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Patriots Vs Broncos: Three Matchups to Watch

Patriots Vs Broncos, Brady VS Manning, it’s happening again and this time, one more time it will happen in the AFC Title Game. The last time Brady and Manning and the Pats and Broncos mixed it up in Denver in the AFC Title Game it did not go well for the Patriots. This time? We […]

The Patriots are road favorites over the Denver Broncos

The Patriots are a field goal favorite over the Denver Broncos in this week’s AFC Championship Game. Think they will cover? The Panthers are a field goal home favorite over the Cardinals in this week’s NFC Championship Game. To see full odds GO HERE. 

Tom Brady’s staggering AFC Title Game Stat proves he’s the best of all time

Tom Brady will play in his 10th AFC Title Game in his 14th season as an NFL QB. This will be the fifth straight AFC Title Game for the New England Patriots, pretty amazing to accomplish that kind of feat in this era of football, but the Patriots have done just that. Tom Brady’s 10th […]

Colts Vs Patriots: Keys to a Patriots Win

The Patriots get the Colts for round 2 of this season and this time it’s for the right to go to the Super Bowl. This won’t be an easy game because the Colts have a great offense and a good defense and this game will test the  defense of New England and the QB Tom […]

The Conference Championship Games have been set

The Conference Championship Rounds have been set! Green Bay will play the Seahawks at 3:05 pm on Fox. The Colts will play the Patriots at 6:40 pm on CBS.  

Preview: Ravens vs Patriots

The Baltimore Ravens will play the New England Patriots for the AFC Championship. It will take place at 6 p.m. EST on CBS. Ray Lewis will retire once his season is over, this is the last playoff tour for the veteran, leader, and great player. The Ravens and the Patriots met in week three, where […]

Divison Championship Games are set

In the NFC, the 49ners took care of business with ease against the Green Bay Packers with the final score being 31-45. The Atlanta Falcons were wining with ease in the first half of the game with the score 20-0 before blowing their lead, leading to an exciting finish at the end, with the Seahawks […]