The Patriots only Mock Draft

**Photo From CBS Sports**

**Photo From CBS Sports**

Time for the Patriots only mock draft, the entire first-round mock draft was posted earlier today. 

The Patriots hold picks #60 and 61 in the second round, #91 and 96 in the third round, #196, 204, 208, 214, and 221 in the sixth round, #243 and 250th pick in the seventh round.

The Patriots have 11 picks, making them good trading partners.

Lets get to the mock draft!

Patriots First Round Pick #29: The Patriots first-round pick was taken away by Roger Goodell for deflategate, so the Patriots have no first-round pick unless they trade into the first-round. It may seem unlikely but for a team that would love to tick the Commissioner off and with plenty to trade, they just might. The biggest question is any team that drafts after number 29 willing to upset Goodell? Maybe. If the Patriots trade to the first-round it will be because they really love someone and fear another team will get them before they can in the second round. My pick would be RB Derrick Henry, he may fall to them in the second or he may not, depends on if they want to chance it.

Patriots #60th Pick: RB Derrick Henry 

Running Back is a need for the Patriots and if they want the second best, potential for the best back, then this is the guy to get. He will remind you a lot of Blount and Marshawn Lynch. I think the Patriots want him and if they can and indeed do, it will be either late first-round or early second round. Other running backs the Patriots could draft and I really like are TCU’s Aaron Green who has vision and sweet cuts, and Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams, both from Arkansas. Collins is an absolute bruiser and workhorse from the hogs with a ton of talent as is Williams. The Patriots have to have a pure running back and all four of these guys are. The dark horse guy would Florida’s Kelvin Taylor. His dad is Fred Taylor, former Jacksonville great and Patriots running back. He also produced on a team with QB and OL problems.

Patriots #61 Pick: WR Pharoh Cooper

I’m torn here, I really am. I don’t think Miller will be here, so the Pats will take another WR whose speedy, versatile, and fast. Cooper is a play maker. He can return punts, kick offs, run routes, and even run the football with the best of them. He did everything for South Carolina. He’s a threat any time he touches the football. He can go from 0-100 in a second and score from anywhere on the field at any given time. The Patriots want a WR who can run routes and explode for big plays and Cooper is that guy. Other potential picks are RB/WR Kenyan Drake. He can play RB and WR but for the Patriots I believe he would be a WR only. He’s tall, fast, and explosive. The perfect guy to run routes, verticals, and screens.

Patriots #91 Pick: DT Willie Henry

The Patriots could use more bodies along the defensive line, especially at defensive tackle with limited young guys there and at defensive end. Henry is versatile able to play DE and DT. He’s explosive and a great tackler. He will be a nice grab for the Patriots especially if he is still there.  Also, look for Sheldon Day as a potential here too, he’s a lot like Henry except he will come with a tiny red flag regarding injuries.

Patriots #96 Pick: LB Scooby Wright III

I would love it if the Patriots picked up Scooby. They need depth at linebacker and they would get a steal. Wright is a great run-stuffer with pass rushing capability that’s better than average. He’s okay in space and coverage, but the Pats really need depth and a good run-stuffing linebacker to go with Hightower and Collins as proven last season. He’s also very smart, coachable, and instinctive.

Patriots #196 Pick: OT Cole Toner

A Harvard guy would be such a Patriots player. He’s smart, tall, and depth at the OL which is exactly what Tom Brady ordered. He’s big with an NFL build, tons of experience, and a solid blocker.

Patriots #204 Pick: CB James Bradberry

The Patriots will look to add depth at the corner spot and Bradberry with his nice size may be the guy they take a chance on late in the draft. Long arms and good in man-to-man coverage. He just seems like the perfect depth guy behind Butler and company.

Patriots #208 Pick: DE Stephen Weatherly

Not a bad pick here in the 6th round at all. He’s a pure pass rusher with unlimited potential.

Patriots #214 Pick: OG Landon Turner

The Pats can’t have too many offensive linemen and adding more depth at the guard spot will be welcomed. He’s strong and a great run blocker, not so good at pass protection, but the Pats can develop him.

Patriots #221 Pick: DE Alex McCalister:

He’s a pure pass rusher who could be a steal this late in the draft. He’s fast, great tackler, but is an edge rusher. He’s tall, and lanky with a great look of a pass rusher, but not ideal bulky. He’s got some NFL type skills when it comes to ducking defenders.

Patriots #243 Pick: LB Antonio Morrison

He’s tough, smart, intense, and coachable player. Morrison wasn’t suppose to play the first half of Florida’s season but made it back in time with unreal rehab sessions. He’s a hard worker and has potential. He’s a great tackler, and slim enough to cover.

Patriots #250 Pick: RB Keenan Reynolds

Reynolds is from Navy which BB loves and he’s really good at running the rock. The Patriots may look to add depth via Reynolds at a low risk picking spot.

I picked solely on if the Patriots kept all their picks in the same spot, but it’s the Patriots so I would expect some trades.

I think if they moved up in first-round or second-round it would be Henry and I also think they can get Derrick Henry where they are depending on Dallas.

If they move up to the fourth round I believe they will take CB Jalen Mills from LSU. He’s 6’0 and he’s talented. Would be a great move if the Pats could swing it. CB Cyrus Jones is a potential pick in the 4th round as well or maybe even in the fifth.

If the Patriots move up in the fifth round it could be for FS Kavon Frazier. Not a need but maybe a move for depth and special teams. They could also get Dean Lowry from Northwestern, a pass rusher.

There you have it!

I just guessed at most, but lets see how they roll!

Note: I may change these picks a little by tomorrow if things change tonight during the draft!






2016 NFL First – Round Mock Draft

Photo From Sporting News

Photo From Sporting News

Today is the day of the NFL draft! Mock drafts are always fun to read and write, but almost always wrong.

Still, it’s fun.

I’ll give my best picks for each team in the first – round based on what I can remember as being their best need, experts advice on biggest needs, and experts pick. My mock will be a lot different from theirs I’m sure, but I’ll take it all into consideration.

I’ll start with this, the Patriots can trade into the first – round if they want to. I almost want them to just to make Goodell read their name on opening night. If they do it’ll be for somebody they are worried the teams in the back half will take like a Derrick Henry. The Patriots could move up to take him in the first – round if they want him, but if they do not want him or they think he will fall to them in the 2nd round then they will wait, either way I think they take him. There are few running backs I like, and Henry is one of them.

Okay, now lets start the first – round mock with no trades, but I’ll put which players I think ultimately ends up with each team and it may not be at that number, but its who I think they get, regardless of where they pick.

1. Rams: QB Jared Goff 

It’s already a forgone conclusion that Goff, the Cal kid will play for the Los Angeles Rams, who are in need of a QB.

2. Eagles: QB Carson Wentz 

We all know the Eagles need a QB and it will be whoever the Rams don’t select, which means Wentz welcome to the city of brotherly love.

3. Chargers: OL Laremy Tunsil

They need offensive line badly, and I mean badly, so why not take the best OL in the draft right here. It’ll be him or Stanley. This is where things get interesting, because who knows from here on out.

4. Cowboys: RB Ezekiel Elliott

I didn’t watch a lot of Cowboys games last year but one thing that stood out was they need running back help. Morris had 751 yards last season (with Redskins) and McFadden came on late, so I think they could be set, but if they don’t think so, they need Elliott. There is a possibility they take a RB in the second round, but can they pass up on Elliott?

5. Jaguars: CB Jalen Ramsey

They could use him or Bosa, but they need defense. They stink at sacks and interceptions, so either way, they will get a needed defensive player right here.

6. Ravens: DE Joey Bosa

I’m trying to remember what the Ravens stunk at last season and I can remember pretty much everything. They do need someone to rush the passer with Elvis Dumervil and Bosa would be the guy and what a guy they will get if this happens and it hurts just a bit.

7. 49ers: DE DeForest Buckner

Chip Kelly taking an Oregon player is why I’m making this pick right here. He loves Oregon and PAC 12 players. I also believe Kelly will take a QB in the 2nd round in the form of Prescott, who fits his system perfectly.

8. Browns: WR Laquon Treadwell

They need a QB, a WR, and OL, so they could go anywhere here. Maybe they take Lynch, maybe an OL, or maybe Treadwell. They could trade back especially if they look for an OL. If they trade back I like Ryan Kelly from Alabama to Cleveland.

9. Buccaneers: CB Veron Hargreaves

I have no idea. The Buccaneers corner back play last year was awful, but with Grimes added would they draft VH3 here at number 9? I have no idea. I’m guessing so, but it could go anywhere.

10. Giants: LB Reggie Ragland 

Most mocks do not have Ragland this high but I don’t see any reason this could not happen. Ragland is the best ILB in the draft and with Jacks from UCLA falling off boards, according to reports, why wouldn’t the Giants opt for Ragland? They need a LB and this would make sense. Maybe they trade down, who knows, but this is my pick.

11. Bears: DE Shaq Lawson

The Bears need everything on the defense, so lets start with a pass rusher on the line. The Bears have two good linebackers in Trevathan and Houston, so they need a pass rusher to line up on the line and the best one here will be Lawson.

12. Saints: DE Kevin Dodd

They need a cornerback or defensive tackle, basically everything they can possibly need is on the defense and why not take a very good pass rusher?  I think in the draft right here since VH3 is off the board so defensive end they go.

13. Dolphins: OL Ronnie Stanley

Makes sense. Dolphins are awful at protecting the QB.

14. Raiders: DT Jarran Reed

The Raiders need to sure up their run defense and this is the guy to do it while providing pass rushing ability. Reed to me is the best defensive tackle in the draft. Saints could get Robinson, Reed, or Rankins or the Raiders will grab one for themselves.

15. Titans: OT Jack Conklin 

They need help at offensive line. Here’s the highest rated guy left at 15 for them.

16. Lions: DT A’Shawn Robinson

This is the guy to replace Suh. I’m not saying he will be better than Suh, I’m saying this is the guy you plug in after letting Suh and Fairley go.

17. Falcons: LB Myles Jack

IF Jack actually falls this far Atlanta will snatch him up in a second. It may be a SS in Florida’s Neal. Time will tell.

18. Colts: C Ryan Kelly

Colts need offensive linemen and some defense, but biggest need is maybe an OL and maybe a center. They need that Franchise center and Kelly is the guy.

19. Bills: DT Sheldon Rankins

I have no idea what the Bills will do right here, but this might be the pick based on the fact they lost a few defensive players and they need help on their line.

20. Jets: OLB Leonard Floyd

The Jets could improve at the linebacker spot and they would love nothing more than a LB who can rush the QB.

21. Redskins: DT Robert Nkemdiche 

The Redskins would love to have this guy at this spot if his off the field behavior doesn’t hurt him on the field and the team. He’s a pass rusher and run stuffer all in one, which is what they need.

22. Texans: DE Jonathan Bullard

The Texans may go for a pass rusher to compliment J.J. Watt. They took Clowney as the overall pick two years ago but that hasn’t exactly worked out for Houston. He could improve especially if he stays healthy to be their pass rushing linebacker, but who knows, but a defensive end opposite Watt is what the doctor ordered for the Texans.

23. Vikings: WR Josh Doctson

They need to add a WR for the young but rapidly improving Vikings team.

24. Bengals: WR Corey Coleman

They have a tight end, a number one WR, two Quarterbacks, and a defense, so what else do they need? A true number two WR and they can get that by going for the Baylor product.

25. Steelers: CB Mackensie Alexander

He did not allow a touchdown last season in college. He was outstanding and I’m a little stunned to not see his name higher up on countless mock drafts and even mine. I think the Steelers, who need a corner, should take this kid. I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes higher, or right here, or a little lower, but take him Pittsburgh.

26. Seahawks: OT Taylor Decker

They need an offensive lineman. It’s simply they have to protect Wilson so much better going forward.

27. Packers: DT Andrew Billings

The Packers need to replace Raji and this guy could be it.

28. Chiefs: CB William Jackson III

Maybe. They make take an OG, a WR, or a CB. They could do a lot of things here.

29. Patriots: Goodell took the picks away due to DeflateGate. Maybe the Pats trade up, we shall see. If they do my pick would be RB Derrick Henry.

30. Cardinals: SS Keanu Neal

Neal is a Seattle kind of SS, and that is saying something. Seattle doesn’t need a SS but Arizona does. The Cardinals would love to pair this guy up with their backfield. He’s hard hitting and fits their need.

31. Panthers: CB Eli Apple

They need a corner after losing Josh Norman, they needed one before that. They may move up and if they don’t want Apple my advice is to 100% move up to take Jackson or Alexander. But, Apple will be here I think, so here’s there pick if they like him.

32. Broncos: QB Paxton Lynch

He fits the Broncos, and they do not have a starting QB on their team, they must do something in this draft. They could take an OL here, as that is a need, and they might go QB in the second with Dax Prescott. But, if Lynch is there and someone like 49ers or Browns doesn’t snatch him up, the Broncos should.





















Tom Brady’s four game suspension reinstated by court

Roger Goodell wins round two. (Photo By: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports)

Roger Goodell wins round two.
(Photo By: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports)

Patriots QB Tom Brady will be suspended for the first four games of the NFL regular season this year, a Federal Court ruled.

The court believes, “the Commissioner properly exercised his broad discretion.”

The judges said “the NFL did not deprive Brady of fundamental fairness.”

The votes were a 2-1 ruling in favor of the NFL to reinstate the punishment handed down by Goodell last year.

Tom Brady can appeal the ruling and I’m guessing he will.

Brady can seek a stay/injunction and ask for a rehearing before the full second circuit or appeal to the Supreme Court.


Forever Boston Strong

Boston Day.  (Photo From Boston Red Sox Facebook)

Boston Day.
(Photo From Boston Red Sox Facebook)

Today, we remember the tragedy that took place on April 15, 2013.

The annual Boston Marathon was underway when two bombs 12 seconds apart and 210 yards away from one another went off, killing 3 people and injuring 264 people.

The two responsible for the awful act were caught, one died and the other was captured and sentence to death.

Boston Strong became the word for the city and people who went through the terrorist attack, the city and the people proved those words strong as they are all truly Strong. Two years later, still strong, still together.

We, here at Patriots Gab, thank the Firefighters, police, and the Boston EMS for their service and brave efforts that day, as well the many civilians who lent a helping hand to one another that day. We pray for the people who were lost, their families, and everyone in Boston!

God Bless and stay Boston Strong!

2016 Patriots schedule release!

The Patriots Preseason and Regular Season schedule! (Photo From Patriots Facebook)

The Patriots Preseason and Regular Season schedule!
(Photo From Patriots Facebook)

The New England Patriots 2016 schedule has been released!

The Patriots will began the quest for a fifth Super Bowl Title in style when they open up on Sunday Night Football against the Arizona Cardinals!

The Patriots will face the AFC North and the NFC West this year, as well as Denver, and of course, the AFC East twice. The most surprising thing to me is no Colts for the first in a very long time. This is crap, I’ll be honest, they should have just dropped Denver off the list because lets face it, without Manning there is no rivalry, no matter how much their defense wants to talk. The Colts, it’s a rivalry even without Manning, because Deflate Gate made sure of that. I’m disappointed with that, but aside from that, still thankful for all the great games the Patriots will play.

The Patriots kicking off Sunday Night Football against the very talented Arizona Cardinals is amazing. The new look Patriots offense will test themselves against the Cardinals stacked defense, plus the Pats defense will also have a great test. And, it’s on the road. Wow, big tall order and I love it.

The Patriots at Seattle, a game I’m looking forward too. The two Super Bowl 49 teams meet once again and in Seattle, a place where the Hawks hardly lose, how fun!

The Patriots road games will be tough but a good challenge for the team playing at Arizona, Pittsburgh, New York, Buffalo, Cleveland, Denver, and Seattle.

I love the schedule aside from not playing the Colts.


Patriots release DT Dominique Easley


The New England Patriots released defensive lineman Dominique Easley on Wednesday, the team announced. 

The Patriots drafted Easley in the first-round of the 2014 draft (29th overall.) It’s a surprising move, I certainly didn’t expect it to happen, especially after two seasons. This is the fastest the Patriots have released a former first-round pick.

If a team does not claim him, the Patriots will have to pay him $3.6 million dollars, if they had kept him, they would owe him $1.9 million.

Reports are suggesting that Easley had some off the field problems which goes into some of the reasons they released him. One being, not rehabbing the way he was suppose to, and a law suit coming up against him for his dog biting someone. 

In two seasons with the Patriots, Easley played in 22 games, made 23 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 interception and 1 passes defended.

He has so much talent but injuries and maybe a different kind of rehab on his injuries is keeping him from reaching his goal.

Patriots re-sign RB LeGarrette Blount


The New England Patriots re-signed running back LeGarrette Blount to a one-year deal worth $2 million dollars, according to reports.

Blount played in 12 games for the Patriots last season before injuring his hip. Blount rushed the ball 165 times for 703 yards and 6 touchdowns, along with 6 receptions for 43 yards and 1 touchdown. Blount is also a Colts killer, both regular season and postseason, so it’s most certainly good to have the big back, back.

Blount has played in 33 games for the Patriots since 2013, and rushed the ball 378 times for 1,756 yards and 16 rushing touchdowns. He’s rushed 76 times for 361 yards and 7 touchdowns in the five total postseason games with the Patriots.

Blount is a big back and the only back on the Patriots current roster that is a pure running back instead of a pass-catching back. He can certainly catch passes, but it’s not his main thing with the Patriots. Dion Lewis and James White handle that role and do it well. Blount handles short yardage situations and goal line situations and is the workhorse, but he has explosiveness that when he finds a hole he can be gone in a blink of an eye. He has made a lot of big plays going for 50 yards or more for touchdowns in his career. He’s nice to have for the Patriots and Tom Brady and they certainly missed him last season.

The Patriots sign DT Markus Kuhn to one-year deal

Former Giants DL Kuhn joins the Patriots. (Photo By: Jim McIsaac)

Former Giants DL Kuhn joins the Patriots.
(Photo By: Jim McIsaac)

The New England Patriots signed defensive tackle Markus Kuhn to a one-year deal, according to reports.

Kuhn spent the past five seasons with the Giants after being drafted by the team in the 7th round of the 2012 draft.

He played in 39 career games with the Giants, recording 48 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 2 FR, and 4 passes defended.

He played in 10 games for the Giants last year, recording 20 tackles, 0.5 sack, and 1 FR.

He recorded 4 tackles against the Patriots.