual phone conference to talk about the Cowboys He mostly spent the time talking about the Cowboys and different players and schemes, but he addressed the Colts as well towards the end, but not in the way you may think. He was […]

Bill Belichick comes out swinging against deflate gate

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick talked to the media today about deflate gate and came out with the information he got from his own team’s investigation. He defended Brady and himself against the deflate gate scandal and gave reasons of what could have happened. He’s also moved past the scandal. BB: I want to take this opportunity […]

Belichick breaks down the Ravens

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick talks about the Ravens, the Pats first – round opponent yesterday during his weekly conference call with the media. Q: What defines the 2014 Ravens to you? BB: As usual, the Ravens are a solid football team in all three phases of the game. They’re well coached, they’re physical, they […]