New England Patriots Super Bowl Champs

Who Will Win The AFC East?

For the last two decades, the AFC East has revolved around the New England Patriots. However, with Tom Brady leaving New England, that could be about to change. Is the year that the Patriots are unseated from their throne or could Bill Belichick find a way to keep dominating the AFC East in the post-Brady era?

Buffalo Bills

Shockingly, the Bills are the NFL betting odds favorites in the AFC East with +120 odds to win the division although just +2500 odds to win the Super Bowl, according to DraftKings. Somehow, they have better odds to win the division than New England but the Patriots have a better shot to win the Super Bowl. 

In any event, Buffalo’s chances this season will boil down to the development of quarterback Josh Allen. The Bills are poised to have a dominating defense after giving up 16.2 points per game last year. But it’s all about Allen showing improvement after completing just 58.8% of his passes in 2019. With the acquisition of Stefon Diggs, the supporting cast around Allen has improved, but he must become a more proficient quarterback for the Bills to get to the next level. If Allen takes a step forward, the Bills could win the AFC East and be a serious threat to win the AFC.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins enter 2020 with +8000 Super Bowl odds and a +800 moneyline to win the AFC East. Although they may not be the public betting pick, thinking that Miami can go from worst to first in the AFC East isn’t the craziest thing in the post-Brady era. Remember that early in the 2019 season, we pondered whether the Dolphins might go winless. But Brian Flores found a way to rally an undermanned team and win five games. 

After a healthy crop of draft picks, the Dolphins are better positioned heading into the 2020 season. In addition to all of the young talent on Miami’s roster, Jordan Howard and Matt Breida have helped to solidify the Miami backfield. The biggest question that remains is whether Tua Tagovailoa can push Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starting quarterback. Fitzpatrick isn’t a terrible option, but Tagovailoa has the higher ceiling once the Dolphins deem him ready.

New England Patriots

As mentioned, the Patriots have +130 odds to win the AFC East, just a hair behind the Bills. But New England is +1800 to win the Super Bowl, higher than all but six teams. Without question, New England’s chances are improved by the fact that Cam Newton will be the starting quarterback rather than the untested Jarrett Stidham. Of course, questions linger about Newton’s health after a lost 2019 season and whether he’ll fit into Belichick’s scheme and culture.

Outside of Newton, there are other questions about the Patriots. The roster lacks a proven no. 1 receiver and has a few other deficiencies that Brady has helped to hide in previous years. The silver lining is that New England’s defense was the best in the NFL last year, giving up 14.1 points per game. That should help the Patriots remain in contention to win the AFC East yet again.

New York Jets

Adam Gase and the Jets are +8000 to win the Super Bowl and +850 to win the AFC East, the worst odds in the division. Chaos appears to be the prevailing theme of Gase’s tenure with the Jets. Well, chaos and an inept offense that averaged just 17.3 points per game last season. This season the Jets may be more concerned with hitting their over under picks rather than trying to go out and win the division. 

Of course, the Jets believe they can turn things around if Sam Darnold is healthy for 16 games this year. However, Darnold has been turnover-prone in his first two seasons, a problem he also had at USC. The Jets also have some serious work to do to improve their offensive line while the exit of Robby Anderson leaves them without one of their most important receivers from the past few years. In short, the Jets have a tall mountain to climb in 2020.

Report: Cam Newton Named the Starting QB and Captain for the Patriots

Cam Newton wasn’t just named the New England Patriots starting quarterback on Thursday, Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston reports.

He’s also been elected a team captain, filling the void created by 18-time captain Tom Brady.


Coach Bill Belichick told players that Newton would officially be the team’s starter in a meeting Thursday, a source confirmed to ESPN. The Boston Globe first reported the news.

Patriots Make Some Roster Moves; Bring Back K Folk and DL Barnett

The Patriots re-signed kicker Nick Folk and signed undrafted rookie defensive lineman Michael Barnett, Nicole Yang of the Boston Globe reports.

Folk was among the revolving door of kickers to come through New England last season in an effort to replace veteran Stephen Gostkowski, who was placed on injured reserve and later released. Folk had the longest tenure of the bunch, playing in seven regular-season games. He made 14 of his 17 field goal attempts, along with all 12 of his extra-point attempts.

The Patriots also signed Barnett, who played four seasons at Georgia. Last season, he started six games, posting a career-high 23 tackles. Over the course of his college career, he recorded 47 tackles.

Stidham, Newton, Hoyer – The Patriots Have Plenty of QB Options in 2020

The 2020 New England Patriots for some fans is going to be more than just different, as if you started to become a fan either in 2001 on, you know nothing other than Tom Brady being the leader of this team.

Now Brady resides in Florida, ready to resume his NFL career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Patriots are ready to move on without him – not like they really have a choice at this point.

The NFL oddsmakers seem to feel that the Pats dynasty is truly over, as checking all the best online casinos that payout usa you can see that the Buffalo Bills seem to be the new darlings of the AFC East.

That doesn’t mean that the Pats will go away quietly. Bill Belichick went out with the front office and made a move to bring in former NFL MVP Cam Newton to be a part of the quarterback shuffle, and also the team has confidence this camp that Jarrett Stidham will be able to have learned enough from Brady to be solid at the quarterback spot.

The team also still has Brian Hoyer, a veteran quarterback that has served in the Patriots system for a long time, and he’s a player that quietly will be in the mix this camp at the quarterback spot for New England.

What are the odds that all three quarterbacks end up playing at some point for the Pats in 2020?

Probably pretty good, as Newton wasn’t brought in to sit the bench, and Stidham is a player who deserves a shot sitting behind Brady and learning from the best.

Stidham has size, sitting at 6-foot-2, 214 pounds, and if the Patriots can give him time, he’ll have every chance of being a successful NFL quarterback.

Another thing about the former Auburn quarterback is that he can throw a pretty ball with a tight spiral when the conditions are perfect.

Sure that will be great in September, but we all know that one thing that made Brady great was his ability to go out in bad weather and play better than the opposing quarterbacks.

Playing in poor weather is something that Stidham is going to have to get use to, as playing in Foxboro in the months of November, December and even January can be a daunting task.

There’s got to be some excitement about Newton, and his ability to scramble and bring veteran leadership to the team has got to be exciting to Belichick as well as the rest of the franchise.

It’s going to be a very different summer in New England. It’s not going to take long during practices to see what player is going to shine and take the number one snaps, but it’s also not going to be a surprise to eventually see all of these quarterbacks get chances for the Pats in 2020.

Newton May Have Mastered the “Patriot Way,” But Is It Enough to Be the Starter at QB?

If there is one thing that New England Patriot fans can get excited about for the 2020 season it’s the fact that things are going to be different, and change isn’t always bad.

One player that has the fans excited is new quarterback Cam Newton, who was basically left on the trash heap by the Carolina Panthers.

The former number one pick has a resume that has Pats fans ready to go out and buy his jersey already, but it’s probably better to spend some cash at online casinos before you commit fully to Newton.

Part of the reason that Newton was available so late in free agency was injury. The former MVP just has not been able to stay healthy, and that’s a huge key to the success of the Patriots if they are going to commit to having Newton under center.

CBS Sportsline wrote on Thursday about Newton already having mastered the “Patriot Way,” which basically means saying a lot but at the same time saying nothing.

If you want to see the supreme leader in the NFL when it comes to the “Patriot Way,” just look at head coach Bill Belichick.

For years, Belichick has gotten in front of the media and spoken, and it’s amazing how many times reporters walk away chuckling, knowing they got absolutely nothing out of the press conference.

Here’s what Newton had to say recently, and you can feel Belichick’s “Patriot Way” attitude coming out.

“No disrespect to nobody, but I’m extremely ecstatic, but I’m not talking,” Newton said when asked for comment.

“Who knows?” Newton replied.

Newton then ended with a simple “Go Pats.”

If that’s not the “Patriot Way,” then I don’t know what is. It’s the attitude of being able to say things without giving billboard material to other teams, and the quarterback seems already to have that down pat.

So is Newton the player that showed off amazing skills leading the Panthers to the Super Bowl just a few seasons ago?

Or is he a player that is just trying to hang on for one or two more seasons, and one last payday?

If Newton stays motivated, he can be a great player, but early success in both training camp and the preseason is going to go a long way in making Newton the player he was.

He might have the “Patriot Way” already down, but once Newton gets on the field, it might be a very different story.

Only time will tell.

Three Key Players to Watch for the New England Patriots in 2020

It goes without saying that the 2020 season will have a very different look for the New England Patriots. Gone will be #12 Tom Brady, who is now residing in Tampa with the Bucs.

Enter Cam Newton, a player who was an MVP not all that long ago. The team inked him to a one-year deal this past week hoping he can help the young QB’s on the roster.

There are plenty of questions about this team, and it will clearly up to Bill Belichick to get this team motivated to be the winners they have been over the years.

Today we take a look at three players on the Pats roster in 2020 that will be called upon to be key members of the team’s roster.

1. Cam Newton QB

Without question the team did not sign Newton to have him just sit the bench and wear a baseball cap. He will get snaps under center, and while the team is still very high on Jarrett Stidham, Newton is a player who is a game-changer.

Can Cam regain the form of his MVP seasons of years past, or are the injuries just too much to overcome? Easy questions that we might just find out come training camp.

If Newton is even 80 percent of where he was during those huge seasons for the Panthers, the Pats may have the find of the summer.

2. John Simon DL

A very underrated defensive linemen who has been steady for the Pats since joining their franchise in 2018.

Simon had played for the Baltimore Ravens, the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts before coming to the Patriots.

He had some big splash plays in 2019, as in week six when against the Giants he recorded an interception off a pass from Daniel Jones that was tipped by teammate Stephon Gilmore in the 35-14 win.

In week 7 against the New York Jets, Simon recorded a strip sack on Sam Darnold which was recovered by teammate Kyle Van Noy in the 33-0 win.

Look for more big plays from Simon as he’ll be called upon more in 2020.

3. Stephon Gilmore CB

The nine-year vet may be the best shutdown corners in the game, and with teams looking to take out years of frustrations on the Pats startng in 2020, Gilmore will be called upon to have another huge season.

He was the 2019 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, and the team finished #1 overall in defense, allowing 275.9 yards per game.

Gilmore had two TD’s on interceptions last year, and again this could be a unit that will need to make those types of plays in 2020.

Superman Arrives in Foxboro!

Stid the Kid Has Company

Tom Brady has set an impossibly high barometer in Foxboro, and no one expects the heir-apparent, Jarrett Stidham, to maintain those dizzying heights. Well, that’s the politically correct thing to say but it’s not really true, especially for those who worship at the altar of the Flying Elvis and genuflect whenever Bill Belichick’s name is uttered.

You see, the comparisons will inevitably be made and when Stidham fails to connect on a go-route to an open target, the legions of New England fans who have been spoiled rotten over the past two decades will roll their eyes in disbelief and mutter, “He’s no Brady.”

Naturally, fans from every other part of the country will revel in the Patriots’ misery and bask in the afterglow of a delicious season of schadenfreude. But this all assumes that Jarrett Stidham will fail miserably and as a result, so too will the Patriots.

Unfortunately for those who have waited nearly 20 years for Bill’s Boys to take a nosedive, Jarrett Stidham will not be an abject failure this season. In fact, the likelihood is that he will be much more of a positive influence in the New England offense rather than a negative.

The reason for the rose-colored glasses has everything to do with the man calling the shots – Bill Belichick. Consider for a moment that New England never drafted a quarterback this past April, nor did they immediately latch on to one of the many veteran free agent QB’s who were available.

However, the last remaining big-name, free agent, signal-caller was recently inked to a one-year, incentive-laden deal with New England. Yes, Cam Newton, aka Superman, is coming to town but he is not necessarily a lock to be given the keys to the offense, as many believe this will be an open competition between, he and Jarret Stidham. Newton may be more of an insurance policy if Stidham proves he is not up to the task, as he is still rehabbing from a foot injury that derailed his 2019 campaign.

With Newton added to the Patriots’ quarterback stable, the team now has Stidham, a journeyman quarterback, Brian Hoyer, who is in his third tour of duty in Foxboro, as well as two undrafted rookies in Michigan State’s Brian Lewerke and Louisiana Tech’s J’Mar Smith.

Newton could begin the season on the IR if Stidham looks sharp and the former Panther’s foot is not fully recovered. It would appear the two undrafted rookies have little chance of sticking on the roster as a veteran presence is desperately needed considering Stidham only has one year under his belt and a grand total of four passing attempts.

Prior to Newton’s signing, the oddsmakers were dealing the Patriots at +150 to win the division, +1300 to win the conference, and +2800 to win the Super Bowl. But once word broke that Newton had agreed to play in New England this year, the oddsmakers immediately took the Patriots off the board until they could come to grips with the unfolding situation in Foxboro and determine how profound an impact Newton could potentially have on the perennial AFC East champs. When the dust settled and the oddsmakers readjusted, the Patriots are currently being offered at +130 (division), +1200 (conference), and +2500 (Super Bowl).


Pats Need to Run to Win

The offensive line is healthy and with center David Andrews making a full recovery after sitting out the entire 2019 season with blood clots in his lungs, the prospects are looking good for providing a clean pocket to whomever (likely, Stidham or Newton) is under center for the Pats this season and for the running backs who need daylight to do their jobs.

However, any chance the Patriots have of maintaining their laudable legacy after 20 years of the GOAT, Tom Brady, pulling the trigger is only enhanced if they focus their playbook on the running game. If opposing defenses have to key on Sony Michele, James White, Rex Burkhead, and/or Damien Harris then it will mean a much cleaner pocket for young Jarrett Stidham, or the former MVP with something to prove, Cam Newton, and provide either with more time to search for open receivers.

Historically, the Patriots have done their best work when their running game is on point and commands a substantial portion of their offensive game plan. Consider for a moment that over the course of Bill Belichick’s 20 seasons in New England, the Patriots averaged a 13-3 record and won the Super Bowl three times in the five years that they boasted a thousand-yard rusher. In the 15 other seasons, New England averaged 11 ½ regular-season wins and, although they won the Super Bowl three times as well, it was over a span three times as long and equals a 20 percent versus a 60 percent championship rate.

Report: QB Cam Newton and Patriots Agree to One-Year Deal

It took some three months, but quarterback Cam Newton has a new football home – and it’s with the six-time Super Bowl Champion Patriots.

Newton and the Pats have agreed to terms on a one-year deal after the quarterback was dumped by the Carolina Panthers, the team that drafted him first overall in 2011, back on March 24th.

It didn’t take long for Newton to become a star in the NFL, as he led Carolina to three straight NFC South titles from 2013-2015, a Super Bowl and four total postseason appearances.

Newton earned the 2015 NFL MVP award and was named to three Pro Bowls during his run in Carolina.

Injuries ended his career with the Cats, as he underwent multiple shoulder surgeries and missed all but two games in 2019 due to a foot injury that ultimately required a procedure.

The Patriots were steadfast in their search for a veteran QB, but also seemed just fine going with 2019 fourth-round pick Jarrett Stidham and 11-year veteran Brian Hoyer atop the depth chart at the QB spot.

The 31-year-old Newton passed the physical and is healthy, with both his shoulder and foot not having any issues according to ESPN.