Super Bowl 50! Broncos Vs Panthers Prediction

Here we go! Super Bowl begins very soon, so let the breaking down of the game pass the next 30 minutes by fast and please enjoy the game in a fun and loving way!

The Panthers are the favorites that’s quite clear and they are the most popular among the fans with no allegiance to either team.

I was thinking about the game last night when I thought how will Carolina handle the pressure of the Super Bowl and being favorites? How will they handle the pressure from everyone looking at them and telling them how great they are? It’s the kind of pressure the Patriots along with a fierce pass rush by the Giants, couldn’t overcome in 2007. If any team can handle this kind of pressure it is the Carolina Panthers with all that confidence. If any QB can handle it, it is Cam Newton will all of his confidence. Another question is Cam Newton and how he will handle being the MVP, offensive player of the year, the most talked about player in this game, and the Broncos defense having to hear about him every other question? How will he, never playing in this game before, handle the spotlight? He has talent and confidence, but this is a new level of pressure for the young QB and the team. It will be interesting to see tonight.

I look at Denver and everybody knowing the Broncos have the best defense in the NFL, but they keep saying they can’t stop Newton enough to win. I think how much pride they have and how much want too, so I think it’s dangerous to disrespect them. Can defense still Championships? We will see because they have to survive the first quarter of waves Carolina will send their way. They also have to shut the run game down along with the pass and keep Carolina from scoring over 24 points for the entire game, but they have proved countless times they can handle that much pressure. The offense run by Old Man Sheriff Peyton Manning, who is now a game manager. He has to make more plays with his head than ever before and hand the ball off way more than he has in his career and not turn it over. He is a game manager at this stage in his career, but he is a veteran who knows big games. And, what a game manager to have in a hall-of-famer like Peyton Manning. 

If this was New England, I’d say the Patriots would have to kill Carolina with bug bites, short passes over the middle, but it’s not. The Pats would attack the middle and rightfully so, don’t play a vertical game with a vertical defense. Denver must do the same, but we will see if their coaches are willing to make a different game plan than normally tonight. Peyton will have to make the 20 yard throws over the middle tonight, Carolina will force it.

I can see this game going either way, a Carolina blow out or a nail biting Denver win. I’am hoping for a super close game!

I will pick Denver just because they prove countless times this season they can handle close games and big pressure.

But, if I wouldn’t doubt nor be shocked if Carolina won, this just may be their year.

Final Score:

Broncos 24-17.



Tom Brady will attend Super Bowl 50

Tom Brady, Patriots star QB, will attend Super Bowl 50 for the big game’s ceremony honoring past Super Bowl MVP’s. Tom Brady has three Super Bowl MVP titles to his name.

The Patriots have four Super Bowls and Deion Branch will be there to be honored too.



Patriots Weekly News Round Up

(Photo By: Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

(Photo By: Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Hey guys!

I’m back to update you on the happenings around the Patriots this past week since I’ve been MIA for the entire week thanks to my computer acting funky.

Sorry, so here’s what you missed!

LB Jerod Mayo underwent surgery to repair a torn pectoral muscle on Tuesday, according to several reports.

Mayo finished all 16 games, but was hurt during the Chiefs playoff game, ending his postseason early.

The Patriots could save $7 million against the cap if they choose not to opt his deal, according to The Boston Herald. 

Mayo could rework his did which what I believe will happen because Belichick really loves Mayo and I think he’s the player Belichick wants on his team.

Jerod Mayo was selected as the Patriots’ Ed Block Courage Award Winner and will be honored with one player from the other 31 teams in Balitmore on March 12, 2016 at the Ed Block Courage Awards Banquet. The award is given to the player from each team who best shows the definition of courage and sportsmanship while also serving as inspiration.

The NFL announced the Super Bowl 50 Golden Team on Thursday, leaving out Tom Brady and placing Joe Montana as the QB. Adam Vinatieri was the only player selected that is still playing in the NFL today. It makes sense they went with Joe, it will be in San Fran and Brady is still playing, plus Brady would never show up, at least not anymore since the 2015 off-season happened.

Patriots are having several team personnel changes, which you read all about HERE. 

The Patriots parted ways with OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo, not a shocker after Brady was hit a whopping 20 times against the Broncos.

The Lions hired Patriots director of player development Kevin Anderson. 

The Patriots are at the Senior Bowl and reports indicate they are interested in a few players there. One being WR Braxton Miller, the former Buckeye QB and WR. Miller puts you in the mind of Percy Harvin hopefully without all the headaches. He fits the Patriots short passing game and route running to a tee and he adds explosiveness to the wide receiver group. He can take a 5 yard pass and go 50 yards in a blink of an eye and I think that is something the Patriots really need rather than a big and tall deep threat. They also met with KSU FB and Gronk brother Glenn Gronkowski while at the Senior Bowl. I wouldn’t read too much into it, but if he is half as talented as his big brother, bring him on!

All seven of the Patriots pro bowl players have dropped out, so no Pats in the Pro Bowl this year. I wasn’t really surprised aside from the fact they hate playing in the Pro Bowl, I wonder if the reason is to fully stand behind QB Tom Brady against the NFL and not participate in something that means a lot to the NFL. If so, I definitely can agree with that!

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s postgame press conference

Tom Brady spoke to the media for the final time of the 2015 season after the Patriots lost to the Broncos, 20-18 in the AFC Championship Game.

You can watch the postgame press conference HERE. 

Head coach Bill Belichick also spoke to the media about the game, which you can watch HERE. 

Patriots go down swinging in a Mile High Hearbreatk to Denver

Patriots go down in the AFC Title Game but not without a fight.  (Photo By: AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

Patriots go down in the AFC Title Game but not without a fight.
(Photo By: AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)


The Patriots lost a heart breaker to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship Game, 20-18.

The Broncos advance to take on the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

The Patriots defense had a rough first quarter, allowing the Broncos to go up the field 83 yards easy and score a touchdown from Manning to tight end Owen Daniels on a busted play. The Patriots wouldn’t answer back until the Broncos threw a lateral pass that Ronnie Hillman dropped and did not pick the ball back up, instead linebacker Freeny recovered giving the Pats the football inside the redzone. Brady would hit Bolden, who would take it close to the goal line plus a flag for unnecessary roughness on a late hit by Ward, and the Patriots had the ball at the one yard line. Steven Jackson would walk in on a nice tough run. Gostkowski would miss the extra point, the first of the season for the team, and the score would be 7-6. The missed field goal would prove to be huge later on.

Brady would throw a killer interception inside the Pats own 10 yard line, setting the Broncos up for another easy score. Manning found Daniels wide open again and up go the Broncos 14-6. The Patriots would throw another interception before the half, and after a field goal and trading punts, the Broncos took the halftime lead 17-9 after adding their own field goal.

The Patriots offense fared no better in the 2nd half, they did add a field goal to start, 12-17, getting closer, but stalled again until the fourth. The Broncos would add one more field goal to make it 20-12 at the start of the fourth.

The Patriots would go on a long drive, but fail on a fourth and one with 6 minutes left. This is the play I disagreed with, I thought they should have kicked a field goal to bring the game with five with so much time left. The Patriots would get a three and out and drive the field again, only to fail on a fourth and 6th with 2:35 left and timeouts. Another time I believed they should have kicked a field goal. Plenty of time and timeouts and it would make it just a field goal away from winning, or if they had kicked the field goal before this play, a touchdown later on would have won the game. The Patriots would force another three and out before the 2 minute warning. The Patriots had 1:52 to work with after a nice Edelman return, but would miss on three tries. The fourth and 10 play saw Brady hit Gronk deep up the field for 40 yards, setting the Patriots inside the 10 yard line. A few plays later, Brady would hit Gronk on a four yard touchdown, a great play by Gronk. The Pats would be down 18-20 with 12 seconds left. The Broncos brought the heat and with no time, Brady tossed it up to a well covered Edelman and it was intercepted. Game Over. This play I would have preferred a toss up to Gronk or even Chandler. 

The Patriots still have a truly great team overall this year and I’m not saying that because I’am biased, but because the Patriots do have a truly great team that never quits fighting. They have a great offense and defense, but unfortunately their biggest weakness, the OL, faced the Broncos greatest strength, their pass rush and badly lost that insanely important battle. The Patriots had a terrible game and was outplayed in this game that is very true. The Patriots had several chances to win, but Gostkowski missed an extra point, bad play calling toward the end, and no adjustment to the offensive line all cost them the game. The wide outs also struggled to get open and no running game also hurt their chances to win.

Don’t misunderstand me though, the Broncos were the better team today, their defense was the best defense on the field and in the league this season and their offense may not overwhelm you but they have been good enough and today they were just good enough to help grind out a win. The Patriots could have a made a few plays they missed to win the game, but they didn’t and it was because of the Broncos pass rush. The Denver defense took this game by force.

I think it’s to safe to say this as well….. It’s just as hard to win in Denver as it is to win in Seattle and New England.

This day, the Broncos were better and deserved to win. The Broncos have one great defense and they have pride which is why all the hype from ESPN, NFL Network, and fans had me worried. The defense in Denver wanted this game and they took it with a fearsome pass rush. Von Miller single handily killed the Pats offensive line and Ware piped in at perfect times. The Pats have no running game as well, and when they have zero confidence they can run in it from 2 yards away, they have a real problem. The Broncos defense has carried them all year and now they have carried them to the Super Bowl.

A few things are for sure as the season ends for New England, they have a great defense, the secondary is for real and the linebackers are the best in the league. They have the best tight end ever and QB to ever play the game. The coaching staff doesn’t mess up often, so they will have another legit shot at a title next year if they fix the line. The Patriots don’t quit anymore, they fight to the bitter end. The future looks bright for the Patriots.

This year, the Broncos were the best of the AFC and congrats to them!




No Patriots Ruled Out for Sunday’s AFC Title Game in Denver


The Super Bowl hopeful Patriots wrapped up the practice week with no one ruled out of tomorrow’s AFC Title Game against the Denver Broncos for the right to play in Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco in two weeks.

Just one player missed a practice this week, and that was Matthew Slater, who missed Wednesday’s practice with a shin injury.

Chandler Jones (abdomen/toe) and Jamie Collins (back) practiced all week after not finishing last weekend’s game against Kansas City in the AFC Divisional Playoff game.

16 players are questionable for Sunday’s AFC championship game, but all should play if needed. The list includes Jones, Collins, Slater, Julian Edelman (foot), Rob Gronkowski (knee/back), Danny Amendola (knee), Scott Chandler (knee), Nate Ebner (hand), Darius Fleming (back/shin), Jonathan Freeny (hand), Dont’a Hightower (knee), Tre’ Jackson (knee), Rob Ninkovich (shin), Bryan Stork (ankle), Sebastian Vollmer (ankle) and LaAdrian Waddle (shoulder).

Five players as probable, with Tom Brady (ankle), Josh Kline (shoulder), Brandon LaFell (foot), Patrick Chung (foot) and Devin McCourty (ankle) all on the list.

Here’s to hoping that the Patriots are playing in two weeks so we all can enjoy super bowl commercial 2016 while Brady and the Pats are playing in the biggest game on the biggest stage!

NFL Conference Title Games Predictions

(Photo By: AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

(Photo By: AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Patriots Vs Broncos: Patriots 28-20.

I think the Patriots will score enough to win the game. The goal I think is to get to 27 points or higher to win.

Cardinals Vs Panthers: Cardinals 21-17.

I’m hoping for this outcome, but the Cardinals certainly have the defense to make it possible.

Patriots Vs Broncos Preview

Previewing the Patriots game plan Vs the Broncos: (Photo By: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports)

Previewing the Patriots game plan Vs the Broncos:
(Photo By: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports)

The Patriots will play at the Broncos tomorrow at 3:05 pm EST on CBS.

The Patriots defeated the Chiefs to move into the AFC Championship Game while the Broncos defeated the Steelers to move in to the Conference Title Game.

I’ll preview what I think the Patriots will do on offense and defense against Denver to win the game!

The Patriots on defense will stack the box to stop the run and dare Peyton Manning to beat them beat deep because Denver has been making their plays off of short passes. First thing first, they will try to stop the run to force the entire game on Peyton Manning and the passing offense. If the Broncos have success running the football the Patriots will have a hard time winning the game, but if they can’t it puts the Pats in good position to succeed. Hightower, Collins, Branch, and Brown will be the main four the Patriots will use to stop the run. The second thing and just as important is to play tight coverage and guard against the short passes and force Manning deep. Manning is still so smart and if you leave his guy wide open he will hit that player right on the hands, so the Patriots better bring their A+ coverage game. The Patriots will try to be physical at the line of scrimmage to knock the timing off between the QB and the wide outs. Tight coverage and being physical will be the two main things to stopping the passing attack. Also, the pass rush will hopefully be there in this game and make an impact. They have to get pressure on Peyton Manning, you can’t let him have all day because he will find someone. The best way to beat Manning and the easiest is to pressure him. The Pats would love to do it with four down linemen, but I’m guessing we will see more blitzes this week on third downs. The pass rush will be important. All three of these things are close to being number one. It’s all important.

The Patriots offense will go as far as the OL takes them. They have to have another strong outing against the best pass rush in the league. The Patriots will look to protect Brady by doubling up Ware and throwing quick passes to back the blitzes off. I think the Patriots will look short often, and run a ton of routes, especially over the middle. It will be a pass heavy game for New England, I would think.