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Ranking all 32 starting Quarterbacks



ESPN did their rankings of the NFL starting Quarterbacks and I got inspired to do my own rankings, while I agree with most of the rankings by ESPN, I would change around a few rankings.

ESPN did theirs in categories, but I’ll just rank them 1-32, one being the best in the NFL, and 32 being the worst.


1. Tom Brady – Brady doesn’t have the weapons Peyton Manning has, and aside from one season, Brady never has. The year Brady had Moss, the Patriots went 16-0, Brady threw 50 touchdown passes, and the Patriots were a minute away from winning the Super Bowl, not getting beat down 43-8. Brady had one of his best seasons in 2013, not by stats, but for taking a team with no help aside from Edelman and Vereen, and bad blocking to the AFC Title Game. The fact he had any kind of success with this team was impressive. Bottom line, he’s still clutch, he still wins, and he’s still the best.

2. Peyton Manning – Brady/Manning will always be the two best Quarterbacks to me. They’re simply amazing, and better than the rest. Manning broke all sorts of records last year (55 touchdowns, record for TDs in regular season being one.) Manning guided the Broncos to the Super Bowl, but they lost 43-8. He and Brady were 1/1 against each other last season.  Manning is the smartest football QB in the game and great at reading defenses. Manning is the best regular season QB ever, but in the playoffs, can be sketchy. Still, behind Brady, I’d take him in a second.

3. Aaron Rodgers – He’s getting the most credit to being the best in the NFL right now, but I still won’t put him there. Rodgers is great and he’s the man. He has made the Packers a dangerou and scary team, and he still gets his team to the postseason despite their bad defense.

4. Drew Brees – Brees is great. He throws almost 50xs a game and it’s awesome. He puts up a lot of points, numbers, and stats. He’s really good. Brees is great and has earned his place amongst the best of all time quarterbacks.

5. Andrew Luck – Don’t care he’s only been in the league 2 seasons because he’s already better than almost all the other Quarterbacks (except the top 4.) He’s had his Colts team in the playoffs each of his two seasons and has gotten better. First year they were eliminated in the wildcard against the eventual SB champs Ravens and last year in the first round against the highly touted Patriots. Luck led an amazing comeback against the Chiefs in the wild card last year, that will add to his legacy. Soon, you’ll see Luck as the best QB in the NFL and I believe before his career is over we will be discussing if he’s the greatest to ever play. He took a team that only won 2 games and made them a playoff team.  If I had to choose what QB (excluding Rodgers, Brees, Brady, and Manning from this question) to led my team between Luck, Rivers, Big ben, Tony Romo, and Eli Manning, I’d choose Luck.

6. Phillip Rivers – This one was truly tough for me. I kept waivering back and forth from Rivers to Big Ben because I really like both! I’ll go with Rivers though, the gun slinger. He’s good and been the one good thing about San Diego when there wasn’t any, except for that one year when he was throwing interceptions like they were going out of style. Love him or Hate him, you can’t deny this kid is very good. The Chargers are a tough team to beat in the NFL.

7. Big Ben – Big Ben is the best QB throwing on the run. If you want to stop him or slow down his team then you have to keep him in the pocket or he will torch you. When he’s on the move looking to throw it’s almost always completed and usually for a big play. He’s tough to bring down too. Big Ben has been in 3 Super Bowls and won 2 of them.

8. Nick Foles – Last year Foles was a superstar in Chip Kelly’s offense and I think he will continue to be. Foles threw for 7 touchdowns in one game and tied the NFL record for most touchdowns in a single game! Foles is the real deal, so based on what he did last year and what I think he will do in the future, I’ll put him right here.

9. Matt Ryan – Last year was a complete disaster. Still, I believe the Falcons will rebound along with Matt Ryan. Matty Ice is clutch and a good young QB. He has talent all around him and Julio Jones is one of the best receivers in the game. Ryan is good but he needs to learn to finish games off in the 2nd half, if and when he does that, Falcons will win a Super Bowl.

10. Eli Manning – Eli and the Giants are a mystery. Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re bad, but you can’t deny that when they get hot, they’re almost impossible to beat. You can’t deny the two Super Bowl wins they had and the run through the playoffs both times. They took out teams like the Packer (2xs), 49ers, and the Patriots twice. Eli is good, but can be very inconsistent. He will never have Peyton’s stats or regular season wins, but he’s good when it counts and he has the Super Bowls.

11. Jay Cutler – He’s a true gunslinger and wild child on the football field with an attitude. Cutler slings the football around for tons of touchdowns and interceptions. He can be inconsistent but if it wasn’t for a bad Bears defense Cutler and company would have made the playoffs. Cutler also led the Bears to the NFC Championship Game against the Packers, where the Bears could’ve won if Cutler didn’t go down with a controversial knee injury. Next season with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, the sky’s the limit for Cutler. I also think the Bears will make the postseason.

12. Alex Smith – I could have put Alex Smith in the top 10 and felt good about it. Smith has emerged so much recently to the point he’s a playoff QB every year. He made the Chiefs go from a bad team to a playoff team. He’s steady, and great game manager, but he’s turning into more than that. Toward the end of last season and the wild card game, Smith led an offense that was putting up points by the bunches with not many weapons. I’ll go this far, if Smith was the 49ers QB last year, they would’ve beat the Seahawks in the NFC Conference Game because Smith wouldn’t have thrown a horrible interception like Kaepernick did.

13. Tony Romo – Romo is a good QB who melts in big games, and playoff games. But, with a terrible defense he keeps the Cowboys from being a horrible team. He puts up the numbers, touchdowns, and sadly interceptions. He uses the great weapon he has in Dez Bryant and they’re a great tandem. If the Cowboys had a better defense I think they would be a playoff team every year.

14. Russell Wilson – His team won the Super Bowl and beat down the mighty Broncos in the process to the tune of 43 – 8. He was nothing short of great in that game. Overall, I think he’s a very good game manager but without a great defense he could never led a team to the playoffs much less a Super bowl.

15. Matthew Stafford – He’s usually good, but down the stretch last year, he was a disaster along with the Lions. Stafford has tons of talent but needs to lessen the interceptions. Calvin Johnson and Stafford make the best WR/QB duo in the NFL and with a better team around them, they could be a playoff team.

16. Joe Flacco – Good QB but not great. Has a SB win under his belt. Without Ray Lewis’s leadership and a good defense, Flacco and the Ravens struggled. They’re not a playoff team without a defense, and if a QB can’t carry a team no matter the pieces around them (Like Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Brees, and Luck can) then they don’t deserve to be called GREAT.

17. Colin Kaepernick – Great athlete and great runner, and pretty good thrower. I like him but I wouldn’t want him running my team. Now, I think he’s the best running QB in the league but I’m pro pocket passers. When that defense goes, the 49ers chances at winning a SB goes too. If he can manage the game and do what he does well,(run) the 49ers have a shot at winning the SB this season. 

18. Andy Dalton – When he and the Bengals defense get to the postseason but fizzle out in the playoffs. Dalton has good games and then really bad ones. He and Green make a great team but they need more than that. The Bengals seem to have the pieces to make a legit run at the title but never do and that starts and ends with Dalton. He needs to progress this season or the Bengals should think about his future.

19. Cam Newton – He took the Panthers to the playoffs last season on the back of the defense, but still he stepped up when needed. Newton isn’t great in the pocket and if you take away the run, the Panthers offense is less than stellar. Newton is good, but until he learns to pass in the pocket he’ll hold the team back. That and the fact the Panthers have little to no weapons may be too much for them to overcome this season.

20. Carson Palmer – Palmer helped the Cardinals to a 10 win season and beat the Seahawks in Seattle’s house. With that defense if Palmer could do enough on offense to get them into the postseason, they would be a tough team to beat.

21. Ryan Tannehill – What happen to him and the Dolphins toward the end of last season was inexcusable. He’s young though, and not horrible. He can keep progressing and with Mike Wallace, might help the Dolphins make a postseason at some point. He’s no Luck or Stafford, but he’s not horrible. He’s below average right now but has only gotten started. We will see how good he can become this year if he makes any progress or not.

22. Josh McCown – He was good when he filled in for Cutler last year and kept them in playoff contention. He had great weapons and made the most it. The fans actually wanted him to play Green Bay over Jay Cutler. McCown is now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and will have Vincent Jackson to throw too. Sometimes a QB can have a fluke season and sometimes they’re the real deal. We will find which is true for McCown this year.

23. RG3 – I know ESPN loves him but I don’t. I don’t think he’s a very good QB at all and gets injured too much. RG3 is good at throwing short passes and running the football. Problem is, when he runs he usually gets hurt. Last year, showed he can’t throw the football very well, and definitely is no pure passer.

24. Matt Schaub – Terrible, no good, very bad year with the Texans last season. A season removed from a great/playoff year for the Texans in 2012, Schaub and the Texans completely tanked in 2013. The Texans were exposed in their losses to New England (twice in 2012) and fell apart toward the end of the season. So, people knew how to beat them in 2013. Schaub got the boot and now is with the Raiders. If he can be anywhere near what he was at the start of 2012, then he will help the Raiders to be a little better than they’ve been. 

25. Sam Bradford – I think maybe he can do it and then he gets injured before showing if he’s made progress. Aside from the injuries he hasn’t really shown he’s a franchise QB and I think this year will be his last chance.

26. Chad Henne – Henne has never been more than barely decent and I don’t think that changes this year. He’s never been able to string along good games and be consistent. He’s bad and so are the Jags. If and when Blake Bortles start I’ll leave him here too. He’s a rookie and I don’t know how he will perform. I’m not sure about any of them because they are not a sure thing like Luck was. Now, I think Blake could be the best rookie QB this season, but overall, Jimmy Garoppolo will probably have the best future.

27. Matt Cassel – He did good at New England the one year he started, and he has these moments, but never takes off. He’s shown he can be a decent QB in games but more times than not, he shown he’s not good. If Teddy Bridgewater starts or becomes the starter he remains here too. As a rookie I have no idea what he will do but I don’t think he will be a great QB.

28. Brian Hoyer – He was having a good season and helping the Cleveland Browns out but then a horrible season-ending injury happened and wrecked everything. The Browns drafted Johnny Football and one mistake by Hoyer will have the fans chanting for Johnny Manziel. Some players, and some Quarterbacks have fluke seasons, so we will know if Hoyer is good or just a fluke. If Johnny Football starts he would be put in this spot right here because I have NO idea what he will do.

29. Geno Smith – He was up and down last season. When he was good the Jets won. When he was bad, boy he was bad and the Jets would lose. The Jets did exceed many expectations that the team would only win 3 and won 8. I can’t see Geno ever being good and this year he’s job is not a lock with Michael Vick there. Michael Vick would be here too. His best days are behind him and plus he’s too injury prone and not a good enough passer. 

30. E. J. Manuel – Manuel was injured more than he actually played last year. He was up and down but proved to be a good runner. He was decent at times and bad others. I think Manuel will play better this year but I don’t know how much better. 

31. Jake Locker – He has wheels! He can run and sometimes he throws beautiful passes. He hasn’t been able to stay healthy or consistent but with a new coach Locker may have a rebound season. Right now, he’s the guy with the Titans and if he stays healthy I think he can string together a good season.

32. Ryan Fitzpatrick – Fitzpatrick has had these games where you think wow he’s pretty good and then others where you think he’s the worst QB in the NFL. He’s a smart QB but I don’t think he’s the answer to Houston’s QB problem. I learned not to be fooled by him but he has a chance at redemption this year. Case Keenum would be put here to along with their rookie QB until they prove otherwise! 

Do you agree or disagree?


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