Patriots Vs Broncos: Three Matchups to Watch

Photo by: Matt Campbell/EPA

Photo by: Matt Campbell/EPA

The biggest matchup of the season is finally a few days away, however, it will be a little different than everyone expected. It isn’t going to be Brady Vs Manning, instead Manning is out with an injury so Brock Osweiler will step in to play.

It won’t be Brady Vs Manning and that stinks, but it will be interesting anyways because now the focus will be Brady Vs the number one defense in the NFL. This game is huge, if Brady beats the number one defense on the road it will pretty much seal his MVP and the Patriots chances of becoming the number one seed overall, and it will make the undefeated season very possible. So, interesting game, regardless if Manning indeed doesn’t play.

To move on to 11-0, here are the matchups to watch and the matchups the Pats must win.

1. OL Marcus Cannon Vs LB Von Miller

I could actually say Cannon and Vollmer Vs Miller because he will likely go against both at some point during the game. He rushes the QB from any and everywhere on the defense and he’s the number one guy the Patriots have to stop. Ware would be the number one guy, but he may miss the game, so for now, Miller is number one in the guy the Pats must block. He has six sacks on the season and the successful rate him and Denver blitz, it could mean trouble for the troubled OL of the Patriots. I don’t know what happen to the OL against Buffalo but they didn’t show up and that is something they better do on Sunday, especially Cannon, who had his worst game of the season three nights ago. If Cannon and/or Vollmer can handle Miller, Brady will feel a lot better throwing passes.

2. CB Malcolm Butler Vs WR Demaryius Thomas

Osweiler targeted Thomas the most in Sunday’s win over the Bears, throwing his way 8 times. Thomas made 3 catches for 59 yards and 1 touchdown. Osweiler is young and he will depend on the team’s best target the most and the tight ends, so number one thing the Pats can do is contain Thomas and put him on Cape Butler all game long. If Butler plays like he has in the last two weeks he can do that, but this guy is very tall and fast, so this will be his toughest challenge since Eric Decker. Like Decker, he’s very tall at 6’3 and like Beckham he’s very fast. Butler had trouble with Decker which is why I’m a little worried about him going against another big target. I think he can handle Thomas, but this is the guy who can give him trouble, so big day for Butler and if he shuts down Thomas, the defense will be fine.

3. SS Patrick Chung Vs TE Veron Davis

Davis was the 2nd most targeted player behind Thomas, and Daniels was the 3rd, meaning like all young Quarterbacks, the number one WR and the tight ends are their go to guy. The defense may put Chung on Davis, both match up speed wise and height wise very well, so this will be an interesting one to watch. Chung has been excellent in coverage and I expect no different when he takes on Davis. Taking away Osweiler’s number one and two options should make life diffcuilt and allow the pass rush to get to the QB. They do this, they will win the game.

Patriots – Broncos Wednesday Injury Report




No Players Listed



WR Danny Amendola —- Knee

CB Justin Coleman —- Hand

LB Jamie Collins —- Illness

WR Aaron Dobson —- Ankle

WR Julian Edelman —- Foot

WR Matthew Slater —- Not Injury Related



DL Alan Branch —- Elbow

OL Marcus Cannon —- Toe

G Tre’ Jackson —- Knee

DE Chandler Jones —- Abdomen

WR Keshawn Martin —- Hamstring

OL Shaq Mason —- Knee

OL Sebastian Vollmer —- Concussion

TE Michael Williams —- Knee



No Players Listed





No Players Listed



QB Peyton Manning —- Foot

G Evan Mathis —- Ankle

OLB DeMarcus Ware —- Back



TE Owen Daniels —- Knee

WR Emmanuel Sanders —- Ankle/Finger

DE Vance Walker —- Shoulder



TE Virgil Green —- Finger

T Ryan Harris —- Knee

C Matt Paradis —- Finger

T Michael Schofield —- Finger

DE Antonio Smith —- Hip
(Injury Report Provided By

Terrell Owens wants to play for the Patriots

Terrell Owens would love a chance to show the Pats he can still play. (Photo By: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Terrell Owens would love a chance to show the Pats he can still play.
(Photo By: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

WR Terrell Owens wants to play for the New England Patriots who are suddenly thin at wide out.

The 42 year old former standout receiver told the Boston Globes’s Gary Washburn he would work out for the Patriots if they wanted him to.

“Would I be open to it? Considering an organization like the Patriots? Yes,” Owens said. “Knowing Tom [Brady] and understanding the structure of what Bill Belichick, how he runs his ship, I have no problem with that. A lot of people will obviously speculate into what I may bring from a negative standpoint to that organization.”

Owens played for five different teams during his time in the NFL and caused some problems in the locker room for all of the teams he played for and he says he’s different.

“I’m not that same guy I was five, 10 years ago,” he said. “In terms of me understanding the situation that I’m getting myself into, then I would have to govern myself accordingly, understanding there’s going to be a lot of negative things said if that were to be the case.”

He says he can still play.

“Am I capable of playing? Absolutely,” he said.

He said he has no problem working out for the Patriots if they wanted to see if he has anything left.

“I don’t know what their needs would be or their considerations would be by bringing me in, but I definitely think an organization like that, it would be an ideal situation for myself to be part of,” Owens said. “If they want to work me out to see what I can do if I’m catching or running or cutting, I have no problem with that.”

He 100% believes he could help any team right now even though he hasn’t played in five years.

“Do I consider myself in top game shape? No,” said Owens. “But could I come in a help a team? Yes, absolutely. I still know how to play the game enough to be productive,” he continued. “Could I get myself in better shape as the season goes on? Absolutely.”

You can read the rest of the interview HERE, where he talks about being well healed from his knee injury in 2011.

Owens spent 15 seasons in the NFL, catching 1,078 passes for 15,934 yards and 153 touchdowns.

If he doesn’t play with any team this year, he is eligble to enter into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, along with Pats CB Ty Law.

Do you guys want to see the Patriots given Terrell Owens a chance?







Wednesday Afternoon Doughnuts

Nink was outstanding Monday Night. (Photo By: Keith Nordstrom)

Nink was outstanding Monday Night.
(Photo By: Keith Nordstrom)

Here we go, finally some doughnuts to give out for Monday’s win over Buffalo! The offensive line won’t be getting any, but the defense will be!

1. The Defensive Secondary

Give them all the applause! Butler, Chung, Wilson, Ryan, and McCourty played so well Monday Night they looked like the best secondary in the league.

2. The Defensive Line

Bravo to the line! Easley, Nink, Jones, Brown, Branch, and Sheard all played very well, applying some pressure on QB Tyrod Taylor and helping out with stuffing the run game. Impressive performance from the line, but especially by Sheard, Easley, and Nink.

3. The Linebackers

Hat tip to them for shutting down the run. Mayo had a good game and of course Hightower did too. They are missing Collins, but they are holding their head above water without him. Very nice job on Monday.

4. Special Teams

Nice one Monday. Gostkowski missed one field goal, but made two others and both extra points. He’s still solid and clutch. The special teams also had a forced fumble and fumble recovery to help the Pats offense. Danny Amendola also had a nice punt return on Monday Night. Ryan Allen is an excellent punter and the cover team doesn’t let returners break many on them. Special teams continue to be a bright spot.


1. RB James White

He showed up and showed out Monday Night. He ran for a touchdown and caught a touchdown in his coming out party. I don’t think the Pats expected it because he wasn’t a big part of their game plan when he should have been. He showed off nice hands and really nice speed. He also eluded a tackler for a beautiful touchdown catch and run. He also had a nice burst on his touchdown run. He was the star on the offensive side Monday.

2. WR Danny Amendola

He caught 12 passes for 117 yards and showed off some elusiveness that I didn’t think he had. He was the number one guy for Brady and looked the part. He also had a nice punt return.

3. CB Malcolm Butler

What a game for the Super Bowl hero! He shut down Sammy Watkins and made him a non-factor in the game. He only gave up four completions on 7 targets for just 45 yards. He was excellent.

4. CB Logan Ryan

He had a huge game against Robert Woods. He was targeted five times and allowed one receptions for four yards. He has been really solid this year.

5. DE Rob Ninkovich

He really got after Tyrod Taylor. He had 1.5 sacks, QB hit and a hurry. He stepped up for the Pats Monday.


Wednesday Afternoon Humble Pie

Tom Brady was under constant pressure Monday Night. (Photo By: Keith Nordstrom)

Tom Brady was under constant pressure Monday Night.
(Photo By: Keith Nordstrom)

Welcome to Wednesday’s Monday Morning Humble Pie edition!

The Patriots played on Monday Night and yesterday was a super busy day before the long week and weekend of Thanksgiving awesomeness! So, today I’ll dish out some humble pie and believe me there is plenty of players who have earned it after the Pats barely bruised out a win against the Buffalo Bills Monday Night, 20-13.

1. Patriots OL

They were obviously making the list and making it at number one no doubt. They played their worst game of the season Monday Night and it was a night where a lot of starters return. They gave up 13 total QB hits and that can’t happen again this season. Aside from the fact it makes it hard for the Pats to score points that way, it’s a bad way to get Brady hurt. The line better dig deep and as Brady said Monday Night, play with some pride, because Sunday they face the Broncos pass rushers.

2. The Wide Receivers 

Get open and get open fast! They did not do that Monday Night when the Bills would rush four and drop eight into coverage. The Bills beat Brady up with only four pass rushers because the line can only give him around 1.5 seconds to throw the ball and with 8 in coverage the wide outs are not getting open nearly fast enough for Brady to make the quick passes, hence all the hits and sacks. Danny Amendola did good so this isn’t aimed at him, but rather at the rest of the wide outs and tight ends. Getting open fast is where the Pats missed and will miss Edelman.

3. Tight Ends

Hey really insanely big tight ends, where are you guys? Gronk made one big play in the game, a 27 yard reception and it was an amazing catch, but other than that, not much. The Bills used defensive backs to cover him, but they rarely let him off the line, using linebackers to bang him around and he actually looked like he didn’t enjoy it. Chandler hasn’t made an impact this season and he should be since he’s so friggin big and tall. He should be an obvious threat in the red zone but isn’t. If there was ever a time for him to step up now would be it.

4. The Run Game

The Bills run defense is excellent and the Pats line was awful, so combining those together the run game didn’t have much of a chance. But, even so, they need to start finding ways to make plays and I’m mostly talking about LeGarrette Blount.


Individual players who deserve some humble pie.

1. OL Marcus Cannon

He had an awful game. He was getting beat left and right and drawing flags. Cannon allowed four QB hits and three hurries. He can’t play left tackle well, at least not right now, so he may get moved around, but yeah he has to be so much better moving forward.

2. OL Sebastian Vollmer

He’s suppose to be the best or one of the best linemen we have left, but he didn’t play like it on Monday Night. He gave up a sack and three hurries, that’s not good enough to help this team score points. We have to hope it was just rust, but he has to be better this weekend.

3. OL Shaq Mason

Two QB hits and three hurries and he wasn’t even good in the run game which is what he excels at, what a horrible game. I could put only offensive linemen on this top five list and that isn’t good.

4. WR Brandon LaFell

Danny Amendola did his thing and stepped up, but LaFell needs to do just a tad more than he did on Monday. Now, he was open a few times deep, Brady just missed him, but he needs to be a stud in the coming weeks to help with the loss of Edelman. Good thing we all know he can and will.

5. OL Josh Kline

Get better son! He’s been doing good, but he wasn’t his best Monday night, but he wasn’t his worst. He gave up a QB hit and two hurries and on a night where Vollmer, Mason, and Cannon fell apart, they needed him to step up a bit more than he did.




Patriots Gab Week 12 Power Rankings

Rob Ninkovich and the Pats are riding high after another win and 10-0 start. (Photo By: Keith Nordstrom)

Rob Ninkovich and the Pats are riding high after another win and 10-0 start.
(Photo By: Keith Nordstrom)

Here’s our week 12 power rankings where I rank every team starting with the best and ending with who I think is the worst team in the NFL this season. Enjoy!

1. Patriots

They still haven’t lost and in my mind have the best QB in the NFL. When healthy, best team in the NFL.

2. Panthers

They haven’t lost and they look really good.

3. Cardinals

I really wanted to put them number two, but I’ll give that spot to the undefeated Panthers, but Arizona looks really good. To be honest, they look like the most complete team in the NFL right now. Right now, they may actually be the best team.

4. Steelers

They are a really good team and the only team I fear for the Patriots in the AFC. Second best team in the AFC and it’s not close.

5. Packers

Aaron Rodgers looked great in that last game, easily defeating the Vikings and showing them who the real bosses of the NFC North is.

6. Bengals

They can’t win in prime time. But, they are the kings of 1:00 games and when it’s a day game, they look good. However, they almost had the Cardinals, so they actually did earn this spot.

7. Giants

They are for real and they are beatable at the same time, they are just insanely hard to beat.

8. Vikings

They are still a good team, just not the best in the NFC North.

9. Chiefs

They are really good and really hot right now. They are making a strong playoff push and winning when it matters most. Look out.

10. Broncos

I know I dropped them very far, but that’s because they have no real QB right now. Peyton isn’t healthy and when he’s not healthy the offense isn’t very good. The offense was barely good enough to beat the Bears and Brock is a young QB whose still a little rough around the edges. This isn’t college football you can’t get away with not having an explosive offense and being a defensive only team.

11. Seahawks

I guess they belong here, just outside the top ten. They were suppose to beat the 49ers and they did.

12. Bills

They are an up and down team and have the defense to make games interesting, but they lack a passing game to win them.

13. Texans

They are somehow 5-5. They aren’t great, they aren’t the worst team, but I have no idea who else to put here.

14. Jets

They are falling apart and falling fast.

15. Colts

All they do is win with Hasselbeck. That will end at some point, but for now, they are enjoying the ride.

16. Falcons

They tricked me into thinking they were actually a good team. Different coach same mess.

17. Buccaneers

Young team that sits 5-5. Not bad.

18. Cowboys

Guess who’s back!? Guess who’s winning again!? Tony Romo and the Cowboys. I guess they will be trending upwards for weeks to come.

19. Raiders

Wow….. Off the rails the Raiders go.

20. Bears

Just when I began believing in them, they go and lose to a Peyton Manning-less Broncos team.

21. Dolphins

Okay, here is where things get interesting because they all stink.

22. Redskins

I mean Redskins, Dolphins, and Saints all equally stink right now.

23. Saints

They are just a hot mess, worse off than Washington and Miami thanks to the turmoil in their own locker room. Sean Payton has one foot out the door and Brandon Browner is screaming at people. What a mess. Maybe they will let Browner go so the Pats can scoop him up.

24. Eagles

They are bad. Really, insanely bad.

25. Jaguars

They beat the Titans, which keeps them from being the worst team in their division. Score!

26. Lions

They have won 3 games and no longer will be the first overall pick, unless they stop winning, but yeah they beat the Raiders.

27. Ravens

They won! They beat the Rams. Awesome.

28. Rams

Such high hopes before the season, such low expectations now.


Phillip Rivers and nothing else describes this team perfectly.

30. Browns

They don’t win no matter the QB.

31. Titans

They stink and that is all.

32. 49ers

They may have one more win than the Titans, but I still think they are the worst team in the NFL.



Report: Danny Amendola suffers knee sprain

WR Danny Amendola isn't expected to miss much time. (Photo By: Keith Nordstrom)

WR Danny Amendola isn’t expected to miss much time.
(Photo By: Keith Nordstrom)

Great news for Patriots as an MRI showed Danny Amendola suffered a knee sprain in the win last night over Buffalo, and nothing more serious, according to CSNNE’s Tom E. Curran.

The team doesn’t expect Amendola to miss extended time, according to CSNNE’s Tom E. Curran.

Aaron Dobson is expected to miss the Broncos game and probably more with a foot injury.

Amendola may or may not miss the Sunday Night game against Denver, it all depends how he does this week.


The Patriots continue their march to dominance by remaining number one in week 12’s power rankings

The Patriots remain the top dogs in the NFL. (Photo By: Keith Nordstrom)

The Patriots remain the top dogs in the NFL.
(Photo By: Keith Nordstrom) has kept the Patriots number one overall in the NFL after their sloppy win over the Buffalo Bills, 20-13 last night. The Bills fell to 14 overall, two spots down from last week. The Pats next game will be against Denver, they rank number 3 overall, 4 spot jump after new QB Brock Osweiler led the team to a win over Chicago.

Panthers, Broncos, Cardinals, and Bengals round out the top five.

To see their full rankings, go HERE. released their power rankings, and the Patriots at 10-0 remain atop the list. The Bills remained at number 11 after a close loss against the Pats. The Broncos moved up three spots after a close win over the Bears, to number 5 overall.

The Panthers, Cardinals, Bengals, and Broncos round out the top five in that order.

To see their full rankings GO HERE.