Tom Brady’s new UGG Commercial “Down Time”

Tom Brady with his dog Lua in the new UGG Australia commercial. (Photo From  UGG Australia)

Tom Brady with his dog Lua in the new UGG Australia commercial.
(Photo From UGG Australia)

UGG Australia’s new fall commercial features Tom Brady and his dog Lua called “Down Time”.

“Down Time” explores Tom’s life off the field. It focuses on how important downtime truly is.

The past videos that have launched this Fall included “Time Out,” which featured Tom’s dad Tom Brady Senior in early September and “Pre-Game,” which featured Tom’s mom Galynn in late September.  In the ad, Tom is wearing the “Munroe” boot from UGG for Men’s Fall collection.

You can see the “Down Time” commercial below.

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Here’s the commercial for “Time-Out”.


Here’s the “Pre-Game” commercial.

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Patriots sign DL Alan Branch

DL Alan Branch has signed with the Pats.  (Photo By: Timothy T. Ludwig)

DL Alan Branch has signed with the Pats.
(Photo By: Timothy T. Ludwig)

The Pats have made some moves today to boost their run defense and depth on the defensive side of the ball.

They traded for LB Akeem Ayers earlier, and now they’ve signed DL Alan Branch, according to reports.

Branch signed a one year deal with the team, according to Albert Breer. 

Branch has played DT and DE before and knows a 3-4 system.

Branch was with the Bills but was released after a DUI arrest in August.

Branch had 39 tackles in 2013 and in 2012 with the Seahawks he had 29 tackles and 1 sack.

Branch is a 6’6, 325 DL.


Chandler Jones out for a month


Patriots pass rusher Chandler Jones will miss a month due to a hip injury, according to the Boston Globe.

Jones did not practice today.

Jones has 21 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR, and 1 kick block which he returned for a touchdown.

Jones has been the main defensive end opposite Rob Ninkovich, who has 30 tackles and 4 sacks.

Rookie DL Dominique Easley, whose been battling a shoulder injury all season projects as the guy to fill in for Jones. Also DE Zach Moore will probably get more action.

Also, linebacker Dont’a Hightower will probably see more action pass rushing. Hightower is an excellent pass rusher and I believe we will see him rush the QB even more without Jones and maybe even line up at DE from time to time. Hightower has 3 sacks on the season. Hightower is the guy I’ve wanted to see rush the QB more than the Pats have allowed and if they know what’s good for the defense they will do that now.



Patriots trade for LB Akeem Ayers

Akeem Ayers a 4th year LB has been traded to the Patriots. (Photo By: Wade Payne)

Akeem Ayers a 4th year LB has been traded to the Patriots.
(Photo By: Wade Payne)

The Patriots have traded a 6th round pick to the Tennessee Titans for LB Akeem Ayers and a 7th round pick, according to a team source. The deal is pending a physical.

The Titans drafted Ayers in the 2nd round of the 2011 draft out of UCLA. Ayers played outside linebacker for the Titans in a 4-3 scheme, where he seemed to flourish.

His rookie year he made 76 tackles, 2 sacks, and 1 forced fumble. In 2012, he seemed to improve. He complied 104 tackles, 6 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 interception, and 8 passes defended. In 2013 he dealt with knee injuries, but still gathered 49 tackles, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble, 1 interception, and 5 passes defended.

He faced the Patriots in 2012, and had 11 tackles.

Ayers is 6’3 and 255 pounds.

He has just 3 tackles this season, but has been active in only 2 games for the Titans this year.

He was thought to be a better fit for the Titans 3-4 defense brought in by Ken Whisenhunt and Ray Horton. 

He has played in both 3-4 and 4-3 defense, which means he has experience with both which Belichick surely loves.

The Pats are thin at linebacker since losing Jerod Mayo during a week 6 win over the Bills.

Ayers has been added for depth reasons and in the hope he can help stop the run.

He may have a great comeback with the Pats or not, only time will tell.


Tom Brady talks Peyton, Bears, and Percy Harvin

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots

Tom Brady made his weekly appearance on WEEI radio show this morning and was asked about Peyton Manning’s record breaking night last night.

“It’s pretty incredible,” Brady said. “It’s hard to throw touchdown passes and he — even in the last two years — I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s pretty incredible. It’s a great record. It’s incredible to do. He’s been very durable. He’s been very consistent. He’s just a spectacular player.”

Manning now holds the record for most touchdowns in a career. Brady has 372 touchdown passes.

“He has great recognition, great instincts,” Brady said. “Everything that you think you would see, that’s what he is. I’ve never been in a meeting room with him, I’m sure a lot of receivers have been, but he’s certainly got great command. He’s really a field general. I think that’s the best description. I think that’s kind of the thing that comes to mind when you think about him. He has great command out there.

Brady said he watched the game and a few others on his day off and sent Manning text to congratulate him.

“He’s been a great player for a long time. He was great at the Colts and obviously come to Denver and he’s had an incredible run there. It’s been incredible to watch. He makes throwing four touchdown passes look incredibly easy, which of course as we know is not.”

Brady was asked about the never ending debate of who the better QB is.

“Peyton has an incredible career,” Brady said. “I’ve been very fortunate. To think that I would have had the opportunity to do that when I was starting out is crazy to think. And I am still part of a great team that has a great opportunity to achieve even more.

“And certainly the winning, that’s what separates our team apart from the other teams — has been our ability to win on a consistent basis, year in, year out no matter what the circumstances or situations. To be a part of an organization where that’s been what we have been able to accomplish, that’s just been unbelievable. I’m a lucky guy that it’s still going.”

Brady was asked if Manning has had it easier than him.

“I wouldn’t change anything that I’ve ever done,” Brady said. “I certainly wouldn’t change my career with anybody. To have the opportunity to play in five Super Bowls, to play for one organization is — you can’t envision those things. And like I said, it’s still going. I think hopefully the best is yet to come.”

Brady also talked about his next opponent the Chicago Bears.

He was asked about the reports that the Bears are having locker room issues.

“Every team is going through different things. It’s tough when you’re losing. I don’t think there’s a lot of good things or positive things to say when you lose. They’ve actually had a pretty tough home record, which I’m sure is tough on them and the home fans. I think they’ve lost all their games at home this year, and they lost their last home game last year. They haven’t been able to play well at home, but they’re still a good team. They’ve still won a lot of games this year, so they’re winning them on the road. Maybe we wish we played them at home. … We’ll get their best. We always seem to get everybody’s best. It’s just the way it is, playing here.”

He also talked about the reports from a few weeks ago saying he was upset with his coaches.

“The one thing I can really be responsible for is what I say, and not for really what other people may say or think or write. And that’s OK for them to think that. As I said earlier in the conversation here, there’s nothing positive to say when you lose. It’s not like you come out and you say, ‘Wow, we gave it all we could but we just couldn’t get it done.’ That doesn’t sound great. You don’t ever want to criticize your teammates. You don’t really ever want to criticize yourself much other than to say you can do a lot better. A few weeks ago, there’s not a lot of great things to say. We had been dealing with that. We lost to Miami, we lost to KC. … There’s a lot of teams, like I said, like Chicago, when you’re dealing with losses, it can get pretty tough. For our situation, when we were 2-2, yeah, it’s tough, because we lost a big game on a Monday night, it didn’t look good, we were playing some good teams coming up. Fortunately we found a way to turn things around, and that’s what we need to continue to do. I think everybody’s much more happy around Gillette Stadium when we’re winning games. And I’m sure our fans are, too. We as individuals, that’s what we try to do every day, we go in there with a sense of purpose to try to go out there and put our best on the field. And when it’s not our best, we go reevaluate and try to be at our best the next week.”

Brady also talked about Percy Harvin.

“He’s a phenomenal player. It’s obviously a big trade. He’s a very explosive player. There’s always a reason why someone’s traded. We had a lot of trades that worked out on our end — Randy Moss and Corey Dillon. Some teams think a player can be more effective in their system. When that guy’s healthy, he’s an explosive player. We saw that, really his whole career. … He’s an exceptional player.”

Brady also praised his OL Jordan Devy for protecting him.

“Jordan said to me right after, he was like, ‘Man I wasn’t going to let him [do that]. I saw you throw the ball and the guy shoved you,’ and he goes, ‘I wasn’t going to let him get away with that.’ He’s a great guy, and has really stepped in and done a great job for us. That was great to see. I wish the 15-yarder, we didn’t get that, because we have way too many penalties this year. I think we’ve got to be first or second in the league in penalties. so we’ve got to try to figure out a way to eliminate penalties. But being aggressive and playing to the echo of the whistle and protecting your teammates is always supported in football.”

He was asked if he flopped or not when the Jets defensive player pushed him.

“No, I wasn’t trying to draw a penalty. I got hit the first [time] — when I got hit I thought that they were throwing a penalty on the other guy. That’s what I really thought the penalty was. And then he said it was on our guy. I said, ‘But this is the guy that hit me late.’ I was actually a bit surprised.”

Brady talked about his Facebook page and the big hit it’s been this season.

“I’ve worked with one of my great friends on it, who’s really done a great job. That’s a pretty important thing to do today. We’ve talked a lot about it over the years, with social media. Really I think the phrase will always be ‘controlling the message’ and also having the opportunity to talk to your fans. I’m a little bit old school in that I’ve never really approached — probably the younger generation, the guys playing now, are much more in tune with that. I’m trying to do a better job with that, certainly over the last six weeks.”

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Tom Brady talks about Danny Amendola and the win over New York


Q: How good do you feel for Danny Amendola? It seems like he was really involved today.

TB: Yeah, it was a big time play that he made there. That was a great kind of ad lib. He ran a little return route and then when he saw me scramble, broke it up field like we talk about all the time and made a great catch.

Q: Scramble drill. That’s what you guys practice on Fridays.

TB: Yeah, we do. And it’s one thing to practice it and then to apply it in the game, it just happens so quickly. You see the guy and boom – you squirt through and he made a phenomenal catch.

Q: You guys came out and scored right away throwing to Shane Vereen. He made a pretty good catch because that ball was in the air for quite a while.

TB: A long time. I threw it and then – I was like ‘Oh, he’s open’ and then the ball was just going and I said, ‘Oh my God,’ and I saw him really try to run to get it and he made a phenomenal catch.

Q: Were you surprised he was that wide open?

TB: Yeah, they must have blown a coverage. He was running deep and if they lose track then that’s where we’re going to throw it.

Q: Without Stevan Ridley can you talk about Shane Vereen’s play tonight and how he really stepped up for you guys?

TB: Yeah, he played great. Really a workhorse in all areas: he ran it, caught it, catches a long pass and then is in there trying to run it out late in the game. He was just what we needed.

Q: Does it ever cease to amaze you that last year a player can get penalized for pushing a teammate on a field goal block and lose the game against the Jets in New York, and then the same player blocks a field goal the next year to beat the Jets?

TB: Yeah it’s pretty ironic.

Q: What are your thoughts on that?

TB: Football is a great sport and you never know what you’re going to get. They’re off to a tough start this year – what are they 1-5? So now they’re 1-6. So they were 1-5 and they gave us everything we could handle. It comes down to what you put in every week and ultimately how you preform when it matters the most. They played good. They played good on offense. They played good on defense when they needed to and we didn’t – I wouldn’t say that was our – we didn’t play as well as we can. We’ll get back to work tomorrow and see what we can do better so we’re ready for Chicago.

Q: What were they doing on defense? Were they dropping seven or eight most of the game to make you have to throw into tight areas?

TB: I think they mixed it up pretty good. He [Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan] always does a good job of kind of spinning the dial and he did that tonight. We had some plays where we’ve got to make them to help us go a little bit, but we didn’t make them and that’s what makes it tough. And then we get into a situation where we’ve got to overcome some things late in the game. I wish we could have done better in that late, last drive to keep the defense off the field, but we’ve got to get back to work on that.

Q: What happened after the quick start? It took a while to get back in sync.

TB: Yeah we scored quick and then we got crushed on time of possession. We’ve got to do a better job staying on the field, making the plays, executing the plays on first down, second down, third down so we can stay on the field and keep our defense off the field. If the defense is out there as much as they were tonight, it’s going to be tough for them. We’ve got to help them out by playing a lot better offense.

Q: It was a quick turnaround from Sunday to tonight, but how nice will it be to have the weekend off and some time for the body to heal and rest up a little bit?

TB: Yeah we’ve played quite a few games here in a short period of time, so I think everybody will enjoy letting the body – just some of the little things – heal up. But we’re going to be grinding. It’s football season, so there’s no time off. We have a lot of things we need to do to get better and guys are going to be working hard this weekend to do those things.

Q: Does it feel good to be 5-2 and play some home games coming up?

TB: Yeah, I know. We started off the year 0-1, so 5-1 since is not bad considering where we’re at. Hopefully we can be a lot better. We’ve got to make the plays, got to make the improvements, got to execute it when it matters. But it feels good to be where we’re at.

Q: What stopped working in the second half on offense?

TB: Our execution was pretty poor, so we didn’t throw it great, we didn’t catch it great, we didn’t block great, we didn’t run it great. I think it was just bad offensive football; it’s hard to stay on the field and move it down the field and keep possession and ultimately score points. So there are a lot of things we need to better, certainly all of it would have helped.

Q: Is it nice to have a little extra time here in the pocket? It seems like the offensive line has stepped up there the last few weeks.

TB: Yeah, they’re doing a great job. I’ve got confidence in all those guys. They do a great job. I’ve got a lot of trust in all those guys.

Q: Did you notice at all how maybe Shane Vereen and the other running backs were affected by losing Stevan Ridley and how they responded? I don’t know if you noticed it, but Shane did Ridely’s signature touchdown dance after his first score.

TB: Yeah, I mean, it’s a guy in your room, it’s probably one of the guys you’re closest with on the whole team, and or him to lose someone that’s pretty close to him – Shane did and Jonas [Gray] did and Brandon Boldendid – and really a guys that’s a real leader for that group, too. Everybody has to take on some different roles with Stevan out. It’s a tough injury. Stevan will be back better than ever. If there’s one thing I know about him, it’s his mental toughness, his work ethic, how much h loves football. I know he’s going to come back stronger than ever.

Belichick takes the blame for the run defense


Here’s the Friday transcript from of Belichick’s weekly conference call.

Q: What are your thoughts on Josh Kline and Jordan Devey? How has their development come along since the start of the season? It seems like they’ve held their own the last two weeks against good defensive lines.

BB: I would say based on last night I don’t think anybody walked out of the game feeling like, coaching or playing, that it was great. There are a lot of things we have to work on; a lot of things we all need to do better. There were some good things and there were certainly plenty of things that could be improved. You could put basically everybody on the team in that category – every player and coach. There were some things that were OK, some things that were good. Those are both younger guys, probably their best football is probably in front of them. They’ve gotten better, both worked hard. Smart, tough kids. I thought they did a good job filling in for a couple guys who were out in [Bryan] Stork and [Dan] Connolly. Those guys have made it work and we’ve won and there are still a lot of things we need to do better – there and everywhere else.

Q: When you looked at the defensive performance, what stood at to you as some of the main culprits in the Jets’ high rushing total?

BB: Same things that I talked about last night – need to defend the run better, need to play better on third down. We gave up a lot of third downs. That kept them on the field and let them keep handing the ball off. We just continued to make it worse on ourselves when we had a chance to get off the field, which is obviously a combination of things: scrambles, penalties, just not a good enough execution on third down. We didn’t do a good enough job in the running game either. That’s why we were on the field for 40 minutes or whatever it was.

Q: Specifically did you feel like it was about getting off blocks, was it about that aspect more than anything else? Was it more tackling? I would imagine you would say it’s a little bit of everything but was there one thing?

BB: I would say all the things that you hit on were part of it. We have to coach better, we have to play better – all the things that you said, yeah. I don’t think it was any one thing, any one player, any one play, any one scheme. It was just a combination of things. We just didn’t do things well. Sometimes it was technique stuff. We have to coach better; all of it. Put it on me.

Q: Was the loss of Jerod Mayo and the difficulty of that compounded by the short week? Will it be any more beneficial with the extra time before the Bears game to put together and implement a more effective way to overcome that injury?

BB: Well, there’s nothing we can do about any of the things that you just talked about. They’re all out of our control. What’s in our control is what we can do and that’s what we’ll work on.

Q: You used a lot of Jonas Gray last night. What went into that decision and how did you feel he performed?

BB: I think Jonas has been solid for us all the way through preseason. He’s done a good job in practice. He got an opportunity last night – not a lot of opportunities, but he had some blitz pickup opportunities, had a few carries. He works hard, he’s a tough kid. [He’s a] bigger back obviously, more in the [Stevan] Ridley size range. He played for us in the kicking game as well. [We’ll] keep going with that. This is an opportunity for him. Unfortunate the way it came out, but he’s worked hard. He deserves it. We’ll see what he can do with it.

Q: What will the schedule be like for you guys over the next couple days? Once you get to Monday, will it return to a normal week for you?

BB: Yeah, I’m sure it will. I’m sure that, you know, we have a game on Sunday so Saturday will be Saturday, Friday will be Friday, Thursday will be Thursday, Wednesday will be Wednesday. We’ll just have to figure out how to best utilize the upcoming days that we have prior to getting into the real meat of the preparation. Certainly we’ll look at Chicago’s game this weekend and put that in with the other games that we’ve seen on them and get our scouting report and game plan and do the best job we can do on that as a coaching staff. Some element of that is going to have to come after the weekend. I don’t think we can just do everything we wanted to do today and leave it in place. Once we get into the game week, I think it will be pretty close to what we’ve done throughout the season and the previous seasons. Over the next few days, like I said, we’ll try to figure out what’s best of the team – coaches, players, all of us together and so forth.

Q: If the players have a couple days off this weekend after playing four games in 18 days, do you encourage the players to in a way take their mind off football for a couple days so they come back refreshed or do you encourage them continue to study and do what they can on their time so they can hit the ground running when they come back?

BB: Well, I’d say it’s a combination of both. I think definitely there’s something to be said for a cleansing of the mind. We’ve been at it here pretty hard since the end of July. It’s been virtually every day. So, that’s all of August, all of September and we’re halfway through October. I’d say there probably wasn’t much more than any 24-hour period there where there hasn’t been, I’d say, quite a bit of substantial, hopefully anyway, substantial thought, preparation, treatment, whatever you want to call it, different aspects of preparation, physical conditioning, mental film study and preparation that hasn’t gone into each and every guy over that period of time. I think there’s definitely something to be said for taking a couple days and trying to let the system decompress if you will. Certainly we’ll be back at it hard here with the Bears. It’s another good football team coming in here that we don’t know very well. So, we’ll have a lot of preparation to do for them. That will all come. Hopefully somewhere along the line we’ll be able to take advantage of a little time to rest and not have to think about a game plan, not have to think about a scouting report, not have to think about adjustments, not have to think about all the things that we’ve been thinking about for the last two-and-a-half months. Each player has had to constantly try to stay on top of all that. But, there’s certainly a lot of things we can work on, I’m not saying that. There’s plenty to do. But somewhere along the line I think we need to back off and try to find some space to get it out of our system for a couple days and then come back and hit it hard again.

Q: On the offensive line, how would you characterize the leadership of guys like Dan Connolly while they’re out to have the new guys step in and perform at a good level?

BB: I think we’ve gotten real good leadership from those guys, Dan in particular. Dan came out of last week’s game and he did everything he could to be ready to play last night. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to quite turn the corner and make it. That being said, he was very good in terms of working with the other guys, trying to be helpful with a team that he has a lot of familiarity with in the Jets defense to try to help them. I think he’s given us great leadership all year long. Wendy [Ryan Wendell] too, stepped in there, playing between two guys that didn’t have a lot of experience. I think his line calls and ability to communicate, especially again with a team like the Jets that give you different looks and some different calls and things you have to do during the game, some of which, especially on a short week like this, you don’t really get a lot of time to practice. So him being able to handle that and the three tackles – Nate [Solder], Sebastian [Vollmer] and Marcus [Cannon] – all have done a good job in terms of their preparation and working with the guards, working with the tackles, the whole line communicating. That whole group has, in terms of preparation of and being together and doing things together as a group on the football field, I think that’s gotten better every week. Could it still improve? I mean, of course. I’m not saying we’ve arrived or anything, but we’ve definitely done things better, which we should. We’ve been working at it for a long time so we should see improvement. We’ve seen a lot of good fronts; we’ve been challenged every week. We’ll see another one this week. We’re just going to have to keep grinding it out, keep getting better, keep working together and we’re going to have to build some timing and execution without Stevan back there. Whether that’s Jonas or more of Shane [Vereen] or Brandon [Bolden], James White, whoever is carrying the ball. Obviously there are a lot of reps that we had with Stevan as the back that now we won’t have. Other guys will have to help the line set up their blocks and read the blocking patterns with more frequency than what they’ve done in the past relative to the number of carries and reps in practice that Stevan’s gotten. That will all be part of it for us going forward as well.

Bill Belichick talks about the close win over the Jets


Belichick talked about the big win over the Jets Thursday night.

BB: It was, I think, probably about the game we expected. With the Jets it’s always tough; definitely a grind-it-out game. [I’m] obviously really happy for Chris [Jones] at the end. After what happened last year, I thought it was so fitting that he made that play. That was awesome. It wasn’t our best. It was good enough, but it wasn’t our best. We have to do a better job in all three phases of the game, all the way around. But I have to give our team a lot of credit. They played four games in whatever it is, 17, 18 days, whatever it is, [18 days] since that Kansas City game. They’ve been tough, they’ve worked hard. They’ve really pushed themselves on the preparations. Some guys [are] banged up, some guys having to step in and all that. I thought it was a real good team win for us. [It’s] always good to win in the division; [the] kind of games that you have to win during the year somewhere along the line. So, give the credit to the players. They made the plays when they had to make them. I thought Danny [Amendola] really stepped up and gave us a lot of energy on the kickoff returns and obviously that touchdown catch was a great catch. That was good too. Hopefully we’ll get a little bit of a break here, a couple days to kind of catch our breath then we’re right back at it. Good to win; we’ll enjoy it for a little while, not too long and then turn the page and get on to Chicago.

Q: Was there anything intricate that goes on on that field goal block or did Chris Jones just push forward and jump?

BB: No, there’s a lot of technique. No, those guys work hard at it. They work hard every week. The guys you play against are all different, the way they do it. It depends on how they block and how you can attack them. You do it differently every week depending on where we feel like we have the best chance.

Q: Defensively, they ran with relative ease but is there an adjustment period you figured you would have to go through without Jerod Mayo in there?

BB: I think probably the bigger problem we had was third down. We had our chances to get off the field on third down. That would eliminate a lot of those plays. And we have to play the run better too. We didn’t make them punt until the fourth quarter [third quarter], whenever it was, it was late. Luckily we played well in the red area, kept them out of the end zone and kept the points down. But didn’t do a good enough job in the running game, didn’t do a good enough job on run force, didn’t do a good enough job on third down obviously. So those are obviously not – and we had some three-and-outs offensively that kept us from keeping the ball, keeping momentum. We just weren’t consistent enough in any phase of the game. [We] didn’t cover kickoffs well. I mean, that play hurt us. We had some breakdowns and we can’t afford them, can’t afford them. But give the Jets credit. They played hard and they gave us a lot of problems too. There’s always work to do.

Q: Can you talk about the adjustments your receivers made? Shane Vereen and Danny Amendola both made adjustments on touchdown catches.

BB: Yeah, Danny’s touchdown was, we had a double move outside. Tom [Brady] ended up scrambling, Danny adjusted it, Tom back shouldered him. That was kind of a scramble play. That’s one of the first things we put in when we go to the red area offensively and defensively is to deal with the scramble passes, extended plays. Tom did a good job of buying time and put it where only Danny could get it. Danny made another great catch. Shane’s play it looks like the corner just – we ran a double outside route, it looked like the corner sat on and just dropped Shane. It was like he was out to practice early. It was good by Tom to see it because Shane was kind of a clear-out guy on that route but Tom had time, he was able to scan downfield. You don’t want to give him those kind of opportunities. He’s not going to miss many of them.

Q: Danny hadn’t had many touches the last few games but had contributions today. Is it hard to measure a guy when he’s not getting touches and stay up?

BB: Nobody works harder than Danny does. Nobody works harder than Danny. He’s working every day: offense, scout team, special teams. He always works hard. He’s a really competitive kid; tough. No question about it. I never saw that from him at all.

Q: What was the thought behind using Danny on kickoff returns?

BB: I think Pat’s [Chung] done a good job for us. It’s just Pat is playing a lot of defense, playing a lot of plays in the kicking game. He’s the personal protector on the punt team with Nate [Ebner] out. He’s played on the punt return. Just to try to spread it out a little bit. Danny’s worked back there all year. [We] thought it would be a good opportunity to take a little bit off Pat. But I’m not unhappy at all with what Pat’s been doing. I think he’s done a good job. But it just gives Danny an opportunity to get some balls back there and also to kind of spread the load to everybody. It’s one less thing that Chung has to really focus on because he’s got a lot of other stuff on his plate in terms of defense, punt, punt return, nickel, dime, goal line. There’s a lot of stuff there.

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