Patriots 2015 Preseason Schedule Released


The Patriots have released their preseason schedule!

The first game is interesting and will be exciting to watch and not because of Brady and Rodgers because they will only be in there for one or two series. It will be more about Matt Flynn, a veteran against a 2nd year QB Jimmy Garoppolo, who had a good preseason last year.

The Saints will be an interesting one too, and a nice test for our secondary.

Anyways, take a look and hopefully you guys can get to one of those games!

Don’t Worry Pats Fans, The Pats can win with Tin Cans

Don't doubt these two, they just won their 4th Super Bowl together and they're still together.

Don’t doubt these two, they just won their 4th Super Bowl together and they’re still together.

Okay, maybe tin cans are a little stretch, but the Patriots will be just fine despite what the winners of March will tell you.

The Jets, Bills, and Dolphins are always about March and never about January, but the Pats are Kings of the postseason and the East, and oh by the way they just won their 4th Super Bowl! ENJOY IT!

If I hear one more person bring up the secondary or Revis leaving for the Jets I might scream! Stop worrying about it and enjoy the fact our favorite team just won the Super Bowl of the century!

Ok, now I will actually give you reasons why you shouldn’t worry about the 2015 season.

First off, the Jets never won the division when they had Cromartie and Revis back in 2011, when they were younger, they won’t now, trust me. Plus, we should be used to the Jets having a good defense because that’s never been a problem for them and it won’t be in 2015, but they still have no offense. I do NOT care that they have Brandon Marshall and Erick Decker, it doesn’t matter. They can have Calvin Johnson too, and it still won’t help them because they don’t have a QB. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith are turnover machines and if they come to Gillette, Belichick’s defense will embarrass them no matter who they have out there. They won’t score enough to dethrone us. Maybe they take one game and maybe we sweep them, but the fact is they won’t win enough outside the division to win the East or even make the postseason. They made off-season moves for show not for wins because if they were about wins where is the marquee QB? Yeah, he’s not there and won’t be even if they draft Mariota. He doesn’t fit their system plus Belichick has owned rookies. The Jets will finish in last place, because the Bills are slightly better this year.

The Bills are not a threat either. They will have an improved defense with Ryan but not nearly enough to dethrone the Pats plus again where’s the offense? They don’t have any but Matt Cassel and if you think he’s scoring enough to beat the Pats you are crazy, although he’s much better than Fitpatrick and Geno Smith. I know they have Watkins and McCoy, but come on, you still need your QB to be good. Ryan wants him to protect the ball, which is something he’s not good at, and rely on the defense, but the corners are not good enough to contain Edelman and LaFell and on top of that Gronk. But, Cassel hasn’t been good in a long time and I doubt they will be good enough to win a lot outside of the division. The only team they will own will be the Jets.

The Dolphins are the only team that could dethrone the Pats but they won’t but they are the closest. They have the closest thing to a stable QB than the others, although Tannehill is far from consistent. Actually, the entire team is far from consistent. Sometimes their defense looks good and then terrible, just like their offense. So, I’ll continue to doubt Miami. They did upgrade the offense around Tannehill and added Suh to the already good defensive line which means they will for sure win more games than the Bills and Jets but not nearly enough to win the division. They’re hard to beat in Miami but easy to beat anywhere else, plus they tend to lose a lot of games down the stretch and I don’t expect that to change in 2015.

The Patriots will win a ton of games, they are the kings of the AFC and have been for over a decade and they’ve had far worse defenses than the one they’ll be brining in 2015. They will have the best linebacking core in the NFL with a very good defensive line, at least that’s what we are all hoping for, but regardless, they will win a lot and will be right back in the postseason with a 1 or 2 seed. They also have Tom Brady at QB, so yeah, they are beyond fine, so please stop worrying and re-watch that Super Bowl and enjoy it. Tom Brady played some of his best football last year, and he’s far from done so sit back and enjoy the greatest of all time winning your team some more games.

Stevan Ridley will join the Jets

New York Jets v New England Patriots

Former Patriots RB Stevan Ridley will sign a one-year deal with the New York Jets, according to

Ridley spent the 2014 season on the IR, due to blowing out his knee in October against the Bills.

He played his first four seasons with the Patriots after the team drafted him in the 3rd round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

During his 2013 campaign Ridley carried the ball 178 times for 773 yards and 7 touchdowns in 14 games. He had 62 yards receiving on 10 catches. He also had 4 fumbles. During the team’s two playoff games he carried the ball 19 times for 69 yards and 2 touchdowns.

In his short 2014 season, Ridley carried the ball 94 times in 6 games for 340 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also had 4 receptions for 20 yards.

His best season was in 2012 when he carried the ball 290 times for 1,263 yards and 12 touchdowns. He did fumble the ball 4 times, but only lost 2 of them. He also added 33 more rushing attempts for 152 yards and 1 touchdown with 1 fumble during the team’s 2 postseason games.

He’s appeared in 52 games for the Patriots during his 4 years in Boston. He’s rushed it 649 times for 2,817 yards and 22 touchdowns. He fumbled it 8 times with 5 of them lost. He’s caught 23 passes for 146 yards and 1 fumble.

Ridley was a fun player to watch also a frustrating one, but thanks for the memories and best wishes!


LeGarrette Blount suspended for the first game of the 2015 season

LeGarrette Blount to miss the opener. (Photo By: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports)

LeGarrette Blount to miss the opener.
(Photo By: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports)

Patriots RB LeGarrette Blount will be suspended for the first regular season game of the 2015 NFL season for violating the substance abuse policy, the league said Tuesday.

Blount will be able to practice in all the team’s off-season activities and pre-season practices before the suspension sets in.

The belief is, this suspension is for the arrest back when he played for Pittsburgh and was busted with teammate Bell on marijuana possession charges. The charges were dropped in January on the grounds Blount completes 50 hours of community service by Feb 4th.

The NFL hasn’t announced the punishment for Bell, who was also charged with DUI.


Rob Gronkowski set to play a cop in a new movie


Patriots All-Pro Tight End and party animal Rob Gronkowski, will be channeling his inner cop in a new movie called “You can have It.”

Joanna Krupa and Armand Assante will be starring in it, according to TMZ.


Tom Brady will do a live Campaign Shoot Today


Tom Brady on set of UGG shoot.

Tom Brady will be doing a live photo shoot today for UGG for Men 2015 Fall Campaign.

UGG will be doing a Periscope livestream from Boston today at 4:30 pm EST.

Brady will be hosting the livestream to take viewers on a live tour around the set and show them what happens during a commercial taping.

In order to watch this, follow these simple rules:

Download the Periscope app from the iTunes App Store.

Subscribe to the @UggAustralia Twitter handle.

Click on the Periscope livestream link within the tweets from the @UGGAustralia handle during the below scheduled times to view the livestreams.


New England Patriots in Line for Increased Roles in 2015

Houston Texans v Oakland Raiders

The Patriots captured the NFL title in exciting fashion to end last season. Already they are at the top as far as favorites to again grab another Lombardi trophy. Get in the game with these NFL Football betting analysis at

The Patriots made a bold decision at the start of free agency, but one that they had to make in order to be able to stay competitive.

They decided early to pass on All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis, who went back to New York. His $20-million contract option gave the Jets an opportunity they didn’t feel they could pass up.

It cost them $70 million over five seasons (with $39 million fully guaranteed) to do it, but Revis was lured back to his NFL roots, fortifying the Jets while dealing their fiercest rival a devastating blow.

Losing Revis though will give a chance for a player to step up for the Patriots, and right now players in line for that are pickups Chimdi Chekwa, Bradley Fletcher and Robert McClain.

Those three are in line to be able to make plays, and along with losing Revis at one corner, they also lost fellow CB Brandon Browner, allowing him to leave the Patriots for the New Orleans Saints.

While those three CB’s mentioned above will have an impact on the position, don’t be so quick to rule out the team looking around to make a deal or also draft a CB early in the May 2015 NFL Draft.

The team is also looking to add more to their pass rush. They went out in free agency and grabbed former Cleveland Brown edge rusher Jabaal Sheard, a player that has shown potential, but needs to show more to make a big impact for the Patriots.

“Coming from a not-so-good program to a great Patriots program that’s been winning and doing well, I’m just really excited,” Sheard said last Friday in a conference call with the New England media.

“I want to win in the league. I want to be part of a great organization. That was a big part of me signing.”

Yes it’s true that Sheard’s sack totals dropped when the Browns switched from a 4-3 to a 3-4 in 2013, but he’s hoping that with a better team and a better system with good players around him, he will get back to the first two years of his career when he put up 15.5 sacks.

“I envision that they have some great plans for me,” Sheard said.

“Just knowing the system they run, I’ve been around three different systems in my last three years. I’m ready for whatever. I’m always ready to embrace something new and something different. I’m up for the challenge, whatever it is.”

The Patriots are not done wheeling and dealing, but for now they need to continue to look at the corner spot, as well as putting more pressure on the QB’s.

They are hoping the moves they have made thus far will help with that.

Thank You Vince Wilfork


Thank You Vince Wilfork! (Photo From


Vince Wilfork’s days as a member of the New England Patriots are done, but he won’t be forgotten by the fan base of the four time Super Bowl Championship organization.

Wilfork signed with the Texans last week, and I couldn’t think of a better fit for him, outside of New England. He will be on a good defense, and be playing alongside the best pass rusher in the NFL. I wanted him to end up with a good defense and play out his final days with a good team where he can make an impact, and that is Houston with former Patriots OC Bill O’Brien.

Wilfork started his career as a Super Bowl Champion with the Patriots and has ended it the same way.

In 2004 (his rookie year), Wilfork had 42 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 FR, and 3 passes defended. In the team’s 3 postseason games, Wilfork had 3 tackles.

In 2014, Wilfork had 47 tackles, 1 interception, and 1 passes defended. In the 3 postseason games, he had 3 tackles.

In 11 seasons with the Patriots, Wilfork played 158 games, recorded 516 tackles, 16 sacks, 4 FF, 12 FR, 3 interceptions, 25 passes defended, 27 stuffs, 56 stuff yards, and 2 kicks blocked.

Stats don’t tell the whole story for Wilfork though, he was so much more than numbers for the team. He was the leader on and off the field and an ever so big presence right in the center of the defense that struck fear in the opponents Quarterbacks and Running Backs. He was the heartbeat of the defense. He was the guy that made the guys around him better on and off the field. He would make an earthquake tackle and then light up the sky with that gigantic smile of his. He was Boston’s heart for 11 years. He was the Patriot Way and showed other players the way to Patriots Way when rookies came aboard or new Vets showed up.

He helped the Patriots to add 2 more Super Bowls to their collection and add more legacy to his ever growing legacy.

He was also big in the community, helping those around Boston and beyond with his charity work.

He has his own charity called the Vince Wilfork Foundation. They support diabetes research and raising awareness of diabetes and the causes. You visit the site to learn more about it and even support it by clicking the link below.

We will miss his wife Bianca Wilfork too. She was very known throughout Boston, and a constant presence at the Patriots football game to support her husband. She is big in charity work and VWF with Vince. They together showed other athletes and people in general how to love and support one another.

The number 75 is a familiar number, one of the most easily recognizable number in red, white, and blue in Boston and one of the most known throughout the NFL fan bases. It will be weird to not see it anymore on the defense when New England takes the field in September.

Wilfork may be a Texan now, but he will forever be a Patriot.

Thank You Vince Wilfork for everything and a fun ride for 11 years! It won’t be the same but best of luck to you and your family!