Aaron Dobson sidelined for arguing with Josh McDaniels

Aaron Dobson has sat out the Pats past two games. (Photo From Boston Globe/AP)

Aaron Dobson has sat out the Pats past two games.
(Photo From Boston Globe/AP)

Aaron Dobson has played in only one game this season, a week 2 win over the Vikings, he caught one pass for 13 yards, but was only targeted twice. He hasn’t appeared on the injury list, he’s been a healthy scratch, so why has New England kept their 2nd year WR, who they hope can boost the offense on the bench? Apparently for having at least one loud argument with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, according to a league source.

There is concern Dobson has maturity problems, according to The Boston Globe’s Shalise Manza Young.

Monday Night the Patriots benched Dobson and Thompkins both, leaving Brady with only 3 wide receivers to throw too, so it made the Chiefs job of taking Edelman out of the picture very easy.

Dobson had foot surgery in the off-season that caused him to miss spring camps and to be limited in training camp. Missing the Dolphins game was most likely due to not rushing him back. He played against the Vikings in week 2 and then surprisingly sat out the next two games against the Raiders and Chiefs.

I can understand maybe one game for an argument with McDaniels, but not two, especially when you would only have 3 active wide receivers on the field for Tom Brady when the game plan involved a lot of passing.

The Patriots will most likely deny the reports out there by a league source or ignore it altogether, but it may have provided the answer as to why Dobson hasn’t been playing.

If Dobson does have maturity problems that are causing him to miss being on the field or a rift with the coaches then it will be counted as just another bust at the WR spot in the draft, regardless Dobson should be on the field, given a chance to make a name for himself and to find a place on the team.



Bengals – Patriots Injury Report

New England Patriots v Kanas City Chiefs


No players listed

DB Nate Ebner – Finger
OL Cameron Fleming – Finger

LB Jamie Collins – Thigh
CB Alfonzo Dennard – Shoulder
LB Dont’a Hightower – Knee
DE Chandler Jones – Shoulder

TE Rob Gronkowski – Knee


No players listed

LB Vontaze Burfict – Concussion
DE Robert Geathers – Toe
DE Mangus Hunt – Shoulder
WR Marvin Jones – Ankle
G/C Mike Pollak – Knee
DT Brandon Thompson – Knee
G Kevin Zeitler – Calf

S George Iloka – Abdomen

HB Rex Burkhead – Knee
LB Emmanuel Lamur – Concussion
LB Sean Porter – Hamstring

Cincinnati a one point favorite over New England

Tom Brady and the Patriots home underdogs

Tom Brady and the Patriots home underdogs

ESPN may not love New England anymore, but Vegas isn’t ready to give up on the Patriots. Surprisingly, the Bengals are favored, if you can call it that, by one point over the Patriots for the Sunday Night game.

Check out the entire odds list for week 5 of NFL Football.

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog Total Money Odds
10/2 8:25 ET At Green Bay    -8.5 Minnesota 47.5 -$425 +$350
10/5 1:00 ET At Carolina    -2.5 Chicago 45.5 -$145 +$125
10/5 1:00 ET At Tennessee    -1.5 Cleveland 44.5 -$125 +$105
10/5 1:00 ET At Philadelphia    -7 St. Louis 48 -$320 +$260
10/5 1:00 ET At NY Giants    -4 Atlanta 50 -$215 +$185
10/5 1:00 ET At New Orleans    -10.5 Tampa Bay 48.5 -$650 +$475
10/5 1:00 ET At Dallas    -5.5 Houston 46.5 -$265 +$225
10/5 1:00 ET At Detroit    -7 Buffalo 44 -$345 +$285
10/5 1:00 ET At Indianapolis    -3.5 Baltimore 48.5 -$185 +$165
10/5 1:00 ET Pittsburgh    -6.5 At Jacksonville 46.5 -$310 +$260
10/5 4:05 ET At Denver    -7 Arizona 49 -$360 +$300
10/5 4:25 ET At San Francisco    -6 Kansas City 44.5 -$290 +$245
10/5 4:25 ET At San Diego    -6.5 NY Jets 43.5 -$300 +$250
10/5 8:30 ET Cincinnati    -1 At New England 46 -$120 +$100
                                               Monday Night Football Odds
10/6 8:30 ET Seattle    -7 At Washington 45.5 -$350 +$290


Tom Brady: “I don’t think we’ve played well for a long time”


Tom Brady made his weekly appearance on the WEEI 93.7 FM radio station this morning to talk about the Patriots and he didn’t hide his displeasure.

Tom Brady started off by saying the offense has been bad for a long time.

“I don’t think we’ve played well for a long time.”

“That’s obviously going to reflect in every statistic that you can find, that we don’t have the kind of offense that’s going to perform at a high level,” Brady said in his weekly interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI 93.7 FM. “Everyone’s connected. It all ties together. If we’re not playing well, we’re not going to have good stats.”

Brady said it’s the whole team that needs to play better.

“There is no magic play, there’s no magic scheme,” Brady said. “It is us as players playing better — a lot better than we’re playing.”

Brady was asked about people saying he’s past his prime and Brady rebuked that.

“I’m doing the best job I can do out there,” he said. “I’ll try to go out there and play better, play as well as I possibly can each week.”

He also made clear he does trust the players on his team.

“I trust all the guys in our locker room.”

Brady also commented he isn’t over thinking being taken out of the game Monday night.

“I just do what I’m told,” Brady said. “We were getting our butts kicked. So it was a situation where we didn’t have a good game, and that’s what Coach [Belichick] wanted us to do and that’s what we did.”

“I’m really not [aware of the cameras],” Brady told WEEI when asked about the criticism he has taken for not high-fiving Garoppolo. “When we lose there’s really not a lot — even when we win, I think it’s just important to not ride the roller coaster of emotions. You have to believe in your process. You have to believe in the things that you are doing to help the team win. I think you have to take the good with the bad.

“I was happy for Jimmy. I was happy for our team. We kept fighting at the end. That’s a good thing. The more good players we have, the better we will be as a team. So, I didn’t pay attention to any of those things. I was obviously disappointed that the outcome of the game was what it was. It’s been very frustrating all season the way that we have performed offensively. But we are trying to figure it out to become a better offense.”

Brady said he could play better, but would not give a grade for his play.

“Well, I can play better,” Brady told WEEI. “I think that’s how I would grade it. There’s decisions and things I need to do a better job of. I don’t grade myself. But I know I can play better than the way I’m playing.”

Tom Brady also said at Gillette Stadium during his weekly press conference that he doesn’t know he has the offense to succeed.

“We’ll see. We’ll see here in a couple months where we’re at, but we’ve got a lot of football to play,” Brady said at Gillette Stadium during his weekly news conference. “We’re trying to find the things that we do well, and we’re trying to find the things that we don’t do well. Like I said, we’re 2-2. It’s not a great record. It could be worse, could be better. We could all probably play better. We probably could’ve played worse, too. We’ve just got to try to find ways to do a better job.”

Tom Brady’s post game transcript

ChiefsPats al 092914 4306f

Tom Brady talked to the press after the loss to the Chiefs last night.

Transcript provided by PatsFans.com

On how they recover from a game like this:

“We’ve got to learn from it.  It was just a bad performance by everybody and we want to make sure we never have this feeling again.  We’ve all got to figure out what we have to do better.  We just couldn’t get started, got behind, turned the ball over in the third quarter and then fought in the fourth quarter, which was good to see.  But you’ve got to get ahead of these teams and play from ahead, and play our style. If you get behind to a team that’s a good team on the road, there was a lot of energy, we just couldn’t afford to do that.”

On how he handled the news of coming out of the game:

“They told me I was coming out, so…”

On how they can throw out a game like this as opposed to losing a close one in the final seconds:

“Well, quick, I mean, we have to. Ultimately it’s all going to count the same in the end.  It counts as a loss, so as quickly as we can, we’ve got to move on.  We’re already on a short week.  It’s probably good that it’s a short week.  But you know, we just, like I said, we’re down 17-0 at half time and had to come out to get a spark there in the third quarter and didn’t do that.  We’ve started too slow these halves, first quarter, third quarter, and it put us in a hole and we’re just not making enough plays.  The guys who have opportunities to make plays, we’ve got to make them.  That’s me, certainly, and skill players and we’ve got to do more on first down, we’ve got to gain more first downs, we’ve got to convert on third down, but we don’t convert a third down in the first half and we’re not going to score any points.  If you’re not going to score any points….”

On the fact they struggled converting third downs and if they need more plays like the ones Brandon LaFell made:

“Some great catch and runs by him and I think he’s always done a good job with that.  Those are the things we’re still learning.  But he did a great job tonight, it was great to see, great to be in the huddle with him.  It’s not easy for any of us when we’re down like that and you face some adversity and you want to look across at the other guys and you want to know that you’re fighting with guys that are going to fight until the end.  He certainly did that.”

On the fact there’s not really much they can point to that they’re doing well right now:

“That’s a good point.  I mean I think there’s not much that we’re doing well enough on a consistent basis to score points.  Run game, pass game, consistently when we have to throw it, when we have to run it, convert on third down, red area, it’s all a problem.  Like I said, I wish there was an easy answer.  I don’t think there’s an easy answer.  I think we’ve got to fight our way through it and see what kind of team we have.  But I don’t think there’s going to be any easy games for us, not that we’d ever expect that in the NFL, but we’ve got our work cut out for us.  We’ve got a great football team coming in this week that’s undefeated and we’ve got to play, certainly, our best game to beat them.”

On what went through his mind when he was on the bench by himself when he knew Jinmy Garoppolo was going in the game:

“Well, it’s just a disappointing night.  You never expect these things, we’ve been on the other end of this quite a few times, but we’ve lost some tough road games before and I know we’re not going to quit, there’s one thing I can assure you of that.  There’s not a guy in that locker room that’s going to quit.  We stick together, we work on the things that we need to work on.  We all feel we’ve got a good football team, we just didn’t play like a good football team tonight.  But we’ll see what we’re made of this week.”

On if all the personnel changes up front made it had for him to get comfortable in the pocket:

“You know, I think we’re all trying to do a better job.  I think it’s not necessarily one position, it’s all positions.  A lot of guys have been rotating trying to find combinations that work at every position.  But ultimately the guys who make the most plays and are the most consistent are going to be out there.  It’s a tough night.”

On their difficulty running and stopping the run and the physical toughness of the team:

“That’s part of it.  I mean, I think certainly running the ball and stopping the run is important to the physical toughness of the team.  You just lose control of the game and it becomes one-dimensional like it did there in the third quarter and we stopped running it.  We didn’t do much offensively so, I wouldn’t say we’ve had very productive four games to start but hopefully we can learn from it and understand the things that we’re doing wrong and make the improvements.  But there’s nobody that’s going to dig us out of the hole, we’ve kind of created it for ourselves.  We’re going to have to look each other in the eye, see what kind of commitment we’re willing to make for each other and try to do a lot better.”

On if he feels like they need help on the offensive line from an outside player:

“I think those guys are playing really hard.  I mean, they’re working hard every day in practice.  Those decisions are certainly not in my control, I have a lot of confidence in all the guys that are in there.  But like I said, it’s all of us.  It’s not one posititon on offense, it’s everybody and certainly the play-makers that we have and the skill guys, we’ve all got to make plays.  That’s what’s going to help our team more than anything.”

On if their struggles come as a big surprise:

“I think we can’t afford to just not be productive, not convert third downs, not score points, then you’re behind against a team on the road with good pass rushers and they just start teeing off, and that’s what they’re good at.  They did the same thing against Miami last week, Miami did the same thing against us in week one when they got ahead of us, so we’ve got to do a better job playing from ahead, we’ve got to have mental toughness when we’re playing from behind, make some plays to get us back in a position to compete with a competitive score. But there’s probably a lot of things to learn tonight that we’ll review, but we’ve got to move on.  We’ve got to do a lot better than what we’re doing right now.”

On how they keep from getting their confidence shaken:

“Well, if you play poorly, you’re not going to win many games, especially on the road against good football teams.  So I think it’s justwe’ve got to find a way to play better and I think that’s what the lesson that we learn from it.  You know, confidenceI’m not worried about whether it goes up or down.  There’s going to be a lot of negativity, everyone’s going to tell us how terrible we are.  It’s just the way it goes in the NFL.  But we’ve got a lot of character in our locker room, we’ve got a lot of guys that are going to play for each other, and we’re going to try and see where we can certainly individually make the improvements that will help us as a team.”

On after a loss like this how excited he is as a player to get back out there and try and erase this loss:

“We’ve got no choice, that’s what we’re faced with and we’d like to go out and do a lot better job than we did tonight.  We’re going to need to do a lot better job.  It’s a good team that we’re playing and hopefully we can learn from this and find some type of silver lining and we certainly never want this feeling again.”

On if he gets any input on the personnel he’d like to see and if not, if he’d like to have some:

“You know, I think those coaches do a great job with coaching and it’s notI mean, I always have conversations with everybody.  The players, coaches, I mean I’ve been around for a while.  Like I said, we’re all trying to find something that works for all of us and not just at that position, at every position.  Since the beginning of training camp guys have been fighting hard for spots.  Ultimately it comes down to  dependability, consistency and those are things that I’ve got to think about for me in order to help this team win.  That’s what I have to be, consistent and dependable.

On what happened on the interception he threw:

“Which one?”

The one to the safety:

“Yeah, I was just forcing it. Throwing it where I shouldn’t throw it.”

On the fact that since he doesn’t have consistent players, how can he be consistent?

“Yeahthat’s a good question.  Those are the things we’re working to try to figure out what we’re good at so that we can do them consistently so that we can all depend on each other to do it consistently.  But the guys who are out there are fighting hard, I know that.  The backs, the receivers fought hard to the end, tight ends are, offensive line certainly is.  When you lose the way we lost, there’s not a lot to be gained other than the feeling that we have now and understand that we don’t want this feeling again.  We’ve had it before and it’s motivated us and we’ve had some pretty bad losses on the road where we’re not really ever in the game, but this is a tough one.”

On if he ever remembers having to face this much adversity before:

“That’s football.  I mean I think this isyou know, it’s not easy.  Certainly this sport challenges you physically and mentally every day.  It’s certainly not easy for any team to show up and win games.  We’re fighting like every other team in the league.  Our division, we’re there with some other teams that probably aren’t happy about where they’re at, but that’s the reality.  So we’re going to see what we’re made of.  We’ll see what kind of mental toughness we have, see if we can go out there and do something about it because we’re really the only people that can do something about it.  There’s people that are on the field with the opportunity to make the plays to help us win.”

– See more at: http://www.patsfans.com/ian/blog/2014/09/30/tom-brady-post-game-press-conference-transcript-patriots-chiefs/#sthash.j4UHdPjA.dpuf

Bill Belichick talks about righting the ship before facing the Bengals


Bill Belichick spoke with the media today during his weekly conference call to address the Monday night loss and the upcoming game Sunday.

Transcript from Patriots.com:

BB: Really not a lot to add from what we talked about last night. We just didn’t do a good enough job really in any area; no consistency offensively, didn’t do a good job defensively against the running game, didn’t convert on third down, in the red area. Offensively we weren’t good on third down. We just dug ourselves a hole and then a good pass rush team, like the Chiefs are, we put ourselves in a bad situation in the second half and they capitalized on it. It’s pretty much what we talked about last night. I wouldn’t say a whole lot has changed after watching the film this morning.

Q: How does the short week affect the schedule for you guys in terms of being able to go over last night’s game and watching some of that film? Does that process have to be quickened because of the lack of time?

BB: Right, absolutely. We’ve dealt with this; played in these shorter weeks before. We’ll have to find a combination of taking yesterday which normally would have been the day we reviewed the film with the players, we don’t have that day so we’ll have to squeeze in some of the combination of obviously a lot of [Cincinnati] preparation work with seeing some of the things that we need to see from last night’s game to correct them and make sure we understand them. We’ll have to try to balance that out but we’ll get it in somehow.

Q: When you drafted Cameron Fleming you said all he played was tackle. In terms of his skill set, what did you see from him that makes him a good fit at guard?

BB: I think Cam has come in and really done a good job for us this year. He’s very strong, physical; smart kid, picks up things quickly. He just moved him one position from his basic right tackle spot. Yeah, it’s a transition but I don’t think it’s an enormous one. I thought he played hard, I thought he did a lot of good things last night. Like everybody there are certainly things he can improve on and we all can improve. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s physical, he runs pretty well and he’s very smart. So, he’s got a lot of things going for him.

Q: At this stage of the season through four games, did the coaching staff [overestimate] the ability of some of the players on the roster to play those two guard positions?

BB: I think you just go through the course of the season, whether it’s the spring, training camp, into the regular season, you make the decisions that you feel like are the best ones. That’s what we tried to do; that’s what we’ll continue to do.

Q: Is it a case right now with the interior guys of just basically trying different combinations and hoping to find something that works? Or are players like Bryan Stork and Cameron Fleming out there because they’ve made progress in practice to the point where they deserve to be out there?

BB: Well, in those two cases yeah, in practice and in the games, those players have played for us the last few weeks. I’d say the combination of those things, yeah, absolutely. You earn playing time and you earn it through performance, whether that’s practice or game situations or a combination of both. Yeah, that’s exactly what it is.

Q: It’s a short week and you’re in the midst of playing four games in 18 days. What’s the challenge of trying to prepare for people specifically because you guys are a game plan team – how do you balance finding the time to correct things and coach guys and also prepare for the other team? There’s only 14 non-game days.

BB: There’s no doubt that this will be a challenging period of time for our team in terms of our mental toughness and resiliency and being able to handle a lot in somewhat of a compressed period. But that’s what it is and we’ll try to do the best we can in terms of utilizing our time as productively as we can. As I said before, it’s a balance of all those things. It’s a balance of correcting things. It’s certainly a lot of preparation and moving forward with the next opponent, in this case, a very good one in Cincinnati. Yeah, we’ll have to put those things together and find a way to get as much done as we can with the opportunity and the time we have allotted.

Q: The previous two games your defense played very well. Was yesterday’s issue more of the variations in their offense that just kept you guys on your toes that it was almost too much to handle?

BB: I think Kansas City did a good job – give them credit. But we didn’t really just do much to help ourselves last night, period. The offense didn’t help the defense; the defense didn’t help the offense. We just didn’t play a good complementary game. We put ourselves in some bad situations. We weren’t able to make plays to get out of it. We had opportunities to convert on third down defensively in the first half and weren’t able to do it often enough. Offensively we weren’t able to convert those similar type opportunities: third-and-shorts to mediums and ended up giving the ball back and putting the defense back on the field. We weren’t able to create any turnovers or negative plays or good field position for our offense. We just didn’t complement each other very well as a team, put each other in difficult situations and then we had the turnovers in the second half and the game got out of hand. I think it was a combination of a lot of things. We certainly need to play better fundamentally on defense and tackle better and that wasn’t, I’d say, as much of a problem the previous couple weeks. It was in the Miami game and it certainly showed up again last night. Anytime you miss tackles and don’t convert on third down and don’t convert in the red area then you’re probably not going to be real happy with the overall defensive performance. I’d say that was the probably the way we feel today.

Q: You have two guys inBrandon Browner andBrian Tyms that will be able to practice with you guys this week. How will that work for you guys as a coaching staff to reincorporate those two players? Will they be able to hit the ground running or will there be some time that they need to make up, almost as if they were dealing with an injury or something? How does that situation work this week?

BB: I think that’s certainly a question that we’ll have to address and ultimately answer this week. I don’t know the answer right now. Right, those two players have missed four weeks, four games, but all the practice time as well. We’ll have to see where they are relative to the other players. I think both those guys had good preseasons and they both had very positive impacts in the opportunities they had in preseason. But in the time that’s passed, we’ll see how far behind or where they are relative to their teammates that have been practicing and working over that timeframe. So, we’ll just have to try to evaluate that during the week here and then do what we think is best for the game against Cincinnati Sunday night. So, we’ll have to figure that out. I really don’t know the answer to that question now and probably won’t until we are able to go through a full week and just see where we are with those guys and where they are relative to the other players.

Q: The way the rules were explained to us was that both of those players could be around the team and at workouts and in meetings. Have both of those players

BB: That’s incorrect. You should check with the league about the specifics of the rules but in no case can a player practice and depending on the ruling by the league, if a player was here then he’d be able to attend meetings and work out with the training staff but not participate in any team football-type activities. In that sense it’s different but similar to a player returning from an injury where he works with the training staff but isn’t able to work with the team on the field.

Q: I understood that they weren’t able to practice and play in games but have those two guys been around for meetings? Is that something they were able to do?

BB: Yeah, one was and one wasn’t. Again, that’s all legislated by the league. We have no say in that whatsoever. We just abide by whatever the league discipline is, so we can’t do anything other than what they’re permitted to do. But in no case are they allowed to practice with the team.

Q: Can you tell us which one was around?

BB: That’s again something you should deal with the league on because it’s their discipline.

Bill Belichick Post Game Transcript

(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Bill Belichick did his post game press conference last night, and really made the point that the whole team needs to do everything better.

Here’s the full transcript provided by Patsfans.com:


“All right, well, obviously we just didn’t have a very good night tonight. It was disappointing. Chiefs played well, we just didn’t really play well enough at all. We gave up some third down conversions in the first half, long drive, field goal at the end of the half, couldn’t really move the ball consistently on offense and then turned it over in the second half and gave up another long drive. We just didn’t play very well, Kansas City played well, so that’s a bad combination for us.  We all have to do a better job.”

On whether or not inserting Jimmy Garoppolo was performance related of Tom Brady or skill related:

“We played everybody tonight.”

On the mixing and matching of personnel on the offensive line:

“Trying to do what we think’s best.”

On if he can pinpoint what problems there are out there in terms of what they’re not doing:

“Well, we need to do everything better offensively.  We had like five first downs in the first half or something like that.  We did a lot of things wrong and we turned the ball over in the second half.  So pretty much, we need to do everything better.”

On whether or not he takes much stock in the fact Garoppolo was able to score a touchdown when he came in:

“I think our team competed.  I mean, I thought we competed there at the end and that’s what they should do.”

On whether or not he believes the quarterback position should be evaluated:

No answer given – laughter from other media members

On how they recover coming off of a game like this:

“Well, we’ve got to have mental toughness.  We’re going to have to have a good week in the short amount of time and Cincinnati had a week off so I’m sure they’ll be ready to go and we’re going to have to really work hard and try to make up for that ground.  There’s nothing we can do about this game, we’ve just got to move ahead.”

On the thinking of using the rookies on the offensive line:

“Trying to win.”

Continues asking a similar question…

“Trying to win.”

On the fact they’ve had a lot of different starters over the first four weeks:

“You asked the question, I answered it.”

On whether or not the problem starts with the quarterback or elsewhere:

“When you get beat like we did, it’s the whole team.  We’ve got to all do a better job.  We’ve got to coach better, we’ve got to play better, everything’s got to be better.”

On if he overestimated how well some of these younger players could play:

“I don’t know.  I’ve said many times, every year we’ve got to go out and prove ourselves every year, all of us.  So we all have to do that.”

On if he thinks he would have been doing this much shuffling up front had they kept Logan Mankins:

“I mean, we can sit here and have a lot of hypothetical questions.  We are where we are and we’re going to do better.”

On how disconcerting the performance of the defense:

“We need to perform better.  It wasn’t good enough.”

On the fact they didn’t run the ball very much in the first half and whether or not they had to get away from the original game plan because they got down early, or if that was the game plan, to spread them out, etc.:

“It was a combination of both.  We didn’t really have a lot of success doing anything.  So I think if we had gained more with the running game we probably would have run it more.  I don’t know.”

On the fact that he probably never would have guessed they would be struggling this much and why he thinks they’re struggling now:

“I never make predictions going into the season.  Never have, never will.”

On the fact it’s very unusual for them to be struggling this much and why he feels that is:

“Because we need to do better.  We need to perform better.”

On the fact that’s fairly obvious:

“We’re going to work at it.”

On the fact both Dobson and Thompkins were out and what went into the decision, obviously knowing he does what’s best for the team…


On why that was in the best interest of the team:

“It’s because we had other players that we thought would contribute, and they did.  Can’t have everybody.”

On whether or not he’ll review Danny Amendola’s position because they don’t appear to be getting much from him:

“I think we’ll try to do the best that we can every week with our entire team.  I don’t think it’s any different than it’s ever been.”

On if this offensive line is fixable, or if he feels they’ll have to go outside and bring somebody else in:

“I mean, I think our team’s going to play better than we played tonight.  So we’ve got to go to work and we’ve got to do that.”

On the fact that they have a short week against a good team and the challenge that presents:

“Every week’s a challenge in the NFL.”

On if he thinks it’s a quick fix:

“I think we’ll work as hard as we can to be ready like we do every week.  I don’t think it’s any different than any other week.”

On if after a game like this with a short week if they just throw it out and move on, or if they spend more time going over everything:

“I think we’ll take the time that we have and try to use it in the most productive fashion that we can.  I’m sure it will be some combination of both of those, how the percentages fall and allI don’t know.  We’ll take a look at the film and decide what we feel like’s best.”

On if the interceptions in the second half were just Brady cutting it loose because they were down by so much:

“I don’t know.  I meana couple good plays there.  We’ve got to do a better job.”

On if when they’re struggling offensively if they need to make things simpler:

“I think you’ve got to do what you think is best.”

On what he thinks that is:

“I think when we take a look at Cincinnati and go through the game plan on that then we’ll make those decisions.”

On what he said to the team in the locker room right after the game:

“I think any conversations I have with the team are between me and the team, or me and an individual player.”

On what they did in the run game that made them so difficult to defend:

“It was a combination of things.  I don’t think was any one thing or any one play, it was a number of things.  In the end we’ve just got to coach better, we’ve got to play better, we’ve got to tackle better.”

On if they showed any wrinkles in the running game that they weren’t expecting:

“They do a good job of mixing it up.  Andy [Reid] always uses different personnel groups.  They have a good complimentary group of schemes, so they did a good job, obviously.  Give them credit.”

On where some of the problems were, if it was a sub defense, etc.:

“A couple of problems we had were weak-side runs.  I wouldn’t say it was allI mean I don’t think all the problems were in any one defense, put it that way.”

On coming off of a loss like this:

“They all count the same in the standings.  No way you feel good after a game like that, whenever it is.”

On if he’s worried about Tom Brady’s performance after four games:

“I think we all need to perform better as a team.”

– See more at: http://www.patsfans.com/ian/blog/2014/09/30/bill-belichick-post-game-press-conference-transcript-patriots-chiefs/#sthash.jMvg8FdM.dpuf

NFL.com’s Power Rankings Week 5


NFL.com’s Power Rankings Week 5 have the Patriots falling to number 18 and their Sunday opponent at number one.

From NFL.com:





It was bye week in good old Cincinnati. Happened to notice that rookie Jeremy Hill is averaging more than 5 yards per carry, which certainly provides that offense with some added punch on the ground.

We’ve received much feedback regarding the Bengals topping this pecking order, and how“Everybody knows the Seahawks are the best team.” Yep, and everyone knew the Athletics would sweep the Reds in the 1990 World Series.





Here’s another team fresh off a bye — and another opportunity to point out that Bruce Arians has Arizona playing outstanding football. Truly impressive stuff, especially when you consider some of the guys the Cardinals are without (See: Daryl Washington and Darnell Dockett, among others.)

On the offensive side of the ball, sure am interested in how the touches will be appropriated toLarry Fitzgerald and John Brown throughout the rest of the season





Give Philip Rivers control of the offense from the line of scrimmage. Give him another monster game(377 yards passing and three touchdowns). Give him the MVP at the quarter pole. Nice to seeMalcom Floyd running around out there making plays. That touchdown pitch-and-catch from Riverswas a beaut.





As I mentioned above, many people were frustrated over the Seahawks not being No. 1 after hanging on in Week 3 to beat the Broncos in OT (thanks, in part, to a coin flip). I guess losses mean nothing anymore? For the record, I have Seattle returning to the Super Bowl. That said, in the Power Rankings, we can only call what we see to this point. All told, a top-five slot right now is a testament to how solid Pete Carroll‘s roster really is. The ‘Hawks aren’t playing their best football. What happens when they do?





Holy cow — another top-tier team coming off a week off. Yes, Week 4 was regrouping time for this squad, following a hard-fought OT loss in the craziest environment in pro football. Also an appropriate time to figure out how to get more out of the run game, which, like it or not, has not been as effective without Knowshon Moreno. Maybe Peyton Manning wasn’t 100 percent responsible for every single one of Moreno’s 1,038 rushing yards last year after all. Say it ain’t so.





The offense might be fast-paced, but speed doesn’t matter if you become one-dimensional. Having no faith in the run game killed the Eagles on that first-and-goal series in their penultimate drive in Santa Clara. You’d think LeSean McCoy, the NFL’s reigning rushing king, would get the ball on one of the two plays from the Niners’ 1-yard line. Instead, Nick Foles had to try to fit the ball into an end zone full of 49ers defenders. And we know how that worked out.





So, I think Steve Smith Sr. can still play football. And even beyond the 35-year-old’s 139-yard-two-touchdown-you-better-recognize performance, the Ravens fired on all cylinders. The offense maintained genuine balance against the Panthers, with 30 of the 61 play calls being runs. Justin Forsett got 17 touches, Lorenzo Taliaferro 15. And how about that defense?





Nice bounceback for Matthew Stafford in New York. The recently maligned franchise quarterback was efficient and on point all day against the Jets, completing 24 of his 34 passes for nearly 300 yards while not turning the ball over. Hey, how about this seven-rung jump in the rankings? Much kudos to an overachieving back seven on defense.





Like shooting fish in a barrel The touchdown pass to Randall Cobb, which put the Packers up 38-17in Sunday’s win over the Bears, was about as easy pickings as you’ll ever see. Aaron Rodgers made this division rivalry look easy most of the day. Five letters, everybody: A-plus.





Boy, that Colts aerial attack looks fantastic, with Andrew Luck racking up 393 yards and Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton each eclipsing 100. You know things are going well for Indy when Trent Richardson is catching passes and scoring touchdowns. Running game still sucks, though.



2-2 49ERS


What a clutch showing from coordinator Vic Fangio’s defense, which didn’t allow the Eagles a first down in the second half until their next-to-last possession of the game — a possession which, by the way, ended with a goal-line stand. Along with the fun of the 49ers’ comeback win, how aboutseeing Jim Harbaugh go nutso, with a look in his eyes not seen since Dennis Hopper was interim coaching in Hickory? That manic gem came after Colin Kaepernick inexplicably burned a timeout in the fourth quarter.





Please keep running. Please keep running. Please keep running. Please keep running. Please keep running. Please keep running. Please keep running. Please keep running. Please keep running. Please keep running. Please keep running. Please keep running. Please keep running. Please keep running. Please keep running. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.





Dude, what else can you say about that performance Thursday night? Speaking of, I said on “NFLFantasy Live” prior to that game last week that no one would know who Larry Donnell is if it weren’t for fantasy football. Well, you catch three touchdown passes in front of a prime-time audience — on the road, no less — and everybody is going to figure out who you are right quick.





Jay Cutler was off on more than a couple throws Sunday, while the Chicago defense was off the reservation on most of Aaron Rodgers‘ tosses. Safe to say this was not the performance most anticipated from the Bears. That said, it is worth mentioning that those 1940s throwbacks are freaking sweet.





For a guy playing at something not near 100 percent, that was one heckuva display by Jamaal Charles on Monday night. Akbar Gbajabiamila, my colleague on “NFL Fantasy Live,” called it “Obamacare at work.” I’d call it, “I’ve seen enough of Knile Davis getting my run.” By the way, the blowout of the Pats was the third good game in a row for Kansas City.





What a depressing loss for the Steelers against an inferior opponent. Maybe Ben Roethlisbergershould have walked down the field on that flea flicker and personally handed the ball to Antonio Brown. In fairness, Brown had a nice day with two touchdowns, but there is no getting around how crucial that sequence was to the outcome of this game.





Guessing Ryan Tannehill realized his days as franchise quarterback were about to have a number attached to them. Outstanding game for him and the Dolphins‘ offense as a whole, including oneLamar Miller, who is averaging well over 5 yards per carry. Is it me, or does he look like a guy who — in theory — got passed up in training camp by, say, a veteran free-agent addition and is now stating his case?





Huge drop for New England as questions abound regarding the defense and whether the Patriotscarry the resources outside to threaten opponents.

Moss and Welker >>>>>>>>>>>>> Edelman and Amendola. Maybe everyone can think about that fact before further disparaging Tom Brady.





Another large drop, mostly based on health concerns, as opposed to Sunday’s road failure in Minnesota. This team is hurting right now. The loss of Joe Hawley is certainly a hit, as the center is clearly one of the heartbeats of this football team; not to mention, the offensive line was already thin. While being sensitive to Falcons fans’ playoff aspirations, we should note they are only lacking one thing: a defense. Five-hundred-fifty-eight total yards of offense allowed? Matt Asiata?Jerick McKinnon?





In Week 3, Carolina allowed 37 points, 454 yards and 24 first downs. In Week 4, Carolina allowed 38 points, 454 yards and 25 first downs. Just saying.





The Texans are 3-1. So what’s preventing them from cracking the top 20? A quarterback who continues to turn the ball over. On another note, maybe we should all take a step back and realize that J.J. Watt is a 3-4 DE. Those guys are supposed to get six to eight sacks and be solid against the run. Watt is merely the best defensive player in the league, and believe it or not, has more touchdowns this season than Andre Johnson and Arian Foster combined.





This defense is getting destroyed, plain and simple. In Rob Ryan’s triumphant return to Dallas — where he was, in his mind, wrongfully terminated, leading him to say he’d “be out of work for like five minutes” — the Cowboys decided to take up 35 minutes of game clock, because Ryan’s Saints couldn’t stop them. When DeMarco Murray wasn’t finding the seams in the ground game, Tony Romowas exploiting them in the secondary. Who saw this team being 1-3?





Massive drop, based on consecutive uninspired performances and the sudden decision to bail on EJ Manuel. While I understand the coaching staff’s position, I have my own take on what Buffalo is and isn’t doing regarding its young quarterback — click here to see what it is.

The Bills‘ defense has certainly played well enough to win. They have allowed opponents to post just 16.5 offensive points per game — so don’t put J.J. Watt’s great play (and Manuel’s blunder) on them.





Despite spending last week on a bye, the Browns fall one spot, due to another win from the Texans(who leapfrogged them). Also, we barely penalized Cleveland for losing at home in Week 3. After the off week, Ben Tate has returned to practice. And hopefully a week of respite will allow the defense to start playing better ball. The opponents over the next five weeks certainly bode well for that unit:Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Oakland and Tampa Bay. The guys in black and yellow can score some points, but otherwise, not exactly a murderers’ row of offensive attacks.





With this being a short week for the Vikings, and with Teddy Bridgewater ailing, we’re putting Minnesota here for now — with great upside potential. (Especially since the early signs on Bridgewater’s ankle injury appear encouraging.) Thought Teddy would outperform Blake Bortles in their starting debuts, despite the buzz surrounding the latter in the preseason, and it sure worked out that way Sunday. The kid was beyond impressive against the Falcons, eclipsing 300 yards while completing more than 60 percent of his passes — and don’t forget the touchdown run. Most importantly, the Vikings didn’t turn it over.



1-3 JETS


If coordinator Marty Mornhinweg dumbs down the Jets‘ offense anymore, it will serve as a special episode of “Blue’s Clues.” At some point, the offense has to function like, well, a pro offense. IfGeno Smith can’t digest a real scheme, then the club has to go in another direction. Is it time, Jetsfans? Let me know what you think: @HarrisonNFL. Once again, 200 yards passing will not offset two turnovers.





Kirk Cousins looked like a man who was pressing on Thursday night. One game does not a career make. Still, Cousins tossed four interceptions vs. the Giants, whereas Robert Griffin III hadn’t thrown one this year — in fact, RGIII‘s had just two career games with more than one pick. That’s, well, pretty interesting, no?



1-2 RAMS


So it’s anticipated that Shaun Hill will start against Philadelphia? Super. Too bad this team can ill afford an awful start. After the Eagles, St. Louis gets the 49ers and Seahawks. Then comes a three-game road stretch, with trips to Kansas City, San Francisco and Arizona. It gets harder after that Ah, heck, this is depressing. Hoping Jeff Fisher‘s club gets it together.





I gave Mike Glennon an A- in our NFL NOW grades. Sure, he didn’t light it up (what Bucs quarterback ever has?), but the moxie he showed at the end of the upset win over the Steelers was simply stellar — not to mention the ball placement on several throws, including the touchdown to Vincent Jacksonto seal the deal. That ball to Louis Murphy on the deep slant was as money as it gets. Glennon was so money in Pittsburgh he didn’t even know it.





This is getting ugly really, really fast. The Titans held the ball just long enough in Indy (17:39) forCharlie Whitehurst to go on a few long runs, order some new Birkenstocks and give way to Zach Mettenberger.





With the comparisons to Ben Roethlisberger running rampant, everyone is excited about Blake Bortles. Count me in. That said, the performance in San Diego looked better on the highlight reel than in reality, particularly in the second half. The Eric Weddle interception was a classic case of a young QB trying to do too much. The key for the rookie out of Central Florida is to learn to live another down.





Well, that was a great 10-play drive to start things off in London. There were a couple of third-down conversions in there and a touchdown throw to a dude you’ve never heard of. Of course, the Raidersproceeded to get outscored 38-7 the rest of the way. But hey, man, solid start. Kind of like the latest “Godzilla” movie.