New England Patriots Super Bowl Champs

Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski Out for Sunday’s Game Against Titans

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has been ruled out for the team’s Week 10 game against the Tennessee Titans according to Ian Rapoport of

With the Patriots’ bye merely one week out, the team is taking the longterm approach with Gronk and hoping 27 days is enough to get the prolific playmaker back to full health for a late season run. Gronk has been struggling with ankle and back injuries and has not posted a 100-yard+ day or scored a touchdown since Week 1.

Patriots QB Tom Brady Claims He’ll Still Be Playing in 2022

Part of the reason for the pregame hype around the Tom Brady-Aaron Rodgers matchup in Sunday night’s Patriots-Packers game was the age of the two quarterbacks. Brady, 41, and Rodgers, 34, aren’t expected to meet again, unless it’s at the Super Bowl.

NFL opponents from opposite conferences and in different regions only meet once every four seasons, meaning the next Patriots-Packers game will take place in 2022.

Brady will be 45 by then, but as he indicated to NBC’s Peter King, another game of GOATs might not be as unlikely as many think, Hayden Bird of the Boston Globe reports.

According to King in his weekly “Football Morning in America” column, Brady “told me after the game he fully intends to be around for the 2022 Brady-Rodgers match.”

King got Brady to elaborate on his longterm football plans.

“I’d like to go till I’m 45,” Brady told King. “I know I said that [a] hundred times, and no one believes me. But I mean, I feel good. I could go play another game tomorrow. I know what to do. It’s fun. What else would you rather do than run out in front of 70,000 people and throw a football?”

Brady has indeed stated that he intends to play until age 45, though the offseason was filled with speculation about his retirement happening “sooner rather than later.”

Patriots Rookie RB Sony Michel ‘Likely’ To Return Against Titans

Patriots rookie running back Sony Michel is “likely to return” this week against the Tennessee Titans according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

This is not a major surprise as Michel seemed close to a return last week for the Sunday Night Football game.

The rookie suffered a knee injury October 21 and has missed the past two games, with James White, Kenjon Barner, and jack-of-all-trades Cordarelle Patterson taking up the slack for wins over the Bills and the Packers. For the season Michel has 95 carries and 422 yards and four touchdowns in six games.

Video: First Take – Bill Belichick Would Rather Have Aaron Rodgers Than Tom Brady

Week 9 of the 2018-19 NFL season features a heavyweight matchup between the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots, as two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game square off in Foxborough: Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. First Take’s Max Kellerman says despite winning five Super Bowl rings with Brady at the helm, Pats head coach Bill Belichick would rather have Rodgers, if given the choice. Stephen A. Smith disagrees, and even apologizes to Patriots’ legend and ESPN NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi for even being a part of the discussion.

How NFL Will Benefit from Esports!

Protecting Tom Brady and running the football will be huge keys in this game.
(Photo By: Allen Evestone)

From the Patriots to the Knicks, everyone likes a challenge. The NFL is one of the organizations worldwide that caters to a fairly exclusive market and manages to rake in millions every year. In seeking to monetize on its branding power, the League’s top brass are looking into different ways to put the emphasis on brand and tv rights. They may need an extra power-up to get that international reach they crave though.

Thankfully, the answer is really rather simple. It’s called video gaming. Believe it or not, another American corporation – Electronic Arts have created sporting simulators that are developing rapidly across the world.

You may not consider European soccer real football if you are a hardcore NFL fan, but still – the best clubs in the world of the game are signing up to be part of this trend. Can the NFL benefit from this? The simple answer is – yes.

  • Esports & Sports Betting Go Hand-in-hand

A lot is happening in the United States right now. The advancement of esports is a very real thing and while the NFL was not the first body to embrace it, the organization now understands the revenue opportunities here and is seeking to embrace it.

With esports betting agency Unikrn obtaining their Isle of Man license just last week, things are definitely looking well for the industry. Soon we may be putting down bets not only on the NFL, but on esports as well!

  • Expanding Brand Awareness

Building a brand is never easy and that’s why it always helps to have someone to fall back on in full. With this in mind, NFL clubs can quickly overcome the confines of their states and strike home with fans from all over the country, although most Americans tend to stick with the teams closer to home. This brings us to our third point.

  • Bringing Overseas Fans

The NFL is a localized competition, but video gaming may actually allow the league to expand into new markets and bring fresh blood, which will in turn drive up revenue. At least potentially, but this is no small thing and definitely worth considering in full. With this in mind, the NFL has an excellent opportunity to push ahead with its expanding plans and bring in a fresh crop of fans from all over the place, quite literally.

  • Building Esports Powerhouses

Just because the NFL franchises focus on the physical sport doesn’t mean they cannot study up the possible competitive esports. With this in mind, opening divisions in different games could really pay off! Some teams are already worth over $300 million. And yes, we mean esports teams.

  • Selling Relevant Merchandise

Adding esports means more fans. If the brands manage to convert those fans into buyers, the NFL franchises can expand internationally, making a killing out of selling branded wares. This is quite possible and something that the industry should pursue in full in order to notch up the greatest financial gain.

Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski to Miss Sunday’s Affair Against Chicago

The Patriots will be without one of their biggest targets on Sunday as they battle to take on the Bears, as reports say that tight end Rob Gronkowski didn’t make the team’s trip to Chicago.

Gronk wasn’t on the team flight because of the back injury he’s been nursing, according to multiple reports. Gronkowski has also been dealing with an ankle injury, but it appears to be the back injury that kept him from making the trip.

Although the Patriots haven’t officially ruled Gronkowski out, it seems very unlikely he would play. It is possible he could travel separately, without the team, but that’s rare.

Gronkowski is leading the Patriots with 405 receiving yards this season, and New England will miss him if forced to play without him.

It will be interesting to see what the offensive gameplan looks like with the big guy in the lineup.

Patriots Announce Fan Who Threw Beer on Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill Gets Lifetime Suspension From Stadium

The Patriots have announced a lifetime ban on a fan who threw beer on Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill shortly after Hill scored a 75-yard touchdown at Gillette Stadium according to Herbie Teope of
The Patriots swiftly identified the fan on video and sent out a memo Monday morning saying they had sent the perpetrator a letter of “disinvite” to all future events at the stadium. They also advised that the matter has been turned over to local law enforcement officials for further review.

Moments before the incident, Hill was at top speed as he crossed the goal line. His momentum carried him through the end zone to the fence that separates the fans from the playing field, where he came to a stop after using both hands to brace himself. Once there, replay showed other fans throwing up the middle finger in Hill’s face before a spectator to the wide receiver’s right side threw beer from a cup. To his credit, Hill did not retaliate despite the unruly greeting at the barrier.

The Patriots came back to defeat the Chiefs 43-40 in an instant classic that firmly established the Chiefs and the Pats as the top two teams in the AFC. If there is a rematch in New England in the playoffs, however, we know of one Patriots fan who will definitely not be in attendance.

Video: Patriots Roll Past Dolphins 38-7 to Improve to 2-2