Tom Brady working on the run

Tom Brady was throwing on the run last Thursday, and was pretty good. (Photo By: Keith Nordstrom)

Tom Brady was throwing on the run last Thursday, and was pretty good.
(Photo By: Keith Nordstrom)

Patriots QB Tom Brady admits he’s not the best runner, but he’s working on it.

Against the Jets, Brady rolled out to the left and threw on the run and it was a 19 yard touchdown to WR Danny Amendola.

Brady said he has practiced that play before, during the off-season, because he wants to work on extending plays to help the offense.

“That’s never really something I’ve been great at,” Brady said. “I see some of these players – whether it be Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers or Jay Cutleror Alex Smith does it – some really mobile quarterbacks that do a great job for their team. Ben Roethlisberger’s done it for a lot of years. So we’re trying to understand how I can help our team more. If I can make some more of those plays, I think it can really help our team. So I try to focus on that a little bit. Coaches talked about it. I think there could be more of those, still, too. I don’t think, instinctually, it’s there for me yet. But I’m going to keep working on it, because when you see when they happen, they end up being big plays, big momentum plays.

“Sometimes the defense has the initial part of the pattern covered and then if you’re able to extend the play and buy your teammates more time to get open, then it’s like a whole other play. It’s a great advantage for an offense. So, like I said, it hasn’t really been a strength of mine. I’m trying to do a better job of it, so hopefully it’s not as big a weakness as it’s been in the past.”

He went into more detail about running.

“I think there’s mental parts and there’s physical parts,” he said. “I think the physical part is just to keep working on your leg strength, your ability to move when you need to move to be able to get away from people. I think for me sometimes it’s more of a mental issue. I joke all the time, I say, ‘I don’t have one cell in my body that ever tells me to run.’ I think I just sit there and kind of go, ‘Wow. I think I’ve got more time to throw than usual, you know?’ As opposed to I see some other players that maybe if their initial read’s not open then, ‘Bam!’ they’re on the move. They do a great job of that. I think there’s a balance for both of those and I think being in the pocket certainly has served me well but I think it’s also there’s times where I could definitely help our team more by extending plays and trying to make the defense cover for a longer period of time than they typically cover. So I’m going to keep working at it.”

He also talked about the risk of an older QB running. 

“I think it’s a challenge and I think you try to accept those things,” Brady said. “But I think I’m excited about trying to make those changes as opposed to resisting because I realize how much it could help. I watch a lot of other players play and go, ‘Man, I wish I could do some of those things that I just don’t have the God-given ability to be able to do.’ But, you know, I’m trying to improve it. So, and there’s things that were God-given ability to me that have worked really well. But I think it’s a matter of balancing out and trying to find, continuing to add – whether it’s throws on the run or whether that’s extending plays or whether that’s, you know, learning how to quarterback sneak – you know, things like that, that can become strong parts of your game. And I think, for me, figuring out things that haven’t been good that I’m trying to improve, I think that’s definitely something I want to do to be able to try to help our team.”

Bears Vs Patriots: 3 Players To Watch


Bear season has begun! Bear season is officially 4 days away from opening up and the Patriots are ready to take aim at home.

The Bears are coming off a bad loss to the Miami Dolphins in Chicago and the Pats are coming off a nice break after beating the Jets last Thursday.

The Patriots, who are hot on offense, are looking for another win and here are the 3 players that can give that to New England.

1. LB Dont’a Hightower: He’s gotta be Mr. Do it all this Sunday. He’s got to be a leader, a run stuffer, and a pass rusher. He’s a great pass rusher and without Chandler Jones I believe the Pats have to use him in that role more often. Hightower is a good run stuffer and the Pats need help stopping the run especially against Matt Forte. The Pats DL will look different this Sunday with Jones out and the fact they have to move pieces around. I personally would love to see Hightower play DE some because he could stop the run from that spot and rush the QB. But, he’s the leader now, he’s got to be the best linebacker on the field this Sunday. He has to lead the charge against Culter and Forte.

2. CB Darrelle Revis: He has to shut down WR Brandon Marshall. Marshall is the go to guy for Jay Cutler. We all know that. Cutler throws a lot yards Marshall’s way and touchdowns. Marshall has been thrown to 56 times and caught 31 one those passes. He has 5 touchdowns on the season. Marshall was very frustrated with Culter and the Bears team after the Miami loss, especially since Marshall hasn’t caught a touchdown the whole month of October. He’s also had only one 100+ yard game this entire season. He will be hungry and the Bears will bring their best, so Revis better put the guy on an island. If Revis can shut down Marshall then the Pats have taken away 60% of the Bears offense.

3. WR Julian Edelman: The Pats offense has been rolling and it’s all because the OL is blocking much better. Brady has found new guys to throw to, like LaFell, Tyms, and Wright, but still loves his old guys Edelman and Gronk. Edelman needs a big game to help the Pats out. He doesn’t need a 10 catch, 100 yard game, but he needs to be the constant chain mover, he is and just be reliable, like he usually is.  Danny Amendola was a great kick returner for the Pats last Thursday and has found a role on the team and had a lot of snaps against the Jets, but he caught one big pass for 19 yards and a touchdown. Maybe Amendola will break out now or maybe he will keep doing what he’s been doing this entire season. Only time will tell. One touchdown and one catch doesn’t make me want to see Amendola taking touches away from Brian Tyms and Tim Wright, BUT I hope he continues to emerge because nobody can have too many weapons. Edelman, on the other hand, is the guy that will catch the most passes because of his connection with Brady, and on Sunday if he’s catching the passes and moving the chains the Pats will do good.

Darrelle Revis tardy excuse kept him out of practice

Darrelle Revis. (Photo By: Charles Krupa)

Darrelle Revis.
(Photo By: Charles Krupa)

Patriots number one corner Darrelle Revis overslept Tuesday morning but was told to stay home instead of showing up late.


He was back at practice today, but was nowhere to be seen yesterday after his long snooze. Revis did show up to meet privately with Belichick after the players had left, according to sources.

Revis was asked about not showing up yesterday and he replied,  “It’s between me and coach. You have to talk to him about it.”

Reports say Revis was not mad about the whole thing and very sorry.

Belichick doesn’t tolerate lateness, no matter the player.  This is also a great example for the youngsters about showing up on time.

He has sent home Randy Moss before for being late.

The Patriots favored over the incoming Bear invasion


The Patriots are a 6 point favorite over the visiting Bears this weekend.

Here’s the full odds for week 8!

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog Total Money Odds
10/23 8:25 ET At Denver    -8 San Diego 51.5 -$380 +$320
10/26 9:30 AM Detroit    -3.5 Atlanta (At London) 47 -$190 +$170
10/26 1:00 ET At Tampa Bay    -3 Minnesota 42 -$150 +$130
10/26 1:00 ET At New England    -6 Chicago 50 -$265 +$225
10/26 1:00 ET At Kansas City    -7 St. Louis 44 -$320 +$260
10/26 1:00 ET Seattle    -5 At Carolina 45 -$245 +$205
10/26 1:00 ET At NY Jets    -3 Buffalo 40.5 -$155 +$135
10/26 1:00 ET Miami    -6 At Jacksonville 43 -$265 +$225
10/26 1:00 ET Houston    -2 At Tennessee 42.5 -$130 +$110
10/26 1:00 ET At Cincinnati    -1 Baltimore 45.5 -$120 +$100
10/26 4:05 ET At Arizona    -2.5 Philadelphia 48 -$145 +$125
10/26 4:25 ET Indianapolis    -3 At Pittsburgh 49 -$150 +$130
10/26 4:25 ET At Cleveland    -7 Oakland 43.5 -$330 +$270
10/26 8:30 ET At New Orleans    -1.5 Green Bay 55.5 -$120 +$100
                                               Monday Night Football Odds
10/27 8:30 ET At Dallas    -9.5 Washington 50 -$470 +$370

Patriots climb into the top ten in ESPN’s Power Rankings


The Patriots climbed their way into the top ten in ESPN’s Power Rankings for week 8 while their next opponent the Bears dropped 3 spots to number 19 after their loss to the Dolphins. The Pats rank number 8 this week, that’s 2 spots higher than last week.

Over on the Patriots come in at number 10 on the power rankings, that’s up one spot from last week’s rankings. The Bears fell 4 spots to number 21 overall. Yikes.

To see their full rankings just ahead over there by following the link. 

Here’s ESPN’s Week 8 Power Rankings:



Last Week: 1

Peyton Manning has the passing TD record and Demaryius Thomas has been on fire since the bye week (174 yards per game). And Von Miller leads the NFL with eight sacks.

Last Week: 3

DeMarco Murray has an NFL-record seven straight 100-yard rushing games to start the season and the Cowboys get a home game against a Brian Orakpo-less Redskins defense. Look out.

Last Week: 4

Seven of the Eagles’ 21 touchdowns have come on defense or special teams (33 percent). No other team has more than 20 percent of its touchdowns on defense and special teams.

Last Week: 8

Just punt the ball on third down against the Colts. Opponents have converted just 8 of 51 third-down tries during the Colts’ five-game winning streak and opposing quarterbacks have a Total QBR of 3 on third down.

Last Week: 6

The Cardinals start 5-1 or better for the first time since 1976. QB Carson Palmer is 10-2 in his past 12 starts.

Last Week: 9

Aaron Rodgers is up to four straight games with at least three TD passes and no INTs, tying the longest streak in NFL history (Tom Brady, 2007). He faces a Saints defense that ranks 29th in defensive efficiency.

Last Week: 2

Philip Rivers will take his No. 2-ranked QBR and 5-2 record into Denver to face Peyton Manning, who boasts the No. 1 QBR and a 5-1 record.

Last Week: 10

Tom Brady has the highest completion percentage (68 percent) and most passing touchdowns (5) on throws 15 or more yards downfield since the start of Week 5. Brady is 3-0 in his career against the Bears with a QBR of 90 in his past two starts against them.

Last Week: 12

When the Ravens win, they win big. Their points margin per game is up to plus-12.7 after beating the Falcons by 22, the highest margin in the NFL.

Last Week: 13

The Lions’ defense has added 52 net points compared to an average defense. No other defense has added more than 20 this season. They get a Falcons team that can’t run and struggles to protect its QB.

Last Week: 5

The Seahawks pressured opposing quarterbacks on an NFL-high 33 percent of dropbacks in 2013. They rank last at 17 percent in 2014.

Last Week: 7

Injuries depleted a 49ers defense that allowed 42 points to the Broncos, tied for most in a game during the Jim Harbaugh era.

Last Week: 11

It can’t get much worse than a 27-0 Week 7 loss to the Colts that featured eight straight drives without a first down to start the game and a third-down efficiency in the single digits (8 percent).

Last Week: 18

Andy Reid’s teams improved to 14-2 in the first game after a bye. The Chiefs don’t get another bye but they do host the Rams (2-4) and Jets (1-6) the next two weeks.

Last Week: 22

Two players have at least 100 yards from scrimmage in every game this season. Dallas’ DeMarco Murray is one; Pittsburgh’s Le’Veon Bell is the other.

Last Week: 21

Kyle Orton has two game-winning drives in his three starts this season but running backs Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller will miss time with injuries.

Last Week: 14

The Panthers have allowed an NFL-high 24 touchdowns in 2014, already three more than their NFL-low 21 in all of last season.

Last Week: 23

The two best QBR games of Ryan Tannehill’s career have come in his past three games. He faces a Jaguars team in Week 8 that has allowed the most passing yards this season.

Last Week: 16

The Bears have been better on the road, but New England QB Tom Brady is 86-13 at home as a starter and is heating up.

Last Week: 15

What looked like an easy path to 6-2 was interrupted by the Jaguars’ first win of the season. The Browns face Oakland on Sunday and will need to get back on track to avoid losing to 0-6 teams in back-to-back weeks.

Last Week: 20

The Giants dropped their third straight game to the Cowboys but their young receivers are emerging. Rueben Randle and Odell Beckham Jr. have combined for 17 receptions, 194 yards and two TDs the past two games.

Last Week: 17

The Saints are 10-0 at home and 3-9 on the road since the start of 2013. They will have their hands full at home against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers Sunday night.

Last Week: 19

The Texans’ win probability was 88 percent when they were up 13-3 with 1:46 left in the second quarter Monday night against the Steelers. Just 1:32 later, Houston trailed 24-13 with a 14 percent chance to win.

Last Week: 26

QB Austin Davis posted the highest completion percentage against a defending Super Bowl champion in a win over the Seahawks. Robert Quinn recorded his first sack of the season, helping the Rams quadruple their season sack total (four).

Last Week: 24

Matt Ryan was constantly under pressure against the Ravens Sunday and just lost his starting center for the year. It’s a bad time to host the NFL’s most efficient defense (Detroit).

Last Week: 28

Colt McCoy will get his first start with the Redskins. But Brian Orakpo may have played his last snap with the team.

Last Week: 27

After posting a Total QBR of 86 in his first career start, Teddy Bridgewater has a Total QBR of 6 in his past two games. That’s the lowest QBR in the NFL in that span.

Last Week: 25

Good news: The Titans forced Redskins QB Kirk Cousins to the bench Sunday. Bad news: They made Colt McCoy look like a Pro Bowl passer in his first extended game action since Week 16 of 2012.

Last Week: 29

The Jets held their own against the Patriots and traded for Percy Harvin to help improve their 4.8 yards per play average (31st in NFL).

Last Week: 30

The Buccaneers have been outscored by 96 points in the first half of games, the worst margin in the NFL.

Last Week: 32

Good news: The Jaguars won a game. Bad news: Blake Bortles’ Total QBR was 9, the lowest for a quarterback in a win since Cincy’s Andy Dalton posted a 4 in Week 11 of 2013 against the Browns.

Last Week: 31

The Raiders are 0-6 for the first time since 1962. Their 12-game losing streak is the second-longest in franchise history. They rank 30th in offensive efficiency and 28th in defensive efficiency.

Tom Brady’s new UGG Commercial “Down Time”

Tom Brady with his dog Lua in the new UGG Australia commercial. (Photo From  UGG Australia)

Tom Brady with his dog Lua in the new UGG Australia commercial.
(Photo From UGG Australia)

UGG Australia’s new fall commercial features Tom Brady and his dog Lua called “Down Time”.

“Down Time” explores Tom’s life off the field. It focuses on how important downtime truly is.

The past videos that have launched this Fall included “Time Out,” which featured Tom’s dad Tom Brady Senior in early September and “Pre-Game,” which featured Tom’s mom Galynn in late September.  In the ad, Tom is wearing the “Munroe” boot from UGG for Men’s Fall collection.

You can see the “Down Time” commercial below.

unnamed (1)


Here’s the commercial for “Time-Out”.


Here’s the “Pre-Game” commercial.

If you want your very own pair of UGGS then you can go here:

Patriots sign DL Alan Branch

DL Alan Branch has signed with the Pats.  (Photo By: Timothy T. Ludwig)

DL Alan Branch has signed with the Pats.
(Photo By: Timothy T. Ludwig)

The Pats have made some moves today to boost their run defense and depth on the defensive side of the ball.

They traded for LB Akeem Ayers earlier, and now they’ve signed DL Alan Branch, according to reports.

Branch signed a one year deal with the team, according to Albert Breer. 

Branch has played DT and DE before and knows a 3-4 system.

Branch was with the Bills but was released after a DUI arrest in August.

Branch had 39 tackles in 2013 and in 2012 with the Seahawks he had 29 tackles and 1 sack.

Branch is a 6’6, 325 DL.


Chandler Jones out for a month


Patriots pass rusher Chandler Jones will miss a month due to a hip injury, according to the Boston Globe.

Jones did not practice today.

Jones has 21 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR, and 1 kick block which he returned for a touchdown.

Jones has been the main defensive end opposite Rob Ninkovich, who has 30 tackles and 4 sacks.

Rookie DL Dominique Easley, whose been battling a shoulder injury all season projects as the guy to fill in for Jones. Also DE Zach Moore will probably get more action.

Also, linebacker Dont’a Hightower will probably see more action pass rushing. Hightower is an excellent pass rusher and I believe we will see him rush the QB even more without Jones and maybe even line up at DE from time to time. Hightower has 3 sacks on the season. Hightower is the guy I’ve wanted to see rush the QB more than the Pats have allowed and if they know what’s good for the defense they will do that now.