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Patriots release their own report regarding The Wells Report


The Patriots have come out swinging in a huge way against the NFL and Ted Wells on their own site they launched called,

The team’s lawyers released the report to refute the findings in The Wells Report.

The Patriots and the NFL have definitely made this personal against each other.

The Pats counsel tried to refute everything the report suggested they did and told their side of the story.

Patriots beat writer Mark Daniels has done an excellent job of tweeting out the key points in the report. I’ll pass those on from his tweets to this website below.

They defend Brady a number of times in the report. “There is no evidence that Tom Brady preferred footballs that were lower than 12.5 psi and no evidence anyone even thought that he did.”

“Brady-Jastremski communications in the days following the AFC Champ Game do not make it more likely than not that there was any wrongdoing”

“If receiving an autograph from Mr. Brady is evidence that you are being rewarded by him for nefarious conduct then hundreds or even thousands of people must be part of a scheme of wrongdoing.”

“Tom Brady never turns down an autograph request. Mr. Brady explained, Mr. Jastremski is one of about 15 non-player personnel to whom he annually gives holiday gifts.”

“The report simply speculates that all the selected texts had to do with improper football deflation after the referee’s inspection although not a single text mentions any such thing.”


Yep, they wrote that in all caps.

“Prior to the Jets game in 2014, Mr. Jastremski set the footballs at 12.75-12.85Curiously, the report does not credit this statement”

Now about that nickname for McNally.

“The word “deflator” appears in only ONE text from among many hundreds of texts that were made available to the investigators. The Report then takes this one word, in this one text, and uses it throughout the Report as a moniker for Mr. McNally.”

“Mr. McNally is a big fellow and had the opposite goal: to lose weight. “Deflate” was a term they used to refer to losing weight.”

“One can specifically see this use of the term in a Nov.30 text from Mr. McNally to Mr. Jastremski: “deflate and give somebody that jacket.”

“This banter, and Mr. McNally’s goal of losing weight, meant Mr. McNally was the “deflator.””

“McNally’s text about going to ESPN was a reference to him asking Jastremski to get him shoes from the equipment room.”

About Brady’s outburst that led to McNally being upset during the text messages.

“Tom Brady lost it on the sideline when the refs over inflated the balls to 16 psi against the Jets. Brady admitted he was “over the top.”

“The outburst made Jastremski and McNally upset, which is why they were joking about making the next ball a balloon.”

“Jastresmski told the lawyers that the “a lot of stress trying to get them done” was about reselling family tickets. McNally was stressed because using “StubHub can result in season ticket revocations”

Jastremski texted “Talked to him last night.” He was talking about a friend, whose name he gave to the lawyers. They didn’t look into it. Rather than take further steps to check out this information, simply chose to disbelieve input that did not square with their conclusions.”

“The investigators made up their minds that “him” and “he” referred to Mr Brady, and dismissed all contradictory evidence as “not plausible”

“No evidence exists that Mr. Brady wanted footballs below 12.5 psi, and the investigators were told quite clearly that footballs that are too soft do not roll off his hands as desired.”

“Nonetheless, they assumed Mr. Brady actually wanted footballs to be below 12.5.”

About that needle.

“When McNally would get a pump without a needle he would have to go get one from someone in the patriots equipment room. That’s why Jastremski texted him about a needle. Mr. McNally had to ask Mr. Jastremski for any needles requested by an official. This became a running joke between the two of them.”

“When the Colts tested the Patriots ball on the side line it was “in violation of Rule 2.”

About halftime measuring of the footballs.

“This appears to have been the first time in the history of the NFL that footballs were measured during halftime.”

“Before the balls came in for halftime measurements, the Pats balls were being used while the Colts footballs were being held in trash bags. “The Patriots had far more offensive plays than the Colts, so the Patriots footballs were used more.”

“The Patriots ball boys did not use bags, thereby exposing the footballs more to the rain.”

“The Patriots balls where measured first, so the Colts balls were in a heated room longer before getting measured.”

“With no notice to Pats management, NFL security began investigating during 2ndhalf of the game when they began questioning Patriots ball boys.” McNally (when he didn’t tell them about going to the bathroom) described the focus of his first interview as being on the role of ball boys.”

Brady’s personal PSI preference.

Brady inspects the footballs after they’re pumped to 12.5. This report asks, why would Jastremski and McNally deflate them afterward? Brady told investigators that “the consistency of the footballs and their tactile feel are most important to him” than psi. His performance is, simply, not affected by where the psi of footballs is in that very broad range.” That’s proven by Brady’s 2ndhalf stats.”

“Before the Jets game, Brady wanted the psi to be around “12.75-85.” That changed after the officials pumped them up to 16. He wants them consistent with those he used in other games. He does not want those footballs adjusted after his selections. Brady told investigators a “football that is too soft is actually more difficult to pass with than a football that is firm.”

“After the Jets game, Brady “did not want another incident of vast over-inflation” asked them to bring a copy of the rule book to the refs.”

“Patriots were told “barring unanticipated circumstances, individuals would only be interviewed by the Wells investigators one time.”

“During McNally’s 3rdinterview with NFL security he was “subjected to very aggressive questioning and demeaning assertions that he was lying. McNally was interviewed by the Wells team for seven hours.”

“Wells had all of the texts with McNally and Jastresmki when he got hired. He overlooked them and that’s why he didn’t ask McNally about them. It now appears that the Patriots are being severely punished because the Wells investigative team apparently overlooked materials.” 

Mark Daniels also tweeted that the Patriots mention they “emailed Wells that Colts ball boys “had been seen by Jacksonville personnel with ball needles hidden under their long sleeves.”

I’m glad Mark Daniels has tweeted out a lot of key points from the Patriots very long rebuttal. You can read the entire thing here.


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